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Beca vs Chicago- a PP3 fic concept

Please remember I know nothing about the storyline and would appreciate it to stay that way. This was just an idea that sort of spiralled out of control… it was only supposed to be short… now look what you made me do…

Enjoy and feedback is always appreciated.


Chicago looked down at Beca. His military uniform was crisp and sharp, medals glistening in the sunshine and his eyes were narrowed in determination.

Beca stood roughly a metre in front of him. Her fingers were tucked securely in the pockets of her jeans; uncaring of the fierce glare that the other man was currently sending her way. Her usual plaid shirt was left slightly unbuttoned, her tank top beneath was low cut as though she were begging for people to make a comment.

Unlike the glare of her opponent, she wore her signature smirk; her eyes dancing with amusement as her eyes roamed the military figure.

She was not intimidated in the slightest; that was something Chicago realised all to soon and so he tried to hold himself higher than her… a height tactic used to frighten their enemies. Nothing. The smirk just widened. Deflating slightly, he and Beca simultaneously turned to the woman just off to their side.

Chloe. The object of their affections.

Strands of her read hair were clenched in her fingers as she raked them through her hair in a sign of obvious despair. Her eyes flitted from Beca to Chicago and back again before taking in the Bellas who had gathered around them… boxing them in.

It was as if a fight were about to be initiated… Chloe as the referee, and Beca and Chicago? The fighters. In Chicago’s view, the winner would receive their trophy… Chloe.

Beca, however, knew Chloe better than she knew herself. She respected Chloe’s independence and freewill… for God’s sake… Beca was head over heels in love with her. The brunette was never going to give up this particular fight though. She wanted Chloe to be happy; and if she were not happy with her then, as long as she deemed the other person worthy enough… well… she would be happy if Chloe were happy.

The problem is that Chicago was all wrong for Chloe. He did not try to get to know the real Chloe Beale.

She was flustered around him; she forgets important details and information when he is around. He tried to monopolise her time instead of allowing her to be around the Bellas. He would glare at Beca every opportunity he could, and would possessively keep a hand on Chloe’s waist as if preventing her from leaving his side of her own free will.

Quite frankly, he was a jerk.

The tension was tangible; the air was dense. Lily was tempted to take out her knife just to prove that point; however Aubrey had confiscated all of her weapons upon arrival… the bitch.

Stacie, for once, was not groping her breasts and dancing provocatively. She was worried. Much like the rest of the Bellas, they had been watching Beca and Chloe for years… could this be the final straw?

Fat Amy was itching to carry him to the airport and have him board a plane to a land far far away. Bhloe is real, she’d repeat over and over again.

Who the heck is Chlochago, Flo and Cynthia-Rose would ask in confusion. Jessica and Ashley would shudder at that particular ship name.

Chicago wiped a bead of sweat from his forehead with the back of his hand. Gazing at Chloe with a charming smile, although Beca thinks it’s constipated, he starts. “Is your name Google? Because you’re the answer to everything I’ve been looking for.”

Chloe flushes slightly in embarrassment and, after quickly gazing at Beca, she turns to the Bellas who shake their heads in disgust. The other military men gathered around cheered after they heard Chicago’s words.

Beca bit her lip in thought. She needed to beat Chicago at his own game, even though it was her who suggested this competition. She had been drunk after all, and drinking is never a good idea when the woman who held her heart was being held in the arms of another. She had marched over to them and demanded this competition. It was a silent agreement that the winner would be given a chance to win Chloe’s heart.

A thought came to her. Turning her attention to the redhead who was already gazing at her in anticipation for her attempt, she smiled reassuringly. Chloe grinned back, momentarily forgetting her nerves. After what felt like hours, but in reality was only a few seconds, an obnoxious clearing of a throat interrupted them. Fucking Chicago.

Nevertheless, Beca kept her smirk in place. She was a badass; she might as well keep up appearances because she knew her own attempt would make everyone question that.

“Hey beautiful”, she started, causing Chloe to gasp at the nickname. “Are you a camera? Because every time I look at you, I can’t help but smile.”

The Bellas awe’d at the same time and the young brunette heard a couple of sniffles coming from the direction of their newest member and current captain of their group.

Beca could see Chloe’s eyes glistening with unshed tears. Beca’s words were nothing but the truth… and everyone knew it. The DJ was a closed off person; with walls higher and more secure than Fort Knox, and barbed wire constructed around the wall to keep people away… but Chloe? Chloe Beale… she was the exception to almost every rule Beca had ever made.

The redhead had waltzed into her life, as chipper as a person could be, light on her toes and enthusiastic about anything the brunette would offer her. She would pay attention to her and show her the affection she had been starved of for most of her life. She knocked down a section of her wall with nothing but her never-ending patience, ocean-blue eyes and bright smile and took residence in her heart with never an intention of leaving… not that Beca ever wanted to have her leave.

Fury and envy emanated from Chicago as he noticed both girls lose themselves in each other’s eyes once more.

The marine blurted out the next line he could think of in order to interrupt the two girls. “Do you have a name or can I call you mine?”

Beca scoffed at his chauvinistic comment, not believing he actually said something so stupid in front of an all-girl group… especially in front of one as close and familial as the Bellas. Aubrey’s jaw clenched in immediate offence and she glared at him fiercely. She had not warmed up to him at all… which says a lot.

Chloe froze at his words, her eyebrows furrowing in obvious confusion and hurt at his assumption that she were nothing more than something to be labelled… nothing more than an object to be used or a prize to be won. Her eyes shimmered once more, this time with unshed tears and Beca was so so so close to introducing Chicago to her knuckle sandwich. The short brunette had a feeling that she would need to wait behind a line of angry Bellas if their dirty looks were anything to go by; not that she would wait. She’d simply push to the front.

The DJ knew she had to do damage control and finish this once and for all. She knew he odds were not in Chicago’s favour.

“Was your father a thief? I wondered how he was able to take the stars from the sky and put them in your eyes.”

A tear fell from Chloe’s eyes; Beca knew she couldn’t stop now.

“Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
there’s nothing more beautiful
than the vision that is you.

Orchids are purple,
Lilies are white,
As hard as it is,
Don’t give up the fight.

It may take all your strength,
Your courage will arise,
Just take a deep breath,
And ignore all the lies.

You’re never alone,
For I’ll be by your side.
Wherever you lead me,
Whatever you decide.

I’ll confess to you my dreams,
For you will be there,
Love is louder together,
I’ll love you always, I swear.”

There was complete silence. The Bellas could not believe what they just heard. Jessica, who had been recording the whole event was staring slack-jawed at their ex-captain and nearly dropped the phone in shock.

For the first time in a long time, Aubrey smiled at Beca. A full-blown genuine smile as her eyes welled up and released tears of pure happiness. Whatever reservations she had had about the smaller girl when it came to Chloe had completely been erased. Those were the most beautiful words she had ever heard… she never ever expected them to come from Beca. She was almost jealous of her own best friend.

Chloe choked back a sob at Beca’s words. So sincere… so passionate… so real.

How could she ever choose to be with someone who wanted her as a trophy over someone who wanted to cherish her heart? How could she ever love Chicago when someone like Beca existed? The answer is that she couldn’t. She knew she had been an idiot for the duration of this trip, thinking she could just “get over” Beca and move on with Chicago. Such a fool.

Cheers started to emit from the crowd surrounding the three. The Bellas had started it and gradually everyone was joining in.

Chicago knew he had lost… not only Chloe, but the respect he had garnered throughout the tour. Beca’s words had resonated in his ears until they were all he could hear. He realised Chloe could never have been happy with him.

Chloe wrapped her arms tightly around Beca with never an intention of letting go… never again, at least. Her heart had chosen wisely and as everyone well knows… the heart never lies.




Well what did you think?

Beca’s poem was sweet huh? I took great pride in writing that a while ago. It’s technically not a pick up line, but something from the heart instead. Hope you nerds liked it