perfect lesbian couple


“We promised to hold each other during the hard times.”
“We promised to always come back home to them.”
“We promised to love each other until we died.”

We don’t ask for much, we just want to be seen in the same light.
Please be respectful of all relationships, not just the ones you relate to.

I just couldn’t help myself. The way that she was looking at me, the way that she looked under the moonlight. I was certain that everything was going to change for us. I just wanted her to feel the same way for me.

I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.
To wake up next to you every morning and see that beautiful face of yours.
To kiss you and hold you whenever I want.
To drink tea with you and sit outside.
To travel and see amazing sites with you.
To get to tell you I love you everyday.
To get to hear you say you love me.
To just be with you and be happy.
I just can’t wait
—  My thoughts

Concept: We’re in upstate new york in a pent house. We have a beautiful, rustic grammaphone playing, the lilting sound of string, percussion and wind instruments melding melodiously fill the apartment. We’re dressed up as 1920’s flapper girls, the jewels sparkling in the dim glow of the fairylights we have strung up. The room is glowing with a soft shade of pink. We sip on rose champagne and dance around the open room enjoying and basking in the presence of each other. Everything is perfect.


I drew this immediately after I saw the 4 leaked pages of Prison School manga chapter 260. I didn’t quite get the situation, so I made several mistakes. When I saw the airplane picture, I jumped into conclusion. I thought it was Mari’s private jet! That’s why I drew the plane so small :v 

I want to post this before the chapter 261 leak comes out no matter what. Usually the leak schedule is on Wednesday, 3.00 PM (GMT). At first, I planned to draw only 3 pages. How come it turned out to 8 pages? Well, It seems that I love to prolong their moments. Besides, drawing Marimei is my biggest pleasure.

I hope this scene become reality. Make it happen, Hiramoto-sensei!

Every inch of you is perfect from the

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