perfect little thief

Little Thief (Joker x Reader)

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Fandom: DC

Character: The Joker

Persona: Female thief

Word Count: 586

Request: Hiiii I would like to request a one shot with the joker :D like he took the reader in and trained her to be his perfect little thief & she’s so good at it THANK U💙 oh and can you give her a nickname like Cheshire? Sorry to bother you 

A/N - I wasn’t really sure hat to put for the nickname so I went with Swiper xD <3 

You were walking the street as usual, you had no family and you didn’t want to stay in the local orphanage so you often spent your days wandering around. It was like every other day, you rounded the corner of the same street: police sirens screamed in the distance, only in Gotham.

Suddenly a large group of men started to run past you, there was one in a purple jacket which your eyes were glued to, then you noticed his bright green hair and it wasn't until he turned around that you saw his clown-like make-up. You were in a trance, you just had to follow him, so you ran after him. 

The Joker didn’t have time to stop you for the sound of police sirens was gaining on the group and once you followed him home, he didn’t stop you. You-

“Swiper are you even listening my darling?” the Joker’s voice interrupted your thoughts, he was crouching down so his eyes met yours. “Yeah” you replied smiling. “Then what did I just say?”, your smile turned sheepish and the Joker rolled his eyes.

Standing up he went over to the table and grabbed a huge piece of paper, “You’ll go in here, get the stuff and come out of here, you got it this time?”. You zipped your jacket up with a smirk, “Sure Mister J”. The Joker grinned, he waltzed over to you and patted your head, “Good girl”.

You walked over to the corner of the room and picked up your backpack which consisted over everything you needed for the job. As you were securing it to your back the Joker came over to you, he handed you your bandanna. It wasn't like the Joker to show concern but anytime you were in danger, he couldn't help himself, “If anything goes wrong you will get yourself the hell out of there”. You tied the bandanna over the lower half of your face, then you pulled your hood up, “Don’t worry about me”.

You pushed the doors open, they banged against the wall as you sprinted away from the scene of the crime. The alarms were blaring and soon the police would have the area surrounded, everything had been going to plan until another security guard appeared.

The white van was parked and waiting, as you got closer the doors flew open, hands grabbed you and tossed you inside.

“What went wrong?” one of Joker’s henchmen cackled evilly. You looked at him with a threatening glare, “You. You didn’t mention the second guard”. It was a fact that most of the Joker’s workers didn’t really like you, they were always trying to get rid of you, one way or another. 

“Oops…?” he replied. You sat in silence the whole way back to base, once you arrived you stormed straight to your room, luckily for you the Joker wasn’t at home.

Later the door opened and he walked in, his expression revealed how he was feeling. 

“It wasn’t my fault”, you started up, “One of your guys lied”. The Joker’s scowl deepened, “Which one?” he snapped. You told him the guy’s name and the Joker stormed off, ten minutes later and there was a gun shot from the next room. 

You slid out of your room, walking you found the source of the noise, the Joker was stood over the man’s lifeless body. “This is what happens to anyone who tries to get rid of my little Swiper”.