perfect pattern

Reason why TS doesn't send B.A.P on Knowing Bros:
  • - B.A.P being a mess feat. Heechul (we all know they would be)
  • - Youngjae being savage af
  • - Zelo being a living meme
  • - Daehyun screaming basically for everything
  • - Himchan diva vs Heechul diva
  • - Yongguk laughing at everything his bros does
  • - Jongup being dork but still cute af
  • - Jongup ending all the b-boy dancers
  • - B.A.P throwing (again) shadow on TS


also 💁✨ jasper wears brand name~~~~


Part 1: Day 5 master post!

I’m currently working my way through Day 6 and will hopefully be able to start adding them shortly. 

If anyone has any good ways of making screentone more readable on computer instead of perfect lines and slightly patterned I’d love if you’d shoot a message! Hmm… maybe I’ll flip over to straight monochrome.

Want to read it all?

Day 5: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | All Day 5
Day 6: 1 | 2

I was lucky enough to get to commission the incredible @naiku-haru a second time and ahhh!! I love this so much!! 

The characters are Dr. Julian Devorak from @thearcanagame and my MC Heilia from said game. 

Please please go commission Naiku if you are able, their work is so gorgeous and has a variety of options to fit different budgets- check out their commission info here and also check out The Arcana free on IOS and Android devices!