perfect in photos; flawless in real

There are so many amazing things about the Marine Day BSD official art:

- the fact that Chuuya looks like a real model, posing for the camera with the perfect Hollywood smile (I wonder who is behind the camera taking that photo)

- Aku feeling chilly no matter how sunny it is (my poor son, someone bring him hot coffee and a towel). And what ON EARTH is he wearing?

- Atsushi is there too? How come ADA and Port Mafia are spending a day on the beach together? (it’s either Fukumori’s latest bonding attempt, or they arrived at the same place again and were too stubborn to leave)

- OF COURSE Dazai is there, photobombing Chuuya’s flawless beach selfie

Greet her every morning, call her beautiful, ask how her day went, remind her to eat on time, sneak up behind her and give her a back hug, cry with her, hold her tight when she’s at her weakest,dream of her, give her your hoodie when its cold, have a random talk about her plans, prioritize her feelings, take her hand in public, take stolen photos of her, and lastly keep your words because she’ll be keeping your words in her heart. You can only do this to her once in your life, so please love her right, offer her your world, give her your whole self. She may not be as flawless as the other girls around you, but she’s real and she’s not afraid to put herself out there and share herself to the world and that’s what makes her more than just any man’s definition of a perfect girl.
—  d.r.n
Take a Picture

Dean x Reader

Warnings: fluff.

Author’s Note: This is for @smileydog101. Feel better, hun. I’m sorry this is so short, but I didn’t want to cause any cavities.

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Dean glanced over the table at you, smiling. He had been staring almost non-stop for at least fifteen minutes. Rolling your eyes, you stared back down at your laptop, continuing to read an article that caught your attention. But, his eyes pierced right through you, causing you to sigh.

“Take a picture, Dean,” you teased, shooting him an annoyed glance. The hunter just smirked.

“I have hundreds on my phone. But, they don’t do you any justice.” He winked, giving you the butterflies. His green eyes sparkled under the yellow, fluorescent light of the bunker’s library.

“Is that so?”

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Jungkook x Reader

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A prompt given to me by my friend that I wanted to do. So, here I am. With a fluffy Jungkook fic. Except I played around with the prompt lmao.

Prompt: Jungkook is at a café with Tae and he sees the reader with a friend. He doesn’t know why but he keeps staring at the reader because they’re just so good looking. Of course, his shyness gets the best of him so he doesn’t do anything but the reader notices that he just keeps looking.


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Book Photo Challenge - July Day 26: Black and white

I had this photo taken for last month, but I didn’t get to post it, so I though why not make it black and white…and then it hit me! I’m so glad of how this turned out. I strongly believe that in a black and white world, books would bring colour, escaping the real world for moments of happiness.

SENPAI (JUN.K) NOTICED ME!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!

YES! Jun.k noticed me….HOW?! you ask well I’ll tell you. 

Last year, I was studying abroad in Beijing, China and I was there for a whole fall semester learning Chinese. While I was there I took advantage of the ALL the outlets for K-pop they had (and I mean ALL OF THEM) I would watch them on TV because we had a TV in our dorm so I would watch the SBS station a LOT lol. I also brought magazines and posters ALL that lovely stuff! I even got to go to K-pop concerts for the first time while I was there. Yeah I was spending a LOT of money hahaha BUT IT WAS WORTH IT! So anyway…I ended up going to the 2PM GO CRAZY concert. At first I wasn’t going to go but I changed my mind at the last minute and went. I bought SO MUCH STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So now I am at the concert and I have set in my seat, I got on one of the 2pm world tour shirts I bought early at another concert and I am ready for my edges to be snatched, my soul to be stolen and my life to be completely ruined! Okkkkkkaaaaayyyyyy~~~

So the concerts starts I’m losing my mind. LITERALLY all I saw was Jun.K!!! Jun.K is my bias Junho is my 2nd but ALL I saw was Jun.K I can barely remember the rest of the members. They’re all a blur TT^TT But let me tell you….the videos we watch on YouTube and pictures we see on photo albums and google images DOES NOT COMPARE to the REAL THING!  When I say pictures don’t do justice THEY DON’T DO JUSTICE! ALL OF THEM #FLAWLESS every last one of them! Everything from the hair to the clothes to the their faces like…PERFECTION can’t even describe them. They didn’t look real! ALSO (side note) All of them had like this nice, even, golden tan going on and I liked it! 

Okay so mooooooooving on~  I was enjoying the concert they sung ALL of my favs literally ALL OF MA FAVS! and let me tell you something they must have took some notes from Superman because they would be wearing one thing and then the next minute change into a completely different outfit and the stage would be different too. #skills #goals So while I was watching the concert go on I noticed that Jun.K was always performing on the side I was on like I was sitting near the left side of the stage and literally throughout the WHOLE concert he was always on the left side. Now I don’t know because I wasn’t looking at everyone else but I just feel like they would have different positions on stage so that they can give all their fans a chance to see them but not this man! So you know the concert proceeds on and it gets to the end. And the guys come out in the 2pm world tour shirt, the EXACT SAME one I was wearing! So no lie in my head I felt like Jun.K and I were wearing matching couple outfits hahaha xD and just that thought made me lose my mind so I jump up and down (I was like out of my seat for almost the entire concert so I was already standing) and I fling my arms in the air and I yell as loud as humanly possible “JUNSU!!!!!!!!!” and I kid you not after that he looked up and looked straight at me! he saw me HE SAW ME! (now I could be delusional but I know he saw me because not only did he stare at me for like 5 seconds he pointed AT ME! and smiled and continued dancing ever so cutely) now at this moment my soul is gone and I’m frozen because I can’t believe what just happened. At first I didn’t believe it was real either BUT I KID YOU NOT; for even MORE  conformation after they did their last song Jun.K was standing by Wooyoung on the LEFT side of the stage and while Teacyeon was talking Jun.K whispered something into Wooyoung’s ear and he looked at me again and pointed in my direction and Wooyoung looked too…………………………………………………………………………………omg o.o 

So from that day forth I didn’t (still don’t) care what anybody says Jun.K saw me that day and told Wooyoung about me too! Haaaaaayyyyyy~~~ ^_~  But I mean I was the ONLY sista/poc/woc person there so I stood out a bit. So yeah that’s my story. It got a little longer than I wanted it to get (sorry) I still hope you enjoy it though ^_^ Thank You <3 

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I read the studios retouched a lot of the photos from the stars back in the 50s and 60s,is that true?? i was so naive,i thought they didnt do any type of retouch,i thought the actresses all looked like that in real life.

Yes, many people like to say “there was no photoshop back then” but there was retouching, and it helped a lot. In fact, no face can look as perfect as some of the studio close-ups look, absolutely flawless without any line on it. And not only faces, hands, bodies improved. For example, Marlene Dietrich liked to retouch her photos herself because she was a true perfectionist regarding her own image. Here’s a photo of Joan Crawford (1931) before and after. So yeah, they were real people like us!


The celebrity makeup artist tells us about the bold looks she created for Jamie Chung and Andreja Pejić.

When it comes to beauty, it’s important to learn the rules. Why? So we can break them. It’s all a part of showing off what makes us feel beautiful while expressing unflinching individuality. MAKE UP FOR EVER is channeling our inner cosmetic rebellion in its latest campaign by championing us with its new motto: Be Bold. Be Unexpected. Be You. Andreja Pejić, now the first transwoman supermodel to be the face of a cosmetics brand, teamed up with actress and blogger Jamie Chung to star in the campaign. From a dual-toned lip to a shimmery gray smoky eye, MAKE UP FOR EVER’s Consulting Pro Artist Mélanie Inglessis created undeniably attention-demanding and completely fresh looks for both models—all of which represent the brand’s creative and daring spirit. Below, Inglessis tells us the inspiration behind the looks, what it means to be bold, and her top beauty picks. JESSICA VELEZ

What inspired you to work with MAKE UP FOR EVER on this campaign?

MAKE UP FOR EVER has always supported me as an artist. I’m incredibly honored to work with this wonderful brand that has done so much for me. It’s a pro-grade brand with an extensive range of products that allow me to do my best work on the red carpet and at photo shoots, as well as with everyday women. The products are extremely high quality and long lasting—the brand has been in my life and in my kit forever.

What do you love about the new campaign?

The Be Bold. Be Unexpected. Be You. project celebrates individuality and creativity, which means a great deal to me as an artist. I have my own style, my own strong personality, and I love working with a brand that truly celebrates this.

What does being bold mean to you?

Being bold for me means two things. It means going after what I’ve always wanted to go after and taking risks. You have a goal and you just go for it! Being bold in my career is also about making makeup choices that sometimes are a little unconventional. I have stood by those choices and constantly experimented with colors and shades to push the envelope.

What are some of your favorite MAKE UP FOR EVER products?

The new Ultra HD Foundation is one of my favorites. It comes in 40 shades, so the range truly offers the perfect match for every woman. It provides a flawless, invisible finish, which is unprecedented. I can use it on the red carpet and I can use it on photo shoots and in real life—it’s phenomenal. One of my other favorite MAKE UP FOR EVER products is the Artist Plexi-Gloss range. The glosses are highly pigmented and never sticky—which is a must on the red carpet. Finally, the Artist Shadows: they are available in over 200 shades with fantastic, blendable, and seamless textures. I love them!

Tell us about the looks you created for Jamie Chung and Andreja Pejić.

I wanted to ensure that the looks I created were each very distinctive and could be recreated by women everywhere. Jamie Chung’s looks evolved from a bright two-toned orange and red lip to a gorgeous smoky eye, then to a more editorial summer look. Andreja Pejić’s looks transitioned from a bold red lip to a playful eye, then to a stunning, messy smoky eye.


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this is random, but i love seeing all you girls post those funny face photos because a) your all kind of friends in real life too and thats cute and b) you all seem so unattainably pretty but then i see those and i don't know i just love it and how normal you all are




Anon, I am so happy to have given you this realisation, I think it is REALLY important. We often tend to ‘idolise’ people, and think ‘oh I wish I was as pretty as ___, they are so perfect and flawless and look good all the time’.


You only see the selfies we CHOOSE to post. We always want to put our best foot (face) forward.

Think about an episode of Next Top Model. Of the hundreds or thousands of photos they take in one photoshoot, with a full hair and makeup team and the help of airbrushing, we see ONE final product that has been deemed best. Even models, whose sole livelihood depends upon their appearance and are paid to look ‘flawless’, have their struggles. 

I promise you, we are ALL normal. Or maybe there is no normal.

Me, you, all of the girls and bloggers I’m friends with, celebrities you read about, I’m sure even Scarlett Johansson gets pimples every now and again.

Don’t forget that anything you see online has been selectively and deliberately chosen in an attempt to present ourselves in a certain way, whether subconscious or not. We’re all definite fans of ugly selfies though, that’s exactly what snapchat (and, evidently private Instagram messaging) is for.

In fact, I propose a challenge. To anyone reading this who wants to take part - I have a dare for you. Tomorrow morning, before you put on makeup (if ou do so) or alter your appearance in any way, I want you to look at yourself, tell yourself that you are beautiful, and share that moment with us.

I will post a natural, normal, makeup and filter-free selfie tomorrow morning, not for the sake of cancer awareness, but as a simple act of letting you guys know that it’s okay to be exactly who we are, and none of us are perfect.