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On My Own (Harry Hook) Part Five (Important Message @ Bottom!)

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You swore you’d never hurt me.

You swore you’d never leave me On My Own.

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“Are you sure about this, Harry?” Gil asked nervously, juggling a can of spray paint from hand to hand. “Course I am,” Harry shot back. “Uma wants us to do it, so we’re going to do it.”

“But I thought she wanted us to lay low?” Gil asked, confusion evident on his face. “She does. But she also wants to make sure this school knows who they’re dealing with. Now get to work.”

Somehow, once again, you found yourself staring at a show of the pirates’ handiwork. We Ride With The Tide was tagged on every. single. wall.

“Harry Hook!” You shouted, whirling around to face the crowd. “Who knows where Harry Hook is!?” You could feel how close you were to snapping back into the angry girl you were on the Isle, but you couldn’t seem to stop it.

You growled when you noticed faces mixing from fear of you, to no doubt fear of dare snitching on the hook wielding pirate.

Yes, Fairy Godmother had finally let Harry have his father’s hook back. In a locked case of glass. It seemed she forgot he was from the Isle, seeing as he had the hook free from its prison in a matter of minutes.

“If I find out any of you are lying I will turn you into a frog!” You threatened through gritted teeth. “He’s on the tourney field!” The son of Rapunzel shouted out quickly.

You whipped around, storming to the tourney field where the team should have been mid-practice. But, seeing as they weren’t on the field, you could only assume they were in the locker room. Which you were not above entering to drag the pirate out by his ear. So, that’s exactly what you did.

Throwing open the door to the locker room you let out a quick “This is your only warning to cover your fun-sized tourney sticks!” Before walking in. “Harold James Hook I suggest you come out right now!” You shouted, storming through the aisles of lockers and half naked boys who, thankfully, heeded your warning and covered themselves.

“Really, lass? Did you miss me that much you had to come strollin’ in here? Or, maybe ye just hoped to see me bare as a wee babe,” A voice taunted. You whipped around to catch Harry leaning against a wall of lockers, clad, thankfully, in a pair of shorts and that tattered, sleeveless hoodie he always wore. It’s not as if you hadn’t seen him in less. Just, you didn’t need that distraction at the moment.

“Tell me, Harold, have you any idea who spray painted your crew’s little slogan on every wall of Auradon Prep?” You jeered, as if you didn’t already know the answer.

“Why, are ye accusin’ me, Y/N?” Harry mocked, pushing off of the lockers and sauntering over to you. “Because if so, that’s not very nice of ya to do. But it’s very Auradon of ya to do. Always accusin’ the poor, innocent lad that just wants to fit in.” He gave you a frown that might have seemed legit to everyone else. But, you could see the wickedness, the evil, the pure darkness lurking in his eyes.

“Stop harassing him, Y/N,” Chad chimed in from his locker. “It’s against the rules for you to be in here so leave!”

You gritted your teeth, head snapping to face the egotistical blond. “Yea,h well so was you and Audrey sneaking off grounds to make out by the lake but you didn’t see me saying shit,” You snapped. “Now mind your own business!”

“You may have your little team fooled, but you don’t fool me for a second, Harry,” You gritted, glaring up at the boy.

“Ya see, Y/N, that’s not my problem. That’s yers. Because, who will someone believe, hmm? The daughter of an evil sorcerer who turned a king into a frog? Who broke a lass’s nose, a lad’s arm, and covered the headmistress’s office in goo when she arrived? Or the son of a misguided pirate who just wanted to break free of the prison of an island he had to call home?” Harry whispered, lips barely grazing your ear.

“Sorry, Lass. It may have been yer territory before, but it’s ours now. And we ride with the tide.”

It was the first Saturday you actually got to sleep in since the pirates came to Auradon.

Well, that’s what you thought. Until you were woken up at nine o’clock by a frantic Dizzy. “Y/N! Y/N! You have to come downstairs! Harry and Jay are fighting!”

You sighed, sliding on your bunny slippers. Everyone had already seen them, so what was the point in changing? Wrapping your comforter around you, you held your hand out to Dizzy, “Take me to them.”

She quickly tugged you downstairs and out to the tourney field, where a small crowd had begun to gather. “We tried to get Uma to stop it, but she’s the one refereeing it,” Dizzy informed you. You opened your mouth to tell her you’d just let them fight it out before you paused, mouth wide open. “What about his hook?” You asked, fearful of the answer.

“I think he’s using it.”

You shoved your way through the crowd, shooting glares at anyone that tried to rebuke. When you finally made your way to the front, you let out a breath of relief. Harry’s hook, and his hat, lay a few feet away on the bottom of the stands.

“Harry! Jay! Both of you stop this right now!” You demanded, stomping over to the two boys. Gritting your teeth when you received no reaction, you took in a deep breath.


The boys quickly shot apart at the sound of your voice, as this wasn’t the first time you had to break up one of their fights. They had enough brain capacity to remember the consequences you’d give them for not listening to you. Scraping Lady Tremaine’s bunions was the lightest punishment. The others they forced themselves to forget.

“Look, I really could care less about what petty thing you two are fighting over this time, but keep the fights verbal, not physical,” You whined before turning to Harry. “I’m just trying to sleep in on Saturdays without you doing something bad that results in me having to get out of bed, Harry. Please just chill out,” You begged.

You could see a familiar flame ignite in Harry’s eyes, but before you could stop him, he blew off. “I guess that’s all I am isn’t? A fuck up. All I live to do is fuck up yer day, eh? I fucked up yer relationship now I’m fuckin’ up yer perfect little life here at Auradon!” He shouted, face growing red with anger. “I tried to appease ya, Y/N! But ye won’t fuckin’ listen to me! I’m sorry I’m not some perfect little prince that will wait on ye hand and foot and treat ye like some dainty little flower because that’s not who I am! And I will never be that type of man so I guess I should just finally give up on us and go back to the Isle shouldn’t I!?”

Your mouth gaped open as the crowd grew awkward at Harry’s words.

“Harry I-”

“Save it, Y/N. We’re over. I get it. I’m pathetic. I get it. No need to rub it in.

You could only stare after him as he stormed away, Uma in tow.

They mad it to the tree before Harry started speaking. “I’m in. I know I wasn’t sure about it before but, I’m in. This plan of yers. Whatever it is. Whatever ye need me to do I’m in. Even with yer plan for… Even with yer plan for Y/N.”

Uma smirked, “I’m glad you finally see it my way, Harry. Now, here’s the plans for Operation Take Everything Away.”

A/N: This one is relatively short because of everything I have planned for Part Six I wanted to keep this one as vague as possible!

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