perfect life by red

Buckle up Bitches, I have a SuperGirl theory.

Okay, we all know that Cat ‘the baddest bestest bitch’ Grant is coming back for the last two episodes of SuperGirl along with Clark 'the big ol’ teddy bear/Superman’ Kent who is coming back for the final episode. 

We also know that Lena 'lesbian lip bite’ Luthor is going to be in the rest of the episodes. 

We also know that someone is going to die. 

And finally, we know that Katie 'fucking sexy as hell cryptid’ McGrath has signed a series regular contract that is for minimum 3 years. 

What if, in the final two episodes, Mike/Mon 'the douchiest frat boy to ever to grace our screens’ El gets killed in the last episode by Superman and or Alex who knows that something is up, and when he is killed Kara snaps out of a dream sequence similar to that of Black Mercy, but instead of giving her the perfect life that she wants or giving her the romantic life that Red Mercy would grace her with, it’s a Green Mercy that was inside of the pod and it puts a poisonous person into you life, and the only way to break its spell is for that person to die. Lena Luthor has helped to discover this because when she was moving to National City she heard about what had happened and she wanted to erase everyone’s preconceived notions of her being a Luthor by helping National City’s darling hero SuperGirl. And the whole time everyone is talking to Kara while she is asleep trying to get her to wake up, especially Alex. Alex specifically tells her all about the things going on her life, like the NCPD Science Division Detective that she has fallen in love with so those things make their way into Kara’s dream sequence so she knows.