perfect oshimen is perfect


Sae’s 24th year in review.

Her best friends both graduated, she enjoyed her first solo performance in a big concert, she finally performed with SNH48 in the theater as well as in concerts due to sheer stubborness and willpower, she was mistaken for Rie Miyazawa by the MEXT, she rocked the biggest stages all over Japan as Koruri, she recorded a song with DiVA again, and was eventually appointed leader of SKE48’s Team S. She lost lotsa votes, yet was endlessly happy and grateful about her rank.

Every performance is lightened up by her brilliant smile and awesome skill.

That’s your Miyazawa Sae, the best performer and beloved senpai of the 48 family. You will notice, once she has graduated.

Not a perfect idol, but a perfect oshimen. Happy Bi®thday, oshi.