perfect people

can we just talk about #ashdrew for a bit

I mean can we just talk about how perf this ship is

look at these cuties at work

like every time I see ashdrew on my dashboard I go YAAAAAAAAS

I mean even BuzzFeed Violet made a 6:47 video focusing on ashdrew you guys

come on

how can you not ship them after this:

and don’t even get me started on their whisper challenge I mean

#practicallydating   #practicallymarried

I don’t even know why people still don’t ship this I mean I luxury cruise this

Well, if you’re an ashdrew shipper, go forth and proper - ‘cause you guys are awesome ^_^

Philippe Jaroussky at the Utrecht Early Music Festival
Celine Scheen, Philippe Jaroussky, L'Arpeggiata
03. Sept. 2017

“Komm süßer Tod” by Johann Sebastian Bach (BWV 478)

Come, o sweet death, 
come, blessed rest!
Come and guide me in peace
because I am tired of the world,
o come, I am waiting for you,
come soon and guide me,
close my eyes.
Come, blessed rest!

Come, o sweet death,
come, blessed rest!
Now I want to see Jesus
and be beside the angels.
It is finished now,
therefore, I bid you, world, good night,
my eyes are closed already.
Come, blessed rest!

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