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Westwoodone Twitter Update 171119

Hey, #BTSArmy, on a scale of 1-10, how cute are @BTS_twt @bts_bighit at our #WWOBackstage at the #AMAs ?? SO nice to see them again! #BTSxAMAs 

Scale of 1-10? B*TCH IT CAN NOT BE SCALED!

I hereby declare a Jeremy Jordan Protection Squad be formed on this site

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This is NOT for calling anyone or anything out, just fans of a brilliant actor and precious dork who could always be appreciated more. Membership comes without fees or responsibilities other than being kind and supportive fans. If you are tagged and wish to be removed, contact myself or the blogger who tags you. :)

To start, I’m tagging

@gods-little-punk, @hisloveconsumesme, @takeabreathandsmile, @christyvourcos, @jeremyjordanismyjam

I don’t want to annoy too many of my other followers, so tag yourselves and your pals. Welcome to the Squad.