perfect match tbh


Jinko’s Adorable Mama, Yumi-chan🌸

I absolutely love Yumi.♡

She’s so cute, funny, and quite sassy (the perfect match for Komori tbh >XD). It’s not always easy adding a new female character in an all-male sports anime series; particularly one of her age and role that usually serves as a very brief and insignificant background character.

But she really stands out in an appealing way that you can’t help but love her and hope to see her in some future part of the story.

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i agree with everything except gosh darn it he was a freaking adorable santa and I’m never changing skins unless he becomes a leprechaun next event

its such a good skin?? also fear inducing because santa is going to fuckin murder me. but im too much of a festive ass so when i got the santa skin the day after christmas i was so upset. i used that skin for a day and now i gotta wait til next christmas or it wont feel Right