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valve concept artists didnt die inventing that perfect shade of slightly washed out red for you to go full #FF0000 on that tf2 drawing
Witch Tip:

Put enchantments on hair ties. You can even incorporate colour magic (if thats your thing) into it. Its so inconspicuous no one would even think to suspect a thing. You can wear them around your wrist, in your hair, or just carry it in your pocket!

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can you draw vanessa in her dress from The Club?

shes here to look good and kick ass, and she already looks good


On this occasion, a home, more than bricks and mortar, a turtle, it’s a feeling. It’s a feeling of belonging. Isn’t it? Of love of course. Of hope… for the future. I don’t know if I have ever met two people who are more suited to one another than you two. To Barry and Iris. To us.



By a series of discoveries and inventions just perfected, Nikola Tesla, the electrical scientist, has upset what has hitherto been regarded as one of the fixed laws of nature. “Every effect diminishes with distance,” is the way the textbooks have expressed it. Tesla now says that instead of decreasing like other forces, electricity may be made to increase in intensity with the distance traveled.

The full significance of this discovery may not be at once apparent. It is obvious, however, that it annihilates space. There can be no limit to the power of the electric wave which increases in intensity the further it travels.

For nearly 20 years Tesla has been working on his plan, he calls it his wireless “World System.” If it is put into successful execution it will convert the earth into a gigantic conduit, which will pass power for all earthly activities, and make possible communication with other planets.

From time to time Tesla has made partial announcements as his work progressed. This, however, is the first comprehensive account of his system as a whole that the inventor has consented to give to the world.

“Through ages past man has anyways attempted to project in some way or other energy into space. In all his attempts, no matter what agent he employed, he was hampered by the inexorable law of nature which says every effect diminishes with distance, generally as the square of the same, sometimes more rapidly.

“I saw at once that space was annihilated in all the three aspects; in the transport of our bodies and materials and in the earth, transmission of the energies necessary for our existence. You can imagine how profoundly I was affected by this revelation. Technically, it meant that the earth, as a whole, had certain periods of vibrations, and that by by impressing electrical vibrations of the same periods upon it, it could be thrown into oscillations of such nature that innumerable benefits could be derived.

“It is difficult to convey an idea of these inventions without resorting to technical terms. The first and best known of these is my transformer, which enables the production of electrical vibrations of transcending intensities. I have already attained activities of many millions of horse power; but this is nothing compared to those which I am expecting to get with my improved apparatus.

“The second is what I have termed my magnifying transmitter, which I look upon as my best electrical invention, and with which any distance can be bridged. I have already passed of this wonderful instrument and am confident that a message can be flashed to such a distance as the planet Mars.

“Some technical men would be disposed to look upon such statements as those of a dreamer, but it is only because they have not had opportunities to see experiments which I have actually performed. The third invention I have designated as the “Art of individualization,” which enables the transmission of an unlimited number of messages through a wire or wireless, without the slightest interference. Not before this improvement is universally adopted will the world fully realise the benefits of telegraphy and telephony. The fourth invention is my receiver, which concentrates the energy transmitted over a wide area into the operating device.”

What would the voltage in your transmitter be?

“In the transmission of telegraphic and telephonic messages I shall employ from five to ten million volts, but in transmitting power in great quantities, as much as one hundred million volts will be used.“

How will your “World System” compare with those now in use as regards to cost?

“We could easily afford to offer a transmission of telegraphic and telephonic messages to any terrestrial distance for five cents a word. In a short while no one will think it anything out of the way to dictate or to write a long letter across the Pacific.”

How long does it take for the transmission of a message, by your system, around the world?

“The exact time is, according to my measurements, 43-1000 of a second, which is a speed about 50 per cent greater than that of light.

“The impulse starts from my magnifying transmitter with infinite speed, slows first rapidly and then at a lesser rate until, when it has penetrated to a distance of 6000 miles from the transmitter, it proceeds with approximately the speed of light. From there on it accelerates, first slowly and then more rapidly, and reaches the opposite point of the globe again with infinite speed only to rebound and pass through the same phases on its way back to the transmitter.

“This movement of electricity through the Earth, which takes place strictly in accordance with a mathematical law, and enables a great number of accurate measurements and determinations to be made, which are of immense practical and scientific value.”

Is your universal marine service based upon this principle?

“Largely so. In setting up and maintaining stationary waves in the earth its entire surface is subdivided in perfectly definite zones of electric activity, so that any observer of all those data which are of importance to navigators as the latitude and longitude, the position with reference to a given point, the speed of travel, and the course followed. This method is quite exact and reliable, and once introduced will be instrumental in a great saving of time, life and property.”

When your system of time distribution is introduced what kind of devices will be used for indicating the hour?

“They will be ever so much simpler than the ordinary clocks or watches, being entirely devoid of wheel work. For personal use a small case will be provided resembling that of a watch which would indicate precisely the time and require no more attention than a compass for instance. The large clocks on towers and public edifices in general will be replaced by extremely simple devices operated on the same principle.

“All these will be ‘tuned’ to a wireless wave sent out at a certain time. This will automatically set the hands of every ‘tuned’ time piece.”

In operating stock tickers, will the present instruments have to be replaced by others?

“Not at all, they will remain intact. A great financier told me that this should be one of the most valuable and practical applications of my system, inasmuch as the instantaneous operation of such instruments all the world over will go far toward allaying panics and failures which are at present mostly due to the inadequacy and stagnation of channels of information.”

“A business man will be able to dictate in his office a letter which will appear in type at any other place he wishes without loss of time in the transmission. It will be exactly as though he had his stenographer close by. In the same manner it will be practicable to send a handwritten letter or even a check, and what is more important, it will not be possible to falsify the signature.”

Will the transmission of complex musical productions require complicated apparatuses?

Not at all. The apparatus at any of the master plants, transmitting a great number of musical compositions, will be of necessity complicated, but the subscriber will need only a telephone receiver, and, if he desires exclusiveness, and individualizing device in connection, which, however, will be rarely required. He will be none the less able to listen to the most complex opera played in some remote party of the world. What is more, he can carry the entire outfit with him on his walks and travels, and whenever he desires to listen to the music he can do so.

The wireless system which I have developed does not contemplate competition with established lighting systems in densely populated districts, but it offers an ideal solution for the illumination of isolated places. The light will be furnished by exhausted glass tubes, bent in all sorts of ornamental shapes, and is of surpassing beauty, resembling closely the daylight. The lamps will last forever. The entire apparatus for lighting the average country dwelling will contain no moving part whatever, and could be readily carried about in a small valise. It will be quite immaterial in which region of the earth the house to be lighted is located. Distance will not affect the charge.“

How far from the Earth’s surface can power be transmitted by this wireless system?

“To any distance; in fact, the greater the elevation above the ground that easier it is to supply the power to the vehicle, such as an airship crossing the ocean.”

What do you consider the most important application of your system?

The transmission of power, of course. The operation of aerial machines alone will be of a revolutionizing influence, in as much as it will afford a perfect solution of this important problem. Another great field will be the irrigation and fertilization of the soil by wireless power. The time is not distance when a farmer will have installed on his place an apparatus for continuously manufacturing, from the gases of the atmosphere, nitric compounds which will be used to fertilize, while a motor will pump the water and perform other duties; all the energy being supplied from a plant perhaps thousands of miles away. This system can be extended so as to make productive vast tracts of now barren lands located in various countries. I believe that the export of wireless power will be one of the chief resources of the United States and other fortunately situated countries in times to come.“

By Marcel Roland. New York American, September 3, 1911.


everything i read in 2017: deltora quest series by emily rodda

“the enemy is clever and sly, and to its anger and envy a thousand years is like the blink of an eye”


top 50 otps of all time ☆ #49. Isadora Smackle & Farkle Minkus

“Isadora, Farkle finding the one and only Smackle lets me know the universe has order, and our existence is not just random coincidence.”

May I Have This Dance (Black Hat x Dr. Flug)

From the Tumblr prompt of: ‘How about some fluff paperhat?’
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“U-Uh, Sir? Is this really necessary?” Flug asked as Black Hat stretched his arms out and ran a tape measure and put one end on against Flug’s right wrist and the other end to Flug’s left wrist.

“Of course it is Flug!” Black Hat snapped giving the scientist a glare making him flinch down and give him a weak 'yes sir’.

Black Hat rolled his eyes and snapped his fingers making a bag with a hanger appear in Flug’s hand. “That’s your suit for tonight, don’t wrinkle it.”

Black Hat looked over at Flug and let out a grunt “Got it?” Flug squeaked and nodded holding the bag as carefully as he could.

“U-Uh sir remind me again…w-what is this for?” Flug stuttered out softly looking down at the suit in his arms then back up at Black Hat.

Black Hat rolled his eyes and murmured softly “Moron…” He then cleared his throat and spoke up to Flug could hear him. “You are going to accompany me, Doctor to the Annual Heros Association Dinner and Ball.”

Flug blinked and tilted his head “Dinner and…Ball?”

Black Hat nodded “Yes, Ball, I know it sounds stupid but the Heros have found a powerful chemical that would be perfect for new inventions! So you will accompany me as my…date…” Black Hat turned away at the end to hide his flush.

Flug flushed softly and smiled gently but quickly hid it and spoke: “B-But what about our identities s-sir?” Flug tilted his head.

Black Hat cleared his throat and turned back to Flug with the hint of a flush but Flug didn’t comment. “I’ve thought of that already of course! I will be going in disguise.” Black Hat snapped his fingers and in a flash, instead of his suit being black and dark, it was white and bright. Flug had to shield his eyes for a moment before Black Hat turned to his normal suit.

“And you Flug…just don’t wear that bag of yours”

Flug’s eyes widened and one hand went to his bag as to hold it protectively while the other held onto the suit. “S-Sir I-I don’t think I can d-do that” He squeaked.

Black Hat’s eyes softened gently and he walked over to Flug and took his hands gently speaking quietly “Please Flug? I’ll be with you the whole time, I won’t leave your side” Black Hat gently lifted one hand and stroked Flug’s cheek softly to soothe the trembling scientist.

Flug took a deep breath and nodded his head calming down a bit making Black Hat smile and gently lean up kissing Flug’s forehead.

While Black Hat would never admit to doing anything of this sorts with other people around, he wouldn’t mind making an exception for Flug when they were alone. It might not have been his thing, but if it made Flug happy, then he would just have to deal with it.

Flug flushed softly at the gentle kiss but smiled and nuzzled Black Hat’s hand before he pulled it away.

“Glad we agree on it Flug, now all we have to do is go, perhaps do some dancing while we wait until the Heros present the chemical then we will swoop in and take it!” Black Hat grinned evilly and chuckled lowly.

But Flug stopped listening after the world dancing.

He’d have to dance with Black Hat.

He couldn’t dance.

“A-Ah s-sir? W-Wouldn’t you rather t-take Demencia o-or something?”

Black narrowed his eyes softly “You don’t want to go with me?”

Flug’s eyes widened “N-No it’s not that! I-its just….I…can’t…I can’t…dance.” Flug mumbled and flushed in embarrassment.

Black Hat blinked softly. Flug couldn’t dance? That was the problem? Black Hat chuckled softly and gently grabbed both of Flug’s hands and pulled him against his chest.

Gently wrapping an arm around Flug’s waist, Black Hat purred and gently whispered in Flug’s ear, “Do you want me to teach you Doctor~?”

Flug flushed dark and looked around before he nodded his head shyly.

Black Hat grinned and snapped his finger making a soft gentle music fill the air. Perfect for the waltz. Black Hat straightened up and placed one of Flug’s hands on his shoulder with him holding the other. Black Hat’s other hand was wrapped around Flug’s waist and they started.

Make sure Flug was comfortable, Black Hat taught him and instructed him on how to waltz. At first, Flug kept looking down at his feet so he wouldn’t step on Black Hat’s, but after a few minutes, he felt more confident about it.

The two danced and spun around the room, laughing softly and smiling wide. They didn’t even notice the song was over until they were both softly panting out of breath.

Neither of them knew waltzing could do this to them.

After the two caught their breath they both flopped onto the bed and smiled gently at each other before Black Hat leaned over and lifted Flug’s back slightly and kissed him deeply.

Flug happily kissed back and purred.


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BTS REACTION - Finding out you can’t eat with chopsticks


Jin would be so caught up in his own food that for a while he wouldn’t even notice the trouble you were having.  When he does, though, he’ll quickly offer his help, scooting his chair closer to yours and feeding you both from his bowl with well practiced hands.  Admittedly he’s not the fairest of sharers; you’re sure his mouthful are bigger than yours and that he’s sneaking extras when you’re not looking.

“One for you Jagi, and two for me!”

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Yoongi always keeps a close eye on you at mealtimes, though you never realise it.  He just wants to make sure you’re looking after yourself and eating enough, so when one night you sit playing with your food he very quickly notices it.  He asks why you’re not eating, and when you blush and quietly explain that you don’t know how, Yoongi doesn’t hesitate to summon a waiter and request a knife and fork for you instead.

“Don’t worry what anyone thinks, your health is more important.”

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You’ve always struggled a little when using chopsticks; skilled enough to manage larger pieces of food but always faltering when it comes to rice or noodles or anything fiddly.  Unfortunately it’s rice that’s on the menu during your first meal with the whole group, and when you manage to spill a whole mouthful on your lap you feel your cheeks start to blaze with embarrassment.  Luckily, Hobi’s right on it, distracting any attention away from you by pinching it up grain by grain from your skirt like a monkey picking fleas and making the noises to match.  

“Ah, see how she feeds me?  My baby’s so thoughtful.”

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You’d confessed to your ineptitude when it came to using chopsticks the very moment Namjoon had told you about the upcoming meal with the BigHit executives you were expected to attend.  As predicted your boyfriend immediately took it upon himself to teach you the new skill, patiently showing you the exact way to hold each stick to achieve maximum dexterity and making you practice again and again under his tutelage.  

“You’re a fast learner, aren’t you baby?  Just try moving your hand back - that’s it!”

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Jimin hadn’t even given it a second thought that there wasn’t anything other than chopsticks to eat with in the house; he’d always just presumed that you knew how to use them because, well, why wouldn’t you?  It comes to a complete surprise to him when you start to huff and pout over your plate, getting increasingly frustrated as food keeps falling on its way to your mouth.  Jimin thinks it’s adorable, but you’re not so amused when he starts to giggle and pinch your cheeks.

“You’re so cute Jagi!  Here, look, I’ll help you.  Don’t get mad.”

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This was the first time you’d met the rest of Taehyung’s group, and though it’s only an informal dinner at the dorm you still want to make a good impression.  That’s why when Jin lays the table with chopsticks your heart starts to sink, and sure enough half an hour later you’re sat glaring at your bowl, almost trying to will the food into your mouth rather than struggle.  With a sigh, and knowing your hands are clean, you eventually give in and start to eat entirely with your fingers, trying to ignore the looks being passed between the others.  Luckily, Tae joins in right next to you, moulding his rice into balls before shoving them into his mouth two at a time, grinning.  

“This is more fun anyway, right?  Guys, isn’t she perfect for me?”

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Whoever invented the idea of sharing platters? Especially sharing platters when the only utensils you have are ones you’re notoriously bad with.  Jungkook watches as you pick up and drop a slice of meat at least three times, finally thinking you’ve gotten it and then slipping again, this time right on the tablecloth.  You stammer your apologies to his parents, flushing when your boyfriend gently kisses your cheek and takes your bowl, filling it with thin slices of beef and rice like a gentleman.  

“What else would you like, Noona?  I’ll get it for you.”

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