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It’ll Always Be Me and You

Request: “Credence Fluff!!!! Haven’t seen Credence fics in so long, can you do it based off of “You and I” by Avant please?”

Pairing: Credence Barebone x Reader

Word Count: 2169

Warnings: SO! MUCH! FLUFF!

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Oh baby
Funny how things have changed in my life now
Whether near or far I wanna be where you are

Credence held you in his arms as you both lay in your new garden. The lease had been signed and it was final. This old beautiful home surrounded by lush landscape was yours to share. You hummed contently, Credence’s long fingers dragging through your hair. The air was rich with an array of sweet scents, and your knees were still dirty from planting the new Sweet Peas in the garden.

“The Sweet Peas look perfect in that spot!” You had said, huffing with your hands on your hips.

“And you look perfect too, my Sweet Pea.” Credence smiled, giving you a tender kiss.

You smiled to yourself, closing your eyes as you relished the feeling of being so close to him. The giddiness you felt had never died down, even after being with him for nearly two years now. You knew this memory would be one that would stick out in your mind whenever you reminisced about your life.

“Can you believe how far we’ve come?” You asked, looking up at a now slightly tanned Credence. He looked so different to when you’d first met. He was alone and afraid, and it showed. And now, he was loved and cared for, and it showed.

“I can.” He responded, combing a hand through his lengthy locks. They cascaded around his face, and you made a mental note that it would soon be time to trim his hair again. “I can believe it because anything’s possible when I’m with you.”

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adorable puppy♥

I’ve been pretty busy the past couple of days doing all sorts of things to get ready to go back to Boston, so after I ran some errands this afternoon I made a quick pitstop at whole foods as a treat ☺️️

Garlicky kale (which is weirdly addictive and probably my favorite salad bar item they have), balsamic glazed tofu + mushrooms, a crunchy slaw, and curry cauliflower + peas 👅 the perfect late lunch!

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You asked for prompts SO AU where instead of just Galra!Keith we also have Lance who was abducted so young he was raised into a top notch Galra soldier from the age of like two or something

im always a slut for evil (k)lance

Lance had grown up in purple. Purple lights, purple armor, purple aliens. It was all he knew, but hey, how could he complain?

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