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Music and a Board

Okay, guy, try this on for size: my rendition of the beginning of a skater AU for Bechloe.

The redhead didn’t see the train coming.

“No, Bree, I haven’t seen that fox video yet.”

“I figured you would be the first one to show me,” Aubrey teased through the phone. Chloe sighed and smiled.

“I watch a lot of stupid videos, Bree. And yeah, he’s got a good voice when he’s not doing stupid things with it—”

And he’s gorgeous,” Aubrey laughed.

“Sure, if you’re into that, I guess.”

Aubrey snickered, making the speaker crackle in Chloe’s ear. “No, but I forgot. Your type is a bad girl with a bad attitude, right?”

“Not a bad girl,” Chloe said lightly. “A rebellious streak … well, maybe.” She stepped out on the tracks , and suddenly a horn blared to life not ten feet beside her.

Things happened very fast.

There was a dark flash of movement from the other side of the tracks, and suddenly Chloe was airborne; she landed hard on her back on the sidewalk, cracking her head against the pavement hard enough to momentarily see stars. She raised her head just enough to dazedly see the train barreling through the space that Chloe had occupied only a second ago.

“What the actual fuck, dude?” an angry voice demanded. “What was that? Are you actually trying to die today?”

“Sorry,” Chloe groaned, sitting up and rubbing the back of her head gingerly, feeling the tender spot. When she pulled her hand away, she didn’t see any red, so she figured she was okay. “I wasn’t paying attention.”

Obviously,” growled the voice, and Chloe allowed her eyes to roam upwards. A skateboard and a pair of black Chucks met her sight first, followed by a pair of calves capped in dark skinny jeans. A gray T-shirt depicted a recognizable band logo, and a pair of headphones were wrapped around her neck. The face above them scowled hard at her, though Chloe was busy memorizing the soft curve of lips, the way dark eyeliner made midnight blue eyes stand out, the unruly locks of dark brown hair capped in a red beanie, and the numerous ear piercings that seemed to pull the woman before her together, instead of pulling away from the look. Chloe felt her heart stop, and she immediately knew she was in trouble.

Because this was a bad girl with a bad attitude, and holy fuck was Chloe entranced.


We had two orb weaving spiders sharing a corner on our deck, perfect location for incoming bugs heading to the deck lights. The one in the top picture didn’t have a very neat web that first night, and a really haphazard one the second night while the one with the neat net was catching lots of bugs and wrapping them in silk, keeping that net neat and tidy.  On the third night there were two spiders fighting but I am not sure if it was the two orb weavers or possibly a different kind? Usually the girls are bigger and in the orb spider social world,  will eat their dates. In this fight the little one was winning.  After several hours of checking on them I finally gave up and went to bed after deciding the small one had pretty much won the battle. I read up a bit on fighting spiders, turns out spider fighting is a thing in the Far East, Japan, the Philippines, etc, taking the place of cock fighting sometimes. I would have lost my bet on this pair as I was sure the big one could take out the little one with no problem.