perfect pencil

Can you guess what Will is saying to him?

It has been a while I have done this ‘detailed’ pencil work. Few years ago I made a lot of these kinds illustrations.

세상에 하찮은 얘기
모두 다 알고 있다 믿어요
허나 평생 같은 숨을
나눴던 당신을 난 몰라요
몰라요 몰라요

솔직히 말해 봐요
많이 외로워하잖아요
솔직히 말해 줘요
더는 무리인 걸 알잖아요
언제부터 혼자였나요
거울 속 나와 눈 맞추는 게
어색할 정도죠 나는
나는 나는

 (That part of Elevator might be one of my favorite lyrics from Jonghyun. -I hope I didn’t mess up the lyrics. I wanted to write them in the drawing but since I don’t know Korean I was scared of copying something wrong and fxxt it up-)

 Anyways, this drawing is something different I wanted to try. I’m still not sure if I’m going to keep trying with this style or if I like it but for now I’m pleased with the result. 
I used colored pencils on Kraft paper and white gel pen for details.

 (And, just in case, I changed the colors on purpose I didn’t use his original skin tones, I did it to express something with the contrast of these colors and play with cold & warm palettes.)

My first time drawing Classic Poth. And backgrounds, more or less.

I’m not happy with how Goth turned out (and I’m honestly cursing the fact that he’s wearing slippers) but otherwise I like it.

Goth and Palette belongs to @nekophy and @angexci respectively.


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[i think they’re cute ajhfakjfjkl]



It’s not even that he’s slow for a ninja. The other completely regular students  noticed the pencils and even THEY are dismayed by Miharu’s eventual reaction.

Honestly this series is comedy gold a lot of the time and I love it so much for that. 

just wondering (can we be friends?)

Synopsis: There is no way you had a crush on Daniel. Absolutely not. No matter how many times you drunk dial Seongwoo saying that you did nor how many signs get shoved in your face. Nope.
Member: Daniel/Reader
Word Count: 6,727
Notes: i definitely wrote this for @yugenvevo and definitely not because i’m weak for daniel. that sounds fucking stupid, being weak for him… honestly, my french anon, i wrote this for you too. for all the daniel hoes, how about that. now to fling myself into the sun. goodbye. enjoy.

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I wanted to send @yokoboo some Hope You’re Feeling Better flowers, but then I realized I’d have to draw them, because you can’t send real flowers through the internet (yet). And then I was like, if I’m gonna be drawing flowers obviously I might as well also draw Thistle. So here we are. Glad your migraines have been winding down, Yoko! We love you!


on another note, this is legit the best I’ve done at line variation ever and I’m kinda mad cause it turned out a lot better than the actual stuff I’ve been trying to work on for Doodleberry Jam lol. That might actually be because I’ve been practicing lines more this month though so hey!! :D