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Nao Takagi (Sailor Uranus) and Yuuka Asami (Sailor Neptune) during the Transylvania No Mori Curtain Call - the 2nd musical of the Dracul Arc

Route Review - Nao Fujimori Main Route

Above the cut may contain minor spoilers. Major spoilers are below the cut.

  • Honest and sensitive are perfect words to describe Nao, but he’s also adorably awkward and sincere. But he does come with his own insecurities, and at heart, he’s really not that confident in himself.
  • This route has absolutely perfect pacing, no recycled plot points–everything is original, refreshing, and compelling. It’s realistic, but even more than that, it’s a sweet portrayal of youth and first love.
  • If you like high school romance, you have to play this. If you’re skeptical about high school romance, you have to give at least the first chapter a try (you can read it for free). I genuinely think Voltage has struck gold here with their writing.

First love means a lot of things. In the words of MC, it means impulsive kisses, childish arguments, stupid jokes, and laughing until it hurts. But it also means incredible support from your best friends, some of whom know the ropes of romance better than you do.

What do you do on a first date? How soon should you arrive? Is it okay to kiss on the first date? There are so many questions and uncertainties that plague our couple, and they navigate through all of that with clumsy teenage precision.

Rating: 10/10

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Top 2015 Couples

Zen x Shirayuki (Snow White with the Red Hair)

any relationship always start off as friends first like Zen said Red is the color of fate so it must of been fate that these 2 meet hes a prince and shes a herbalist, she moves to his kingdom and her even becoming a royal herbalist so she can legal enter the castle without just entering cause shes Zen’s friend.

and eventually Zen fell in love with her but hes such a gentleman to when he kissed her realize what he was doing he backed off and said next time he touches her he’ll let her know first hehe Zen is a gentlemen thats why hes the perfect prince charming.

Yuu x Nao - Charlotte

I knew it since episode 1 that they are gonna end up together, besides its natural to fall in love with someone who saved your life Yu confessed in ep 12 before he went on his trip around the world for saving other people by snatching their abilities but it cost him his memory he returned safely with no memory and can’t remember Nao but he did not forget the promise to return home.

Yato x Hiyori - Noragami Aragoto (season 2)

season 2 made me ship them even more,

Hiyori was abducted and Yato and Yukine went all the way and Yato even fought Bishamon only to get Hiyori back cause Kugaha knows the person Yato cherish’s the most he’ll come after her, after hearing on why Yato wants a shrine she decides to make him one a mini shrine so he can be a proper god which made him cry, Yato decided after that he’ll make Hiyori the happiest girl in the world which is a confession/proposal in my book, but he was abducted by Nora thinking he was gonna betray and reverted back to the god of calamity, realizing how long hes been away for he determination to get back to her even fist fighting phantom dogs who attacked him before cause he needed to get back to her before she forgets him, Hiyori while Yato is away she slowly forgetting Yato and shes trying so hard to remember didn’t really help when that bastard Fujisaki kissed her (who is later revealed as Yato’s father) and when Yukine appeared in front of her she remembers everything and her and Yukine are off to find Yato.

Found out hes in the underworld with Nora, meanwhile down there Yato’s mission is to save the conjurer Ebisu who is a god of fortune and later on meet Izanami who is the god of the underworld and took Hiyori’s appearance but manga confirmed she takes on appearances on who a god is comfortable with in Yato’s case Hiyori she was seducing him he wasn’t resisting cause it was Hiyori’s face but Nora splashed water on him to get him away from her.

Hiyori and Yukine along with, Bishamon, Kazuma, her regalias, Kofuku and Daikoku found Ebisu on the surface with a hole to the underworld Ebisu asked Bishamon to rescue Yato and she went down and Ebisu explained only way to bring the gods back is someone from the near shore calls out the gods true name to summon them out with that Hiyori shouted Bishamon’s name and she came out and failed with Yato’s but remembering back to the shrine she made him he had another name Yaboku and with that called it and he came out, he stopped the gods punishment first when he saved Ebisu but second time he failed so Ebisu died but was reincarnated but Yato’s underworld experience changed him and he decides to finally release Nora after and becoming the god of fortune with Yukine’s help and Hiyori’s support he will.

I don’t know Team K well, but I’m after-all, an AKB48 oshi, and knowing Team K had been essential. I’ve grown to be attached to some Team K girls, and liking more and more of them as time passes. 

I love the Shinyuu Trio, and Sayaka is a special presence for me even till now, even though she’s not my oshi. Akimoto Team K was amazing, stunning to be honest with its line up, and the 2nd gen Team K was pretty much one of the strongest teams that AKB48, or dare I say, the whole 48G, had ever produced.

Oshima Team K, hemmed by our ace, was a great lineup but whose star power was greatly reduced after the many graduations over the past year. However to say “What can be done about Team K?” openly in front of all the 48G, was truly a bastard move. What can be done about Team K? How about “What should the management do for Team K instead of pushing everyone else (many who still struggled for popularity) that’s not from Team K?" 

Like I said, I do not know about Team K much, but this is what I do know.

Abe Maria - The girl who’s determined to go for what she really wants to do in life - to become a model - and knows it early enough to start doing all she can to work towards this goal. Despite so, she does her best in all the AKB48 related work and does her best to improve in what she can give to the group. 
Uchida Mayumi - Took her two years to get promoted, and despite so, was never really in the limelight. Even when she won the first janken, which might be the only time that people believed is not rigged, the limelight was still not on her. 
Oshima Yuko - The Ace. The member who meets her fans earnestly despite being tired, the captain who gets regular updates about her team from members and made decisions with the members despite being overwhelmed by her other work, the 2nd generation member who showed us how amazing friendship can be, and most of all, the person who had helped kept the group going forth despite all the changes happening over the past two years.
Kitahara Rie - The one who really enjoyed being on stage, with such a charming personality that her short stint in SKE48 left an impression big enough to make the members felt the impact of her being removed from her kennin. 
Kuramochi Asuka - One of the big sisters in the present Team K, despite her ear-nibbling antics, is a strong pillar of support for the younger kids in the group.
Kobayashi Kana - One of the more/most senior members in the Oshima Team K, which many of the juniors rely on and like. 
Shimada Haruka - The loud girl in Team K MCs who takes all the bullets shot at her during those times but yet as long as it entertains the audience, is gladly to do so. One with captain abilities, as shown when she took over Minarun in Team 4 for captaincy during the latter’s suspension. 
Suzuki Shihori - After figuring out that her dream is to be in the industry, Shihori came back to AKB48, and whether was it in Team B or now in Team K, was never really much in the limelight. 
Chikano Rina - Promoted to K, transferred to B, and now, back in K, Chikarina is a great performer whenever she’s given the chance to. She’s still waiting for that miracle in her catchphrase. 
Nakata Chisato - The motherly figure in Oshima Team K, it’s a joy to watch her interactions with the younger members.
Nagao Mariya - One of the up-and-coming stars, Yagi however, didn’t have the push as much as the fellow up-and-coming members. Why so? 
Nozawa Rena - The girl from Jakarta, and fitting into Team K relatively well, especially with fellow English speaker Hirari. 
Hirata Rina - The English speaking girl from US, Hirari’s energetic charms and charming smiles are like an addiction for anyone who gave her a chance. She’s promoted to Team K, her dream team, and she had since been doing as much as she could to give back to her dream team.
Fujita Nana - Sometimes, she might be awkward on stage, but most of the time, she’s great. When she performs, you can see that 101% of attention she gives, hoping to perfect her stages. 
Furuhata Nao - The girl from Nagoya, Nao’s smiles – the ones that make her eyes go into a smiley line – are so addictive that it just brings smiles to everyone who sees it.
Maeda Ami - The one whom the management should have taken the chance during Sugar Rush to push but instead, decided against it. Who gave them the idea to not put Ami into the Sugar Rush senbatsu, but instead choose to push the other 2 up-and-coming kids? Ami would have been a huge success if they had sucked it up and let her join the senbatsu, and be a huge aid to Team K now.
Matsui Jurina - The other girl from Nagoya, whose kennin had became somehow a burden on her health, and worries the fans with the fact that it might just be a permanent shift. Jurina’s heart is still in Nagoya, where she really belongs. But she does her best in Team K whenever she has the opportunity to stand on its stage. 
Miyazaki Miho - From the rebellious character, Myao had since became one that’s daring to have fun but at the same time, the senior that’s a strong support for her juniors, especially during the MCs. 
Muto Tomu - Her fans made it clear to the management two elections ago – this girl has fans, and she has the talents – when she ranked as Future Girls center while she’s just a kks. However, the call was chucked aside after the election single, and her fans made it cleared again with more votes and a better ranking in the last elections. Tomu is getting some, but hardly any, push ever since, even though we can all see that she’s a great performer, and would probably be worth the shot to give, and becoming one of the indispensables in Team K’s star power.  

Taking sister groups’ aces or up-and-coming girls to put into Team K is not a solution. Taking other teams' aces or up-and-coming girls to put into Team K is not a solution. You’re neglecting how amazing these girls can be to the team that they are in, and wasting the chance for them to become a great asset to the group as a whole. This’s just management’s way of solving the pressing problem on hand with a quick yet faulty solution. You’re wasting all these potentials. 

Oshima Team K is full of potential. AbeMa, Yagi, Hirari, Nana, Tomu, Rena, Ami can be your next Team K’s aces. They are amazing performers and can pretty much pull in fans’ support if you had given them a chance. Haruu, Mocchi can be your next Team K’s captains. They have the captain qualities that you cannot train or force on someone. You need the members that’s supportive of the other members, you can find them in Uchida, KitaRie, Kana, Chikarina, Shihori, Myao. You need the kennins in the group, you have them in terms of Nao and Jurina. 

Team K had always been the strong team. Star power wise, they had never been in the lacking department. Bond wise, who can deny that Team K kizuna? 2nd Gen Team K, Team K with 5th/6th gen, Akimoto Team K, and now Oshima Team K. It had always been this case because Team K helps themselves instead of waiting for the management to help them. But there’s only that much they can do. 

It’s a team that many juniors WANT to join. Why, management, WHY do you want to call such a great team out and embarrass them in front of everyone? What can be done about Team K? What can be done about the management who didn’t bother to give the Team K kids a little more push to make them be able to stand on their own rather than trying to throw them some pathetic simple solution to tide over this? What can be done about the girls who are full of potential but now being told that they are not of much use to the team that they loved so much? 

What can be done about the management who refuses to help Team K despite all the promising members?