perfect ot4


Steven Universe OT3 (technically an OT4 but I consider Stevonnie their/his/her own person.): Stevonnie x Sadie x Lars

Stevonnie is the best, I mean I relate to them/her/him so much (because for one they/she/he is genderfluid/bigender which I strongly identify with and support as well as their personality is kind of like mine.) and the fact that he/her is so amazingly wonderful. As well as the fact that Steven x Connie are the best, mix them/him/her with the always wonderful Lars and Sadie who are just amazing in every way. 

Artist credit: *Wish I knew because of this beautiful work*

Tumblr made this super low quality, I’ll try to upload a better quality one later today maybe ;v; but junkrat is a ship machine,,,,,, he just WORKS with EVERYONE. Though these are my favorite ones. Help me Jesus,,,,,,,,,,, High quality one: ;^)

Blue is certainly his colour. But thinking better, all fucking colors are fucking perfect on him. But thinking better, he is fucking perfect. DAMN