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Fic: A Blue Sky (Kurt/Blaine)

Notes: 1700 words, post 6.08 A Wedding.
Thanks: to my dear chiasmuslovesme

A Blue Sky

Blaine fell asleep, breathing softly against Kurt’s bare shoulder. His familiar body, sated and sleepy, was curled into Kurt’s. Kurt lay awake in the dark. He wanted to preserve this, just this, forever.

Their clothes were laid out neatly for tomorrow’s wedding. Kurt did consider putting out his sky blue socks, and not solely to try and protect this precious, precious thing. He also wanted to do as much as possible to ensure Santana and Brittany’s happiness. But sky blue was indefensible with black pants. He settled on letting Brittany handle superstitions for her own wedding.


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Craving [Klaine, PG]

Set around Kurt’s first few weeks in New York, Season 4, prior to 4.04.   Fluff.  Angst.  Mostly the promise of something more. Hints of trouble on the horizon – and hope. Enjoy.  ~1400 words

Also available on ffnet and AO3.

Living in a big city makes Kurt feel infinite.

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