perfect namja

[Predebut Acc] Baekhyun was friends with all "types" of people in his elementary and middle school years. He was popular because of his kind character and "approachability." He'd be one to strike up conversations with those kids who seemed pretty "isolated" from the rest of the class as well. This is one account in particular that a past [middle school] classmate brought up. There was a female classmate who was teased for her "overweight" appearance, being called fat and such. Baekhyun specifically told the kids who were teasing the girl, "Your words are really too much, guys. Shut your traps."

Protective Leader → First, he knew Joon was really hurt, so he gives him the chance to get back at HD. And then (during a hidden camera interview), when Joon is forced to show his abs, he clearly looks displeased and looks to the PD. Finally, when I thought I couldn’t possibly love him even more than I already do, he proved me wrong. The conversation had gotten around to the topic of “richness”. Unlike the others, Joon and Thunder do not come from wealthy families and experienced financial hardships growing up. To avoid an awkward situation, he stepped in and answered for them by pointing out their other riches. 

To quote your mother: “But who are you? You are Yang Seungho.