perfect kits


  • Mark Blackthorn: Why be rude when u can be nude ;)
  • Emma Carstairs: why get thinner when u can get more dinner?
  • Cristina Rosales: why be nice if u can throw knives?
  • Dru Blackthorn: why have abs when u can have kebabs?
  • Ty Blackthorn: ...I don't get this game.
  • Julian Blackthorn: why be a lad when u can be a dad?
  • Everyone: ...
  • Julian: ...
  • Julian: I'm gonna go to bed.



Happy Holidays! - Pricefield Kissing Montage

Since you all seem to like my relationship so much here is an early Christmas/Holiday present for you guys, she’s really fun to kiss I swear to god. Thank you so much for all the support and love you guys have given me! I hope you all have amazing holidays and a very happy New Year!!


CHLOE IS @yourawesomenesscatcosplay

We will be at Ichibancon 2016 as these lovely ladies on Thursday so hmu if you’re going!