perfect match tbh


Jinko’s Adorable Mama, Yumi-chan🌸

I absolutely love Yumi.♡

She’s so cute, funny, and quite sassy (the perfect match for Komori tbh >XD). It’s not always easy adding a new female character in an all-male sports anime series; particularly one of her age and role that usually serves as a very brief and insignificant background character.

But she really stands out in an appealing way that you can’t help but love her and hope to see her in some future part of the story.

anonymous asked:

Would Rein, Kii, or anyone else download mystic messenger? And which characters would they like?

Lmaoo omg??? This is such a cute ask ahaha. Lemme think about this hmmmm~

Haha omg Rein and Kii wouldn’t play it because they’d pursue partners irl. But Gio, Nuri, and Cerys would definitely play. Cerys would go for all the good endings… I think her favorite would be Yoosung or V because she’s super patient and loves seeing the change in others and helping people go through deep issues. She also likes to take care of others… Zen would be her guilty pleasure route tho… She’d probably blush at the phone calls with Zen. Nuri would like Jumin… because… she likes people who are decisive and dominant… AND RICH. Nuri is the type of person who’d want to try anything, and Jumin is surprisingly open minded haha. And she’d also like Jaehee as well!!! She’s all about girls supporting girls. Gio would like the Choi twins– because he’d get along so well with them– I mean… they’re all hackers… not only that but Gio loves sweets and junk food, cats, memes, and computers… perfect match tbh LOL. They’d all probably force Rein and Micah to play. Micah would get ALL the bad endings. He wouldn’t know what answers to choose and so he’d pick all the aggressive ones. He’d complain that the characters aren’t as good as his beautiful cloud, Tien, so he’d show little interest. Rein would… probably get along with hmm… I’m trying to think… the Choi twins and Yoosung would remind him too much of Gio, and Gio is Rein’s baby– so he’d feel some sort of attachment to them. Not “love” love, but some sort of feeling. He’d probably laugh if he tried Zen’s route. Zen seems like a type of guy that would have a good time since he likes that type of playful personality LMAO. V’s route would crush Rein– there’s a number of things he would relate with with V– and he’d get really frustrated LOL

Hoseok as Tamaki Suoh

Okay so onto the next member, I got a second opinion on this from my friend who is a huge hobi stan and she gave her full approval so here is Hobi as Tamaki

  • This is just a concept that needed to be done
  • They’re s o similar and I’m here to tell you why
  • The biggest reason is they both just want to make people happy
  • There’s a quote from Tamaki that truly sealed the deal for me
  • “It’s our responsibility as members of the elite Ouran host club to make every girl happy”
  • Hobi just wants to make all of his friends and the Army happy
  • He’s constantly doing aegyo for us (which is similar to the way Tamaki pampers the girls of the host club with attention)
  • Tamaki also has some musical talent (the piano) and we all know Hobi loves music
  • Tamaki is extremely outgoing and just bubbly and wants to be everyone’s friend
  • Tamaki doesn’t mind being the center of attention and actually likes it
  • Tamaki’s lowkey the leader of the chaos and while Hobi doesn’t start everything he has started his fair share
  • Tamaki and Kyoya are best friends despite their differences in personality (yoonseok)
  • Tamaki also just loves his friends so so much and considers them family
  • This is just a perfect match tbh

So I was looking at the Yuri On Ice event screencaps and noticed something familiar about Yuuri’s voice actor’s pose here.

Where have we seen this look before?


Brianna. Ye say it wrong, Sassenach. It’s Breeanah.

Always that f a c e, long-nosed and wide-mouthed, with those high, broad, flat Viking cheekbones and slanted eyes - a finer-boned, more delicate version of her father’s.

(so me and grossfandomstuff got chatting about the two plus one au - also known as that one where kirin and parv are married and have an apartment above strife and they all accidentally fall in love while trying to actually make strife look after himself - and then suddenly we had like 3k of chatting about it so. in lieu of there probably ever being fic of this, enjoy)

warnings for alcohol, smoking, very brief mentions of drug use as a aside, sex and D/s dynamics, bondage, safewording, and vague mentions of strife’s lack of self-care.

isis: Kirin and Parv the power couple of the city and Parv basically being a walking scandal and then Strife ah precious man bless his heart

isis: How did Kirin end up with a walking scandal punk like Parv tbh I’m sure tabloids rave about it

sparx: lbr he probably met parv at those clubs he slips away to and takes great steps for the tabloids not to find out about

sparx: pretty little thing in a dark corner that couldn’t care less about his money, is more interested in his dick

isis: Eyes him up and down with these dark eyes that peer over the edge of his drink

sparx: kirin drags him home (if you can call it dragging when parv goes so willingly) and the next morning decides he’d rather keep parv and parv is only too willing

sparx: they have an extended “courtship” with so many scandals you could write a book about it, and then marry in the biggest, fanciest ceremony that ends in parv getting drunk and probably doing something terrible like mooning the paparazzi

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