perfect mama and son

breathe, just breathe

Genre: Angst, Hurt/ Comfort, Friendship, Romance, Family 
Words: 6190 words 
Pairings: Rucas, Corpanga (mentioned), Joshaya (mentioned), Smarkle (slight) 
Summary: The three times Lucas Friar does not let the tears in his eyes fall, and the one time (okay, maybe two times) he lets them flow freely. (Lucas-centric, major Rucas) 
A/N: Happy reading! 


“I’m afraid that your son has left me with no choice, Mr Friar,” Principal Westerly shakes his head regrettably as he takes off his glasses. He hesitates before he says his next words, as though they weigh heavily on his tongue, while he regards the three Friars on the opposite end of the table. 

Please, Lucas wants to beg but he cannot. Please, just give me one more chance. I’ll be better. I’ll control myself better. Please just don’t give up on me. 

“Lucas Friar, you are hereby expelled from this school because of your actions yesterday,” Principal Westerly speaks the words he has been dreading to hear, and Lucas’ breath hitches. “Because you put a student in harms’ way and because of the threat you pose to other students, my hands are tied.” 

Beside him, his mother sniffs and Lucas looks to his father, heart sinking at the look his father shoots him. Bitterness, disappointment and anger all crosses his father’s aged face and Lucas gulps before he looked down. Shame courses through him, making his hands shake as he curls them into a tight fist. 

“Principal Westerly, please, there has to be something -”

“I’m afraid my decision is final, Annette,” Principal Westerly sighs. 

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“There now seems to be an unwritten rule that if you’re a Vanellope fan you must ship her with Hiro. There also seems to be this obsession with finding Hiro the perfect baby mama for a son he can name after his brother, and that “honor” keeps falling to Vanellope. All they have in common are hoodies, messy dark hair, and larger companions and said companions couldn’t be less similar.”

I just feel like in Papa and Mama Holmes’ eyes Lestrade would be the perfect son-in-law. Good career, good manners, good looking, not to mention he takes really good care of Sherlock.

Papa Holmes and Greg go to watch the Arsenal game every Sunday and Mama Holmes comes to 221B to gossip with Mrs Hudson while Sherlock grumbles and complains to Mary over text and demands to be given refuge at their place in which Mary tells him no because he’s still not forgiven for that stain on the wall from that time he tried to teach Charlotte SCIENCE.

Then Papa Holmes and Greg would come home all laughing with arms around each other shoulders singing the Arsenal song and Greg would see Sherlock sulking in the corner and he would immediately come over to kiss it better.

(It works every time and Sherlock tries not to blush when his mother cooed over how adorable they are)

Then Papa and Mama Holmes would take them all out for dinner and Greg would ask them if they would entrust their son to him for the rest of his life.