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(x)(x) An update for the wedding! Congrats Matt & Marisha <3.


Four years ago we witnessed the most perfect TV wedding tv ever! (Of course in Bones time, they’ve been married longer.) More importantly, however, we were lucky enough to witness their wonderful married life after the event (4 seasons worth!), which included them welcoming their second child together (Baby Haaank <3). As Cam said to Booth at her own wedding : “If we are half as happy as you and Brennan, I will consider it a success.”

These two are the definition of PURE LOVE, I honestly don’t know how to articulate just how pure and sweet and innocent their love for each other is, but there will never be another TV couple as precious as these two. We were lucky enough to see our OTP together for SIX WHOLE SEASONS of a 12-season show! What other fandom can boast that now or will be able to in the future, even? NONE.

Not to be greedy (except, 246 episodes is not enough, I will always want more), but my hope is that sometime in the future (@FOX) we’ll be able to see B&B again and catch up with our favourite husband and wife :) After all, 12x12 definitely did NOT feel like a goodbye…

I love voltron cuz it has SPACE and COOL ALIENS and RAD AS FUCK FIGHT SCENES and also super relatable and endearing characters

Like Pidge is my absolute favorite and that’s largely due to I relate to her a lot in terms of family like, I have three older brothers whom I am VERY close too and they all remind me of Matt and like, I would also go above and beyond for them should anything happen and that’s why I connected so closely to Pidge’s story?? Also Pidge is just super hilarious and sweet and smart it’s so easy to love this show for me