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Kommissar after watching the Bellas’ performance in the Worlds Championship.

I love how she just knows that the Bellas are going to win, and she’s not angry or disappointed or even sad, she just turns to Pieter and the rest of DSM and tells them to back off from Beca the Bellas, to go quietly and leave it be.

It just gives a perfect insight into the person Kommissar is.

Friendly reminder Lucas TableForOne Danes and Lorelai Victoria ImSorryCanIGetAnIndustrialForkliftForMyEmotionalBaggage are now married. And they’ve been married for over 7 months. That would be all. You may resume your previous activities.

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CS top 5

@xerxesrises shared her top 5 CS moments and challenged other to do the same - and I love a challenge…

5: Beanstalk first aid and other wonders

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This was the moment I had that little suck in of breath and realised it was time to stop watching this show while I was pottering around doing other things and actually pay attention. I think Emma had the same feeling. I just accepted it sooner. 

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Guys, We did it. We made it. And I never doubted for a second that we would. Through all the times when we would just wish they could have 5 minutes alone to be happy, the deaths (multiple deaths! ), the separations, the “I was hoping it’d be you”’s, the time travel, the confessions, the wall breaking, the first kiss, the first I love yous, the “I cant trust you”’s, the Darkness, the “how could you do this to me?”’s the all of it!!!! We are here. They are getting married. And they are having pancakes, and it’s glorious. Captain Swan always, Captain Swan forever.

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