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Lee Joon Gi listed on previous president’s “blacklist”

I finally understand after reading this comment. I have been following Lee Joon Gi since I got into dramas which was a year after he got out of military. But I have watched all his dramas and movies and from what I noticed…he was like a halyu king. Then suddenly he wasn’t anymore… and it wasn’t because he is old I mean… LOOK AT HIM he is so handsome.

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And even now when I see random videos where he goes out, the korean public recognizes him. It all makes sense now…why his popularity went down and stuff. I feel so bad for him but I hope this gets resolved and he gets the recognition he deserves. He is a freaking gem in the film industry~

Friendly reminder, Lee Joon Gi is the #1 “go-mi-nam”. Because of him, we have all these flower boys in the dramas.

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