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Steven Universe OT3 (technically an OT4 but I consider Stevonnie their/his/her own person.): Stevonnie x Sadie x Lars

Stevonnie is the best, I mean I relate to them/her/him so much (because for one they/she/he is genderfluid/bigender which I strongly identify with and support as well as their personality is kind of like mine.) and the fact that he/her is so amazingly wonderful. As well as the fact that Steven x Connie are the best, mix them/him/her with the always wonderful Lars and Sadie who are just amazing in every way. 

Artist credit: *Wish I knew because of this beautiful work*

masterlist of all my fics on ao3

 1. 30,000 Feet In The Air

pairing: muke

summary: Luke teases and Michael strikes back.

2. I’m Not Gay

pairing: mashton

summary: “ Michael just isn’t gay.

3. Dissociative Amnesia 

pairing: muke

summary: “Michael doesn’t remember much about Luke except for the fact that he hates him.”

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“The boyband of my time, one direction, they just have fun, they’re just normal guys. But terrible, terrible dancers.”- Louis Tomlinson, This is us(2013.)


Tell me you see the irony in this?

I saw a post on IG earlier someone complaining that ‘Camila is playing victim and she used the girls and etc etc’ now I said this already on another SM platform but here I go again - Stop assuming Camila Cabello is the bad girl we literally know nothing of what happened you all constantly bashing her saying she’s a snake, she used 5H, she acted above them you behave as if you have inside facts and undoubtedly evidence to confirm your accusations and in all I’ve read it’s always she’s wrong why isn’t there the option of LAND been wrong? How do we know it wasn’t 4 against 1? What we do know is she wanted to create something for herself she wanted to express from within and she couldn’t get that in the group anymore so she left she leaped for her own sense of self let her fucking be dammit.

The irony know is she wanted them to do their own thing not use people’s words to express their music and now 5H is apart of that process so if this did in deed break the bond that sucks because you should want to express or atlease stick up for the option to do so. Eventually 5H will end they’re all in it for a purpose to furthur them self so if Camila used them they used her too stop been bias and stop constantly assuming OT4 are perfect angels and Camila is the devil

Tumblr made this super low quality, I’ll try to upload a better quality one later today maybe ;v; but junkrat is a ship machine,,,,,, he just WORKS with EVERYONE. Though these are my favorite ones. Help me Jesus,,,,,,,,,,, High quality one: ;^)