perfect in his imperfections


Something Just Like This ~Jeff Atkins x Reader~

Requested: Can I request a Jeff Atkins imagine about morning after with him. And like Jeff would be so cute whispering sweet nothings in his gfs ear while also saying some dirty jokes lolol omg I CANT

The human body contains an innumerable amount of nerve cells. The best we can do is estimate that there are some billion. It is incredible how there are billions of nerve cells working in our bodies and something as simple as the touch of one person can send all of those imperceptible cells into a fervor.

It’s 9:05 on a Sunday morning. The window is slightly cracked, letting the fresh autumn air circulate in. Her chest rises and falls rhythmically with shallow breaths as she pretends to still be sleeping. Small circles are being drawn on her back, clockwise, then counter clockwise. Then it switches to a word, or rather, a name. Jeff.

His fingers drag across her skin gently. First he writes it how you would normally write your name. Then in cursive, in all caps, capitalizing every other letter, looping letters, block letters.

“Are you marking me?” she mumbles tiredly. She can feel him laughing as he wraps his arms around her midsection, pulling her flush against his chest. He kisses the top of her head, nuzzling his face into her hair where traces of his cologne are trapped within the tresses. He’s everywhere. In her hair, on her skin, and where he doesn’t leave a physical presence he takes up residence in the place where her mind wanders.

“In more ways than one,” a smug tone drips off his tongue as he brings his one hand up to grasp her throat loosely, his thumb rubbing one of many dark purple splotches.

“Jeffff,” she whines, scrunching her neck up. Those are gonna be a bitch to cover up, but he loves them. He loves the way they whisper I was here. I will be here for as long as you want me. I love you. I love you.

“I didn’t hear you complaining last night,” he whispers into her ear, letting his lips linger. A shiver works its way down her back involuntarily. It’s almost annoying- how easily he gets to her. Just the sound of his voice is enough to set her skin on fire.

“You’re awful,” she tries to sound stern, but there’s a teasing tone in her voice that gives her away. It’s hard to be annoyed when images of the previous night and all the nights before that flood her mind.

“Yeah?” he questions, an impish inflection shaping his voice, “tell me, which part was less than satisfactory?”

He cups the bottom of her jaw with his palm and pushes upward gently, stretching her neck without causing pain. The bed jostles as his weight shifts to lean over her, his lips ghosting over the thin skin of her neck. It starts with soft pecks that progress to biting and sucking until the unblemished skin becomes a dark shade of red and purple. “Was it this?” he asks against her skin.

His hands grip her bare thighs, wrapping them around his waist. His fingers drag down from the top of her thighs down to the bend of her knees and then back up. Instinctively, her arms lock around his neck, bringing his forehead to rest against hers. “Was it this?” he asks against her lips.

“Oh hush. You’re perfect and you know it,” her voice is breathy as she tries to swallow her own desire. He is perfect, in every sense of the word. He has the kindest heart she has ever known.

“Perfect enough to make you happy?” he says earnestly. He lifts his head to be able to see her face clearly and wholly. Her cheeks have developed a pink tint and her eyes are soft and dreamlike, like she’s looking at the gates of heaven.

“Perfect or imperfect, I am happy,” she grabs his face between her hands delicately, “I’m happy and I love you.”

“Say it again,” he begs as his eyes flutter shut.

“I love you, Jeff Atkins.”

And then he’s kissing her. His lips are familiar but the feeling of them on hers makes her heart race like it’s the first time all over again. His body presses down against hers and she can feel every bump of hard muscle under soft skin. The distance between them is virtually nonexistent. Her heart hangs suspended in the space where she ends and he begins.

“You know,” she says in-between kisses, “this is why the morning after always turns into round two.”

“Sorry babe, I’ll work on keeping my hands to myself,” he laughs, burying his face into her neck.

“That was not a complaint, you keep your hands right where they are,” she returns his laugh whilst running her fingers through his hair.

“Yes ma’am,” he kisses her jaw, “I love you. I adore you with all my heart.”

“That makes me pretty lucky.”

“Luck has nothing to do with it,” he assures, “but speaking of being ‘lucky’, how ‘bout that round two?”

“You’re relentless,” she giggles pleasantly, pulling him closer.

“Tell me you don’t want me and I’ll stop.”

“Well that would make me a liar,” this time she kisses him, initiating an evocative situation. He responds immediately, his hands tangling in the thin lacy fabric covering her bottom half.

To be adored by a person with such a pure heart is to be loved absolutely. Few ever meet a person like that, but when they do it is significant. It marks a before and after in their life, and how lucky they are to have been loved by a person who knows what it means to love without limit. How lucky they are to have something just like this.


Gifs (X) (X)


It’s been a month since the two of you had broken up… and already he was holding another girl in his arms. His fingers trailed through her beautiful red hair as he whispered words I’d never hear again into her ears. She giggled, and you remembered all the times he made you laugh, but he wasn’t there to do that any more.

He looks so happy, it was almost as if he had never met you… as if the two of you were never intimate, close like lovers are. He’d look happier than he ever was with you. 

You wiped away your tears as you took in the sight of them together, you hugged your cardigan close around your shoulders and you turned the other other way, hoping to god they wouldn’t notice you, but he did anyway. 

“Y/N!” He called your name and his voice reverberated throughout the crowds of people. “Wait.” 

You stopped in your tracks, allowing his hand to grasp your arm roughly, he was always rough, even when he didn’t mean to be… you fell in love with all his rough edges, his broken soul and his tainted mind. You were sure you could fix him. 

It took you awhile to realize that he didn’t need to be fixed, he was already perfect in all his imperfections, but by that time it was too late. 

“Hi Dal.” You faked a smile, you forced yourself to smile cheek to cheek and it burned your soul. You wanted to beg him to take you back. 

“Hey, I haven’t seen you around lately.” 

“I know, I thought it’d be better if I stayed away…” You trailed off awkwardly as you stared down at your feet. The truth is, you were avoiding him like the plague, you were avoiding this, you knew the truth was bound to come out.

“For who, you or me?” You could hear the malice in his voice, you could feel the teetering of rage radiating from his body. “You’re the one that broke up with me,”

“Dal please, your date is over there-” 

“To hell with her” His hands clasped around yours. “I know I’ve hurt you, okay? I have hurt you like nobody else has hurt you, and I’m sorry for that… but nobody has loved you the way I have, and nobody ever will. Please, take me back.” 

“You’re so happy with her Dal, you should be with her. We always fought, we weren’t right for one another, everyone said so.” 

“Fuck everybody Y/N! Fuck everyone, what about what you want? What about what I want? Did you ever think that the reason we fought so much is because of how much we loved each other?” 

“Dal-” You whispered with trembling lips, tears were slipping from your eyes and streaming down your face in tiny rivulets. 

“I love you damn it, I always have. You and I, we’re something special… we can’t just lose all of that. I know it’s going to be hard, we’re going to have to try this every day to get it right, but I want that! I want to spend the rest of my life fighting with you, I want to spend the rest of my life loving you! Please tell me you will try.” 

“What about her-” You were about to start a tirade, but he cut you off once again. 

“There is no her, there’s only me and you.”

~Xmen Preference~

-Softcore :)-

{I honestly have no idea what to call this mess. But these are softcore canons. These small set of canons contain sexual content, but it’s low level. So, enjoy~!}

A/N: I don’t know how bad these will turn out. Also these were supposed to be straight up sex canons but… It took a turn. So these are Canons with GIFS.


 Hank McCoy- He’s pure. A terribly kind heart rests behind his chest cavity. The slightest touches from you gets his heart racing and his facing boiling to 360° degrees. He’s the guy you’ll find spending all day in the lab rather than all day in bed. He’s the guy that doesn’t need sex in a relationship. If your asexual. Cool. That’s perfectly fine with him. But… With the right strings pulled gently and not forced, sex could be amazing. 

Your first time together would be rather awkward, like any. He’d be a complete mess. Asking “Am I doing this right?” Or “Tell me if I’m hurting you, please.” He’d be as insecure as you. Reassurance spills from both of you. As time would go on, he’d learn what you liked and didn’t. Sex wouldn’t be an everyday thing. It would probably be an end of the week surprise. 

-His lips ghost over your raw ones. His hands would be busy running over your body’s curves and luscious hair. Those beautiful baby blue eyes, so captivating, never leave your gaze. He’s all yours and your all his. Both your shirts are off, but both of you remain undistracted. Just the love from each other’s gazes could be just enough for a mental high.-

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hearts don’t break around here

for the kindest soul I have met recently, I’m glad you exist @captofthesswolfstar It’s a bit messy but it’s fluffy.

It wasn’t a scene someone would be used to, a big shaggy dog messing around with a deer while a rat was munching on the cheese right in front of a tall lanky boy. The sandy haired boy didn’t seem bothered by the rat, he even smiled at him occasionally as he let the sun roam on his scarred skin. He looked broken but every piece was somewhere around him, not completely lost but not completely found. 

As the black dog slowly lied in front of him, he started patting his head absentmindedly and his long fingers made their way on their own scratching that one spot behind the dog’s ear. The black dog slowly morphed into a gorgeous man but he kept laying down, his eyes on the boy with questioning eyes.

“Say, Remus…”


“What will happen in 10 years?”

“I don’t know Pads,” replied Remus lazily, it had been a week since the last full moon and his eyes couldn’t fight the beauty of the warmth that radiated from the sun. “I can’t imagine my life after the next full moon, don’t ask me to see that far into the future.”

“Do you think, maybe, we’d still be together?”

Remus suddenly sat upright, it was an unexpected question and a rude one.

“What the fuck is that supposed to mean?” he asked angrily.

“No, no,” said Sirius as he pushed himself up to stare the werewolf in the eyes. “You got me wrong, I’m just– I just feel like I have the potential to royally fuck up what we have and I– well, I’m scared.”

“Where’s this coming from?”

“I couldn’t sleep last night and I thought about the future until 4 am,” explained Sirius. “I realised I would give anything to have you with me every step of the way and I don’t know why I asked you, I guess–”

“You were being you,” cut off Remus grinning. “Of course we are going to be together in 10 years.”

“How can you be so sure?”

“Because no one else would deal with your 50 minute hair ritual Pads and because no one would love me the way you do,” he smiled bitterly.

“But of course they would,” began Sirius as he intertwined his fingers with Remus’. “I bet there are loads of other people who will love you better than I do.”

“And who told you that?” he asked trying to lift Sirius’ gaze from the grass to his face. “You are just assuming things, as you do.”

“It’s just that with this ‘war’ going on around us,” said Sirius as he pulled few grass, “I feel like I’m bound to go bad.”

Sirius,” scolded Remus softly. “You are not a bad person, you are a good person who bad things have happened to. Just because your mother is a maniac does not mean that you will go bad.”

Sirius tried to reply but Remus raised his hand to stop him from speaking.

“I mean James would probably die before he lets you go to the other side,” he laughed. “But jokes aside, I trust you Sirius and I hope you value my trust enough not to break it.”

“Of course I do,” replied Sirius sounding a little offended. He lied back down his head on Remus’ lap as the amber eyed boy twirled his fingers in Sirius’ pitch black hair. “As long as you guys are here, I’m here, too. I would never leave you alone.” 

“I don’t know if we can get married but–”

“We don’t have to,” mumbled Sirius. “We’ll get a small place, I’ll become an auror like I always wanted to and you’ll work at Hogwarts as a defense against the dark arts teacher or something.”

“I always thought you would make an amazing healer,” suggested Remus, his eyes fixed on the rat walking on the deer. “You are the reason I don’t scar like I used to.”

“Those are just potions and–”

“My mum uses the same potions Pads, you are talented,” Remus assured him. Sirius’ grey eyes shone warmer under the sunlight, kind and welcoming. “Just think about it, it’s a suggestion.”

“I will,” replied Sirius as his lip curled up. He grabbed the free hand of Remus and kissed each bruised knuckle. Maybe the werewolf was right, he could help a lot of people, maybe find the redemption he had been looking for his family’s sins. “How is it that you see the best in me all the bloody time?”

“You are dating me and you talk about seeing the best in someone, have you seen me at a full moon?”

They both started laughing, it had taken a good time but Remus was now joking about the furry little problem of his. 

“I have,” said Sirius after he caught his breath. “I wouldn’t change anything about you if they gave me the world and you know that.”

“Because you are weird Sirius Black,” said Remus as he shook his head.

“Imperfect is perfect,” he replied with a smirk and the deer morphed back into a tall messy haired boy and caught the rat with his fast reflexes.

“Trying to run away Wormy? I know the lovebirds are boring as fuck,” teased James and Sirius replied by blowing a raspberry. 

“Sod off, Potter,” said Remus, he had a mischievous smile on his face. “How’s it going with Lily, anyways?”

“I hate you,” he answered as he let go of the rat who was struggling to get away. “Oh, hi there Petey.”

“’Hi there Petey’” mocked Peter, making a pretty good imitation of James. “Really you guys seemed so serio– umm, deep in conversation?”

“We were discussing how long it will take for Prongs to ask Evans out,” lied Sirius, just to mess with James. “We have a bet going on.”

“I’m sorry, you wanker,” he snapped. “Didn’t it take you two to come to terms with your fucking feelings– what was it Petey?”

“16 months.”

“Yeah, thanks- sixteen bloody months,” continued James. Remus snorted as Sirius bit his lip trying not to laugh. Peter was just staring from James to Sirius, trying to understand when he will have to hold James back from attacking Sirius. “I rue the day you guys got together.”

“There, there Prongs,” consoled Remus. “I’m sure you and Lily will have small Potters running around in no time.”

The boys all laughed at this snark remark from the werewolf and Sirius kept drawing in his palm with his finger. Ten years looked so far in the future but somehow now it wasn’t as hard to imagine as it was last night at 3.30 am. Sirius wouldn’t have imagined his future as he does now four years ago but he let the warmth take over as he stared at the shining eyes of Remus and his small scar on his left cheek. Imperfect was completely perfect. 

2 Year Anniversary

I did it. I rewatched Your Lie in April and planned it accordingly just so I could finish today, March 19th, which marks the 2 year anniversary of the day the final episode was aired. I’m in tears; actually, I’ve been in tears through the entirety of rewatching this and this anime is even more beautiful the second time around because I feel and see so much more. Knowing the ending and still being able to enjoy and feel all these emotions is what makes Your Lie in April such a masterpiece. As a musician, this anime speaks to me on such a deep level. Some might say that the anime exaggerates, but in all honesty, being able to play like that, being able to feel what they feel, is what I strive to be. Watching the characters grow in just a span of 22 episodes is such an amazing feat. All the characters are loveable, relatable, and unique in their own way! Except Tsubaki because I just can’t bring myself to like her  I can most definitely say that nothing can touch my heart like Your Lie in April can. 

Kaori is so beautiful, and so strong and I can’t help but love her so much. Her outlook on life is amazing, and she smiles even at death’s door. She’s everything that I aspire to be. When I was following the anime as a new episode came out every week two years ago, I desperately hoped that she wouldn’t die. This innocent, beautiful angel couldn’t just die like that. Alas, the ending that we all wanted never came to be. The anime remained faithful to the manga to the very end, and our amazing heroine had to leave us behind. The letter that she left behind was so beautiful and heartwrenching and was the main source of my tears. She didn’t have any regrets. In essence, her dream came true. She built Kousei back up when he was down in the dumps and made him into a better man. After her death, I was sure Kousei would relapse and quit music for sure, but he didn’t. Kaori’s influence was able to help him move on and mature so much than when we first saw him. And that shattered my heart even more. They’re perfect together. They were soulmates and anyone could see that they were the perfect match. How cruel is it of fate to take her away from him? They are aware of each other’s flaws, but they see it as beauty. They think each other’s imperfections are perfect. They were meant to be. And his last song; their last performance together in spirit— goodness gracious that tugged on my heartstrings. He overcame his fear to play despite knowing he would lose everything again and played for her. He played for her to say goodbye. Excuse me while I go cry my eyes out in a corner again :’)

I have so much more to say about this, but right now I’m a jumbled up mess and this anime just pulls out emotions from me that I didn’t even know I had and throws them right back at me without remorse. Watching this is like going on an emotional rollercoaster and not knowing where you’ll end up. But the messages and the symbolism that this anime conveys is like no other. It’s something that I can never forget and something that I would willingly throw myself into again even though I know it will cause me emotional pain.

But you know what? Being able to feel all this, just watching something that can evoke so much emotion and make you reflect upon your own life like that: that’s what makes me love Your Lie in April so much. Say what you will, but I think Your Lie in April is beautiful.

P/S: I was also so inspired that I wrote a poem in response to Kaori’s letter from Kousei’s point of view—

At this point, I’m just trying to do everything I can to relieve myself of these tears…

Jungkook’s Perfect Imperfections

So recently my precious baby bun has been getting shit about his skin because he has acne. Which EVERYONE has dealt with at least once in their life, or still is dealing with it. It’s not a big deal, it’s just skin, it doesn’t change what an amazing person Jungkook is. And honestly I love his acne, it just makes him normal and human. Every imperfection he has, in my eyes, just makes him even more perfect so that’s why I’m making this appreciation post about his perfect imperfections which I adore with all my heart 

His facial scar 

i love it so much it just makes him even more handsome asdfghjkl 

look how cute it looks, i just wanna kiss it 

my heart hurts because of how adorable he is


w o w what a beautiful specimen

His acne


bare faced kookie is my favourite kookie 

look at this sleeping beauty 

i wanna kiss all over his face. what a fucking angel 

baby boy is the cutest thing to grace this planet i cant deal

His arm scar 

lemme kiss it pls also sweaty kook will be the death of me



^^literally me cuz i can’t handle looking at his beauty 

His knee scars 


id have a few knee scars because of him if you know what i mean *wink wink* im so sorry 

two angels istg

I love Jungkook with every fiber of my being and all I wanna do is protect him. If anyone hates on him I will fite them. He is not disgusting, he is not overrated, he is none of the things I‘ve seen these assholes call him. He is the most sweetest, talented, caring human being alive and I’m just so happy to be around at the same time as him to watch him grow and shine. ❤️

My EXO’rDIUM in Manila Experience!

[Personal Blog Post]

Hi guys, this is Admin J, the sole admin of EXO CHART RECORDS. I thought it would be fun to share my EXO’rDIUM experience from Manila, Philippines.

It was a 2-Day concert, for Day 1 I was seated in the Upper Box section, had a nice view of EXO and got to enjoy the performances as a whole, everything went smoothly and my heart was captured by EXO from start to finish. 

Now let’s talk about Day 2, because this is 100% the most unique concert experience I have ever had in my life. 

  1. I lined up at 3PM, entered around 4PM and the concert started at 5:15 PM. The concert ended around 8:45, it lasted 3.5 hours.
  2. I was in VIP Section, Floor B, Standing (AKA the pit - right side). So I was standing for 6 hours straight, but it was worth it.
  3. Lay was not present during the shows in Manila. The political climate between China & The Philippines is still complicated and he has endorsements, contracts, etc. I understand his situation, I’ve seen EXO 5 times without Lay, so hopefully, one day, I hope to see you on stage with your brothers soon Zhang Yixing. <3
  4. I was extremely close to the stage, only 2 people were in front of me, which I was totally satisfied with, considering I’m very tall and broad, so no problem.
  5. 2 people fainted, 1 Filipino girl & 1 Chinese girl, I need to applaud my fellow Filipinos for handling the crisis with compassion, holding up the girl, calling for bouncers quickly and feeding her water. That’s why, if you are planning to watch inside the pit, DRINK UP AND STAY HYDRATED, very important!
  6. Concert started and boom, they push.
  7. See this is where I don’t play, I like to consider myself a gentleman, so I’m not going to push this tiny girl in front of me just to get closer. Good thing I’m strong because those in the back are not going to push me out.
  8. FANSITE MASTERS EVERYWHERE. At one point during the concert, there was a huge camera lens to my left shoulder, a huge lens to my right shoulder, and another lens right in front of me. They were so close, I could hear the rapid sniping of their cameras, photo after photo. 

I need to make a pause here and kinda highlight my experience with these fansites. Disclaimer: If you like fansite photos (because I do as well) that’s okay, if you don’t like them, that’s okay too. It’s up to you to decide if you like them or not. 

MY EXPERIENCE however, was both Good & Bad, let me start with the bad first. The fansite girl to my LEFT, was… for the lack of a better word, a complete beast. She was pushing me so hard to get closer that I would have fallen, but NO, SORRY GIRL, you were NOT going to ruin this night for me. I pushed her back so hard, she tumbled back and looked at me, and I gave her the biggest death glare of my life. The people around beside me saw us and if you search on twitter, MANY Filipino fans had less than stellar experiences with these girls. Listen, as a man, I’m not going to put my hands on a woman, but you aren’t going to elbow your way to the front and you will NOT DISRESPECT ANYONE to get there. 

My advice when dealing with them is, if you can, stand your ground. I don’t know if it’s because I’m a guy and I’m tall that she didn’t try and come for me, because I’ve read experiences online of them pulling on the hair of female fans. If you feel threatened, call the bouncer right away and have them escorted out because these cameras are not permitted. Don’t allow them to touch your personal property (your camera, phone or lightstick), some will try to push your hands, grab your phone, do anything to get a nice shot. Don’t allow them, try and get the bouncer’s attention.

I’m not the type to retaliate, God tells us to never take revenge and to leave it to the Lord. So around 15 minutes later, a bouncer parts our section like the red sea, grabs her around the waist and hauls her OUT of the pit! I’m happy that happened during around the start of the concert, because everything after that was amazing!

My Good experience with a fansite, was a shorter girl who was pretty nice! She had a fellow fansite girl with her and they weren’t being disrespectful or rude. She was talking to me, but I couldn’t understand her, sorry bes. :( But at one point, she thought I was leaving or something, and lightly grabbed me to stay and I think she wanted me to hide her cause I’m tall and I was like “lol ok”. When she wasn’t taking photos, there was a short fan beside her trying to film EXO on stage, but her arms couldn’t really reach EXO since they were on the extended stage; so the fansite girl took her phone and started filming EXO for her since she had longer arms, it was cute. She gave it back and then left, but grabbed me to get into her spot, and I ended up even nearer to EXO. 

Overall, I’m happy my experience with these fansite girls was both positive and negative. It showed me two different sides. My guardian who was waiting outside saw a girl leaving a decoy camera lens before entering the arena but her real lens was strapped to her leg, underneath a long skirt. (She saw it when the girl ran). And then AS SOON as the concert ended, all the Korean fansites RAN LIKE WILD, they were probably the first ones to leave. On Day 1, my guardian saw 5 girls, caught, having to leave their lenses before entering. She couldn’t believe it.

OK! So, back to EXO! I will highlight each member.

  • Suho: Leader Kim! He gave THE most fan service. He’s so grateful, it didn’t matter whether it was a ballad, a dance track, an acoustic session, or whatever, the guy is always waving to the fans. His English is incredibly thoughtful and cute. Please support our leader, he’s someone to be cherished. 
  • Xiumin: SEXY.  When ‘White Noise’ came on and he was elevated right in front of my face. Winding down, and body rolling, and everything was EXTRA. Extra face, extra body, extra everything. That’s a man, yet, also a child because 3.6.5 would come on and if you were next to me, you would think that was my favorite song with Xiumin jumping in my face. I haven’t played that song on my iPod in 2 years and I KNEW ALL THE DAMN WORDS.  
  • Chen: FAN SERVICE KING. I know he saw me, we had a connection, I’m currently in his mind as of this moment. But seriously, he was such a performer! Everyone I know thought he was the most handsome that night. His arms too. And his voice, the vocals were on point. It’s such an experience to watch him hit those high notes up close. 
  • Chanyeol: TOBEN HAIR, is a Q-T-PA-2-T, is a real life human puppy. But suddenly transforms and slays the electric guitar while eye body slamming me. His guitar skills were SO GOOD! What a multi-talented king. Last January 2016, for EXO’luXion, he was serving sex with arms that could choke and straight hair. This time, he was too cute, all cuddly and his tummy was FLUFFY, I LOVED IT. His shirt would raise and I would see glory, I’m happy you enjoyed the lechon babe. 
  • Baekhyun: When EXO first appeared, the first person I saw was Baekhyun, and I immediately thought “Shet, the pit is worth it, I see the eyeliner, I see heaven”. There was a fan who got hurt on the middle side of our section, and Baekhyun was staring at the scene the whole time. He was concerned, you could see it in his face. I think a Korean fansite was escorted out after that. His vocals were perfect, not a single imperfection, and he’s an amazing dancer. He really is.
  • D.O.: I feel like I saw D.O. the most, I probably made the most eye contact with him. He looks like and felt like a man you could bring home and everyone would love him. He had a really beautiful aura around him. He was so beautiful in person, sang like an angel and he also looked so manly in person, all I saw was TopD.O. I’ve converted.
  • Kai: Absolutely… I need to take my time, because words cannot describe how this human being exists. Photos, Videos, do not do Kai justice, NO JUSTICE AT ALL. His body moves and curves in all the right places, I was stunned, truly the Dancing King. The stairs were right in front of me, so when he came down after performing, I saw his face up close, and God, he’s so handsome. 
  • Sehun: My Pyak Pyak. TT_TT My UB, oh how perfect you were last night. You danced like an angel and I heard your wonderful voice. You had the tiniest waist, the longest limbs and the cutest smile. During ‘Run’, you would jump and I would see your tummy and UGH you killed me. I honestly didn’t care I was probably the only fanboy in my area screaming your name, an Introvert who starts using his voice when you appear. 
  • Lay: He wasn’t there, but he wasn’t forgotten. Lots of EXO-Ls still had their Lay banners, headbands, and screams would become even LOUDER when his face would appear in the screen. Trust and believe, I will see you one day!

My EXO’rDIUM experience is something I will always remember and cherish. EXO sang ‘Hawak Kamay’ again, Queen’s ‘We Will Rock You’ was suddenly included in the setlist, Baekhyun’s PHIXO made another cameo, Kai did some kind of Chicken themed rain dance, which inspired me to order Jollibee for today’s lunch, thanks KimKai, and the Philippines will always love EXO. The loyalty of a Filipino fan will always be with you. I know you guys will come back, probably next year, so until then, I will continue to support my loves. <3 Thank you for a wonderful 2 nights.

Thanks for reading! Now back to your regular programming. 

Party of the Century/ Archie Andrews

Hi! I loved your last Archie imagine so I wanted to request one 😂 I was wondering if you could write an ArchiexReader one where the reader and Archie are kinda a thing, they spend a lot of time together, hold hands, kiss, etc (even at school) but aren’t official yet, and when the reader arrives at Jug’s bday party all happy and ready to party, she sees Arch kissing Veronica? And it’s all sad and angsty and I’ll let you end it like you want to 😂💕

So here’s another imagine! Thank you to @sweetvengeancee for the first request! Hopefully I’ve delivered well!


To say the least, if someone asked me this time last year that I would’ve ended up with someone who reciprocated feelings for me, I would laughed in their face. But, things have changed, I’ve changed.

Meeting Archie has changed me for the better. He’s brought out the best version of me that I could ask for and I couldn’t thank him enough.

When we first started dating I was worried. Due to his history with Ms. Grundy, I wasn’t exactly trusting of him. Thankfully, he respected that choice and waited patiently for me to trust him and I’m glad that I did.

We’d spent every moment together, playing guitar, writing songs, going to Pop’s, it was honestly blissful. He was never shy about his feelings towards me. He’d kiss me in front of the gang, causing Veronica and Betty to gush over his cuteness towards me, he’d hug me from behind at my locker, holding me closing to him and giving me cheeky neck kisses, causing me to blush madly. To me, even with his imperfections, he was perfect to me.

The only thing was, because after my experiences with males in the past and getting hurt continuously, I didn’t want to make anything official just yet. Archie respected it and said that he would wait, which caused my heart to swell.

But when I found out that we were throwing a small gathering for Jughead for his birthday, I was pleasantly surprised that we were going through with it, since Jughead sinned his birthday.

I was setting up the food, placing everything on Archie’s dinning table. Betty went above and beyond, as per usual, having party hats and even made him a burger cake. I chuckled at her set up, seeing Ronnie walking into the kitchen.

She looked miserable, probably due to everything happening with her father. It crushed me to see her the way that she was, shattered. I gave her a smile, walking over to her and grabbing both of her hands. ‘You okay there, Ronnie?’

She gave me a half hearted smile, giving me an unconvincing nod. 'Yeah, just…its hard, Y/N.’ I nodded, agreeing with her.

'I get it. I don’t understand personally, but I get it. I’m here always for you Ronnie, don’t forget it.’ I pulled her in for a hug, seeing Archie enter the kitchen.

Ronnie pulled away and turned her head back, finding Archie. 'I’ll leave you two alone.’ She sighed, walking past Archie and out of the kitchen. Archie stumbled slightly over towards me, causing me to frown.

'Archie, are you - have you been drinking?’ I asked, my eyes widening and crossing my arms over my chest. Archie chuckled, wrapping his arms around my waist. I frowned at him, making him sigh dramatically.

'I have, but, I’m not drunk. I’m just tipsy, I promise.’ I rolled my eyes, moving out of his gasp. He knew my feelings towards drinking yourself blind and I hoped he didn’t attempt anything stupid. 'Don’t get mad, I promise I’ll be on my best behaviour.’

'You better keep that promise.’ My phone vibrated, Betty texting me telling me they’d arrived at Archie’s house. 'Guys! Hit the lights - he’s coming!’

Kevin turned off the lights quickly, the rest of us scattering around and hiding. I ducked behind the wall next to Archie, hearing Jughead enter the room with Betty.

'Surprise!’ We cheered, Jughead’s face reading anything but happiness. Archie stumbled over to his best friend, hugging him. Jughead seemed confused, probably because he said he didn’t want anything special.

After we sung happy birthday, the door bell rang, causing all of us to freeze in our place. I frowned in confusion, walking to the door and opening it to reveal Cheryl and Chuck, along with the rest of the school waiting to enter Archie’s house.

'You didn’t think you could throw a party without having me?’ Cheryl smirked, a hand on her hip.

'Or me?’ Chuck smirked, making me raise my eyebrow, my facial expression evident with annoyance.

'Where do we put the keg?’

'Put it out the back, let’s get the party going!’ Archie cheered, making me turn my head to him, not believing what I was hearing.

It was a few hours in and everyone was drunk, making out, or making a mess everywhere. I sat on the kitchen isle, my elbow resting on the bench and my chin resting in my hand, watching my peers making fools of themselves.

I hadn’t seen Archie in over an hour, making me frustrated because I wanted to finally admit to him that I was ready for our relationship to turn to us being boyfriend and girlfriend. This party has managed to put a spanner in the works, and in my mood.

'Y/N, have you seen Ronnie?’ I turn my head to find Kevin. 'I haven’t seen her for a while and I’m getting worried.’

'C'mon, I’ll help you find her. I’m tired of waiting for Archie.’ I sighed, moving from my seat and following him back into the crowded living room.

'You still going to tell him?’ Kevin asked. Kevin was the only one that knew I wanted to have Archie as my boyfriend and that I was going to do it tonight. But, now I wasn’t sure.

'I don’t know, Hun. He seemed drunk before the party even started.’ Kevin grabbed my hand, taking me upstairs to look there.

'Where the hell is she?’ I muttered, checking the bathroom and the other spare room, finding nothing.

'Wait - Y/N, I hear shuffling in here,’ Kevin pointed to Archie’s bedroom door, which was closed. I didn’t know if I was ready to see what was behind it.

'Kevin, maybe we shouldn’t-’ it was too late before I saw Veronica and Archie both locking lips with each other, 'open the door.’

My heart broke into two. I felt my eyes instantly becoming glossy. Their eyes found Kevin and my shocked expressions, causing Archie’s face to drop when he caught my gaze.

'Y/N-’ Archie started but I didn’t let him finish before I moved away from Kevin and sprinted down the stairs, pushing past everyone to make it to the front door.

'Y/N, what’s wrong?’ I looked up to see Cheryl, a smirk planted on her face. 'Archie finally realised that he could get better then you, even if it is with Veronica Lodge. Guess the pauper doesn’t get the happy ending after all.’

I pushed past her and out the front door. I looked at some students who were standing on the lawn, drunk and stupid. Now I knew why I hated parties. I jogged down the stairs, stopping at the bottom.

I started sobbing right there on the spot, my hands gripping my sweater as I bend over, feeling like I was going to vomit. I lifted myself up, running my fingers through my hair and looking left and right, trying to figure out my best escape route away from here.

'Y/N, please, stop!’ I turned my head, seeing Archie, now clothed, running down the stairs. I sprinted left, running down the footpath, away from him. 'Y/N!’

I knew it was a matter of time before he would catch up to me, but I never stopped running. I could no longer hear the thumping music, but the sound of my breath, and my heart thumping. He broke me in more ways then one and so did Veronica.

I felt Archie grab hold of my hand, pulling me back towards him. I ripped away from his grip, shoving him at his chest away from me. 'Is this some type of game, Archie?! Do you want to hurt me so badly that I’d get jealous or something?! You’re a real prick!’

'Y/N, let me explain-’

'Explain what?’ I screamed at him, cutting him off, 'Explain how your tongue was down Veronica’s throat? She did it to Betty and now me, see a pattern?’ I went to walk away from him, but he stopped me.

'Y/N, I swear on my life and everything that I am that Veronica kissed me. She was lonely and dealing with everything with her father she’s lost her way. She feels horrible for what she did and I know it’s no excuse-’

'You god damn right it’s no excuse! Can’t you see it? I don’t belong here, Archie. I’m weird and not like everyone else here. I’m better off going back to who I was.’ I wiped my eyes of my tears that continued to fall, seeing Archie’s lip tremble whilst looking at me. 'Cheryl’s right; I don’t belong with you.’

'No,’ he shook his head, standing closer to me. This time, I didn’t move away. 'No, you’re perfect. You’re too perfect for me, Y/N. I fucked up, not you. But please,’ he grabbed my face in his hands, keeping my eyes on him. 'Don’t leave me, I need you. I have no feelings for Ronnie. It’s only you. I wouldn’t have waited if I wasn’t serious. Because I’m seriously in love with you.’

My mouth fell open, hearing him speak the words out loud. I moved my hands up to hold Archie’s wrists. 'Archie…how can I trust you-’

'You can trust me. I only need one chance to prove to you this. Only one.’ Archie pleaded. I sighed, showing his face drop slightly. I watched him sigh and mutter 'screw it’ before kissing me with all the passion he had left.

I closed my eyes in bliss with his lips against mine. We’d never kissed like this before and I was glad to experience it. I was willing to give him one more chance and only one.

I pulled away wrapping my arms around his neck, whilst he wrapped his around my waist. 'I’m never letting you go, Y/N, and that’s a promise.’ Archie whispered into my ear, before kissing my forehead.

These Three Words | M.C

I love Little Mix, they’re amazing, so I’m excited to write about this song. I also listened to this song on end when my emotions were a bit crazy because of my feelings. lol fun times. ANYWAY! Thanks for the request and if you have a request I’ve yet to answer, please be patient - I often have to listen to the song on repeat for ages to write. Enjoy!

Inspired by this song

He stood in front of the mirror and styled his dirty blonde hair to imperfect perfection before picking up his aftershave and spraying it. He was dressed to the nines, ready to embark on yet another date this week as I sat on the sofa in my PJs ready for yet another night in. It’s been like this almost every night for I don’t know how long. Michael enjoyed his time out on the dating scene, while I just stood in the sidelines and watched as girls were brought back to our apartment after he had wooed them on their date, ready to give them a night of euphoric satisfaction. And I hated it. 

Michael was my best friend. We were like two peas in a pod. Except this pea is totally and utterly besotted by the Sydney born. It shouldn’t be this way. It should never have happened. But I did the thing. The thing where you accidentally fall for your best friend. I hated it. It was pure emotional torture. I daren’t tell him how I felt. No way, no how. We’ve been too close for too long and it’d be weird for him, I just know it. Welcome to the friendzone- population: me. 

He was quite the ladies man. He’d take them on the most breathtaking dates, it was truly amazing. It really had me jealous. 

“Hey Y/N?” 

I snapped out of my daydream that I had drifted into after studying his beautiful facial features from his reflection in the mirror.

“I’m hoping to get home by midnight, can you make sure you’re in your room by then? I don’t want things to be awkward.”

I grunted a reply. 

There was a stab in my heart. Here we go again. Another night where I had to make myself scarce for Mr Loverboy to be able to satisfy his needs once more. It had become such a regular thing and every occurrence broke me just that little bit more.

“Also, I know you’re ordering takeout again, but can you make sure you clear it before you go? I don’t want the place looking a mess when I’m tryna impress,” he wiggled his eyebrows. 


That came out a little harsher than usual. 

“Whoa, someone’s on their period.” 

Excuse me?

“What did you just say?”

“I said ‘someone’s on their period.’ Jeez, Y/N, don’t take it out on me.” 

“Don’t blame shit on me being a woman, Michael, that’s so fucking sexist,”  I snarled. 

“What is your problem?” He asked in a harsh turn as he spun around to face me, while fixing his collar.

“Nothing.” I mumbled. I had to bite my tongue and stop in my tracks. 

“Well you’re acting like something is up, so out with it, already, I need to leave in 10.” He checked his watch to ensure he was running on time. 

“I’m just sick of this,” I huffed. 

He walked towards me, his expression questioning what I’d just stated, egging me to elaborate.

“I’m sick of having to adjust my living arrangements to suit your love life.” 

There was a pressure of emotions building up inside me, ready to hit the brim. It has been too long and I don’t know how much longer I can keep my little secret to myself.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I had no idea my life got in the way of yours so much,” he spat with sarcasm. “You know I’d do the same if you could be bothered to go out and find someone.”

“Are you insinuating I’m too lazy to go get myself a fuck buddy?” I scoffed. 

“Hey, you know full well she is not just a fuck buddy, Y/N.”

“Maybe she isn’t, but are we going to talk about the previous girls? Like Cait or Emma? How about Whitney or Zoe? Huh? How about them? Because I’ve not heard those names since they left your bedroom.” 

“At least I can get some.

My heart stopped as eyes met with his, hurt glazing over them.

“Are you… are you saying that I’m not good enough for anyone?”

The anger fell from his face. He knew what he had done.

“No…no, Y/N. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that…” 

His hand reached to the back of his head as he rubbed it as he tried to think through what he had just said. 

“Yeah, well you’re probably right,” I bitterly laughed. “Nobody would want me.” 

I brought my legs to my chest as I thought about the truth that Michael so evidently gave me. 


“I mean, come on, not even you would touch me with a fucking barge pole.” 

“I didn’t say-” 

“And you’ve had some pretty cheap thrills, easy to please so you benefit with pleasure.” 

The irritance filled his face once more. 

“That was out of order, Y/N, and you know it!” 

The anger began to build up in his eyes, turning a darker shade of green, pissed at the insults I was spitting. I hated this. I hated us fighting. Because all I wanted to do was scream to the Gods above about how I felt. 

“Really? Was it really? I mean after all, you always think with your penis and you never even consider me!” 

“You know what? I don’t fucking need this.” 

He began to storm out of the door but halted before kicking over the hall stand in anger, a crash and thud echoing in wake of his action. 

“You are so infuriating sometimes, Y/N,” he called out with frustration. As much as he wanted to leave and get to his date, he and I both knew he couldn’t just end it on an argument. 

“Yeah, well get fucking used to it, bestie.” 

I picked up the bottle of bud on the table and began to harshly chug it back. I needed to forget this stupid fucking fight. All because I can’t control my emotions. 

He entered the room once more at a forceful pace. His hair was now a tangled mess from the amount of times he played with it in frustration. 

“What the fuck is your problem?” He spat once more. 

“YOU. Alright? You are my fucking problem, Michael. You are.” 

He looked at me, taken back by my comments. Never had we been so harsh towards one another. Tears began to brim in my eyes as I rapidly blinked them back.

“I’m so fucking sick of you. Sick to my teeth. Because every night I have to deal with you coming back with some bitch draped on your arm. You’re drunk and giggling this stupid laugh and then head to your room so you can fuck her loud enough that the neighbours clearly knows which one of us is getting laid. I have to sit back and watch you get ready to go out, I have to spend my nights alone with alcohol and the TV to keep me company because that’s all I have. That’s the pinnacle of my wild nights out. And then the crescendo of it all is getting to block out your loud sexual activities as I cry myself to sleep. Yeah, every Goddamn night I fall asleep with my eyes stinging with tears because this is what my life has come to. Living with my best friend except not living, just simply existing in his bachelor pad because he’s out on the game consistently. And because my heart fucking hates me. Because I’m in love with my best friend and have been for so long but didn’t do anything about it so now I’m forever in the prison sentence that is the friendship zone because someone like you will never look at someone like me. And I know I’ve done the damage now. So go, go on your stupid date and I’ll be sure to be out of the way, probably already asleep after packing because I can’t take this anymore, Michael! I can’t do it.” I screamed out so much that my voice began to break. 

Michael’s was shellshocked. Hell, so was I. 

“You… you what?”

“Can’t you fucking hear? Or did the screams of the girls deafen you? I love you,” I choked out before getting up and heading out of the room.

A strong hand gripped my wrist and tugged me back, almost causing me to fall backwards. 

“No. No, Y/N. You don’t drop a bombshell like that and leave,” Michael shook his head furiously. 

And there it goes; our five years of friendship swimming down the drain. 

“Why? It’s not like there’s anything else to it, is there?” I scoffed. “You’ve made it clear that you are happy in your current lifestyle. So let’s just save it and not cause anymore damage.” Tears were threatening to overflow. 

“You can’t just come out randomly after five years, after all this time, after I’m finally getting somewhere with someone and proclaim your love, Y/N. This isn’t fair.” 

“Love never was a fair game…” I muttered under my breath. 

He began to pace back and forth, hands tugging at his bleached locks. 


“I need some time. I need time,” was all he could manage. 

“What, to go ahead on your date?” I rolled my eyes as tears began to threaten to spill over. 

“I need some time alone.”

He headed out the door with a slam following close behind. Silence fell in his place. Everything I once knew had been changed for good.

A/N: I am SO sorry this is so bad. 




Yoosung- Yoosung hadn’t had a standard of beauty due to his inexperience, but MC was gorgeous to him. He loved her cheeks, they way they went rosy when she was flushed or embarrassed, and the easy squishy material that he constantly wanted to poke and hold.

Zen- His personal philosophy had always been to have the perfect toned body, but looking at MC in summer clothes made him think that maybe a toned body wasn’t the perfect body. He loved when MC wore long summer dresses and it complimented her skin and hips. MC was the cutest thing in his universe and he would never go back to believing that skinny was perfect.

Jaehee- Always one for self confidence, Jaehee loved MCs body and always took pictures with her to spread body positivity across social media. Jaehee herself was gaining weight from finally taking time to eat proper meals and work at the cafe, and she and MC loved each other only more for it.

Jumin- He had always been one to have every element of his life perfect, and therefore never viewed MCs weight as an imperfection. Jumin began investing and donating to plus size model campaigns and clothing brands, and bought MC all of the clothing. He actually did so much promotion that he got MC a job as a plus size model, and came to all of her shoots.

Saeyoung- He loved the thigh pillow. All worship the sweet, godly thigh pillow. No matter what Seven would love MC and the weight was just a bonus. He loves hugging and cuddling MC and generally appreciated her body so much more because she didn’t fit the “beauty standard”.

Saeran- Saeran needed cuddles a lot, and soft little MC could always provide for him. He often nuzzled into MC and didn’t even realize that time was passing because of the peace of MCs presence. He loved poking her cheeks and squishing then around while she laughed from the looks on his face.

V- He didn’t care about external appearances, but V loved the feel of MCs soft skin and curves. He would reach over and tickle her until she couldn’t breathe, she was super sensitive to stomach tickles and she wouldn’t cry laughing and beg him to stop. V loved to rest his head in and on MCs large and plushy breasts, and would constantly touch them.

Sorry if the spelling or anything is wonky I typed this with medical examiner gloves on. I hope you like it, I’m trying to revive this blog because my own stupidity killed it.

balanced with a bit of sweetness

A/n: based on a tumblr meet-ugly prompt. Coffee shop au adrientte.

There’s always been something to balance his blessed life. There’s always been a little something to make his near perfection imperfect.

So in the case of his good looks, it’s something entirely unexpected and uncontrolled.

It’s revealed on a particularly lovely spring day. The sun drifts lazily through the lush ivy vines that drape the cafe’s window.

It’s easy to forget the rest if the world when the strains of bossa nova float lovingly from the old record that spins merrily behind the counter.

There’s just the perfect amount of chatter to keep the atmosphere pleasantly alive and he finds it to be a blessed morning as he scrolls through his social media account, chuckling slightly at the memes he’s absolute trash for.

Now when Adrien is ensconced in the world of modern day dadaism, there’s very little he notices.

As a matter of fact, he has yet to notice the pretty little barista that stares at him with absolute awe in her blue bell eyes.

She’s a new hire by the name of Marinette. And she thinks she’s found her soul mate. He’s gorgeous, yes. But beyond that, he’s got a Naruto pin on his otherwise professional brown satchel.

And there’s the Hyrule symbol peeking just over the collar of his cream cardigan.

But she’s yet to gather the courage to speak to him. It had been Rose who’d managed to get his order. It had been Kim who’d served it to him.

The vanilla cake sits invitingly at his table. A wonderfully, delicately sweet dessert that she’d expertly made and she’s waiting with baited breath for him to try it.

But it’s been ten minutes, and in between sneaking glances and filling bakery orders, she’s a little harried.

Disappointingly, the beautiful man…Adrien as she gathered from Rose, seems to be too engrossed in his phone to actually eat yet.

“Marinette, we need more croissants, quick!” Kim chides her, juggling a silver tray laden with a teapot and colorful little tarts.

She merely nods, quickly turning to the counter top where the dough waits to be kneaded.

Unfortunately (or not), Adrien takes a piece of fluffy vanilla cake into his mouth, still scrolling through his phone.

And then, in a matter if seconds, his entire body freezes. The tendons in his arms strain against the table and his face turns red until from his mouth arises the most horrifying bray.

It’s decidedly something between a cough and a shout, and it’s repeated in earnest.

“HOLY SHIT. The potential father of my children is choking to death.” Seems to be the first thing that rolls through Marinette’s thoughts and she’s already leapt over the counter and wrapped her slim arms around his torso before anyone else can say a thing.

Now here’s the thing about Marinette Dupain-Cheng. She once took a CPR class six years ago when she was still entertaining the idea of becoming a nurse.

She’d never needed to use her decidedly rusty skills until now, but soon she’s tucking her balled up hands just under his ribs and shoving them in and then up his abdomen.

He’s awkwardly taller than her, and his awful hacking cough has turned into deep heaves as she pumps her arms and tries to dislodge what he’d been choking on.

But heavy as he is, her movements are uncoordinated. Her body arches away from his back and then jerks forward at intervals every time she pushes.

(It’s all her fault. She shouldn’t have made it so dry, she thinks.)

But after a few seconds of fruitless rescue, he says between her attempts..

“Uh…uh…excuse…me.” He bites out, and it finally dawns on Marinette that her red-faced dream boy is absolutely okay.

Her arms fall limply at her side as she lets out a shriek of embarrassment and hides her face in her hands.

He can make out the slight stream of muffled apologies, and god, he’s mortified and he’s embarrassed a sweet girl simply trying to help.

So there’s the thing that balances his good looks. It’s his absolutely terrifying, horrendous laugh that sounds like he’s choking.

The atmosphere in the cafe is compounded by the stunned silence of the other baristas and customers.

Everyone waits with baited breath, some barely holding back giggles at what had turned from a heroic rescue to a misunderstanding in less than a minute.

“I’m so so sorry.” Marinette finally manages clearly, teary eyes peeking past her fingers to look down at him.

He merely shakes his head, cheeks still flushed and a hand threading through his hair.

“It’s…ah…not your fault…thanks for trying to save me…” He answers. And he finds that despite the misunderstanding, there’s genuine gratitude in his heart.

He offers her a conciliatory smile.

“It’s good to know that your customers are looked after.” He offers her and that assuages her embarrassment long enough for her to drop her hands.

“R-really?” Her eyes are wide and disbelieving, but still, there’s a gentle curiosity in her eyes that makes his breath stop.

She’s pretty.

“Yep.” He answers quietly, and his smile turns sheepish as they both remain caught in a lattice of embarassment, curiosity and star struck humor.

He begins to chuckle again, softer this time and Marinette has the good grace to let loose a giggle that borders in hysterical.

There’s a distant guffaw that and the slight humor that roils over the rest of the cafe lets them know they’ve got witnesses.

Rose is giggling delicately behind the glass countertop, and she can hear Kim’s familiar shrieking laugh from the supply room.

Eventually, the rest of them settle down and there’s just the two of them again.

“Oh…” Marinette sighs, wiping her sweaty hands in the folds of her red apron.

Adrien gives her a sheepish smile, and with a jerky movement, grabs his phone from where it had fallen on the table and turns it towards her.

“This is what I was laughing at…Gabriel Agreste’s foray into the avante garde haute couture.” He says breathlessly, his laughter straining his composure once more and he has to bite his lips to prevent it from wreaking havoc.

And Marinette has to hide her face again when she sees what it is.

Here’s another thing about her. She’s an aspiring fashion designer. Gabriel is one of her idols…and she thought she’d been the only one surprised by his choices for this spring’s lineup.

Because really, the metallic purple suit that was draped on the model was flashy enough without the giant butterfly wings that were spread out clumsily behind the piece.

On its own, it would have been enough to make her giggle, but it was the fact that the poster had photoshopped Gabriel’s stoic face onto the model, and then proceeded to somehow make the arms flap in the gif that made her laugh. It was wonderful.

The caption being “And Gabriel’s collection takes off this spring.” wrapped the humor into a wonderful little package that threatened her composure too.

“Oh my god. It’s perfect.” She gasps through her giggles and Adrien’s smile is large.

“I know right?” He guffaws and their conversation devolves into a pleasant stream of things related to fashion and humor and anime after that.

When he mentions that Gabriel is his father off handedly, he’s surprised by her quiet acceptance and minimal questions.

In the end, she takes her break early and urges him to try the vanilla cake.

He savors the bite, and a look of wonder steals over his face as he finally takes the time to appreciate it.

“It’s perfect. Moist and balanced with sweetness.” He crows excitedly and she shakes her head.

“You’re lying.”

“Nope. This is the best vanilla cake I’ve had. Believe it.”

Marinette nearly bursts at the seams trying to contain her laughter, but she’s glad.

Because there’s something to balance her earlier embarrassment and it’s this tiny moment with him in this cafe.

Adrien thinks the same thing, and perhaps there will be future moments for the two of them.

But for now, they’ll savor this little slice of pleasantry between them.

Wonderment of a Man


The word you would describe a certain Starfleet captain.

The soft edge of his blue eyes and the plump of his lips and the waves that day on the beach. Moving from the rest of the crew, stealing a moment alone after such a long mission. The breeze tickled your wet skin from galloping into the ocean, where Jim followed you with a shout and smile. His arms wrapped around your waist and he teased you into the water, you yelped and splashed his face. Drips of water fell off his face, his lips pulled up a smile that weakened the back of your knees and fluttered your heart with….wonderment. 

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Thomas has a copy of the Book of Common Prayer by his bed, he prays in the morning and in the evening. He has read the Bible, Old and New Testaments, front to back. He knows the Lord’s word and knows his own opinions on that word.

He and God have differing thoughts on some things, Thomas knows that this is not a “good Christian thing” but he cannot help his nature. If God made him, and God is perfect, is Thomas and his imperfection not then perfect? Is his love for his fellow man not then perfect? Is his desire for man not perfect?

The Bible would say no, it isn’t. But Thomas does not believe that God had final say in His word.

He struggles at times with his faith. For it is true; man cannot live on bread alone, and Thomas cannot live on science and logic alone. Faith completes him, gives him goodness to strive for. Even when the bishops and clergymen shout from their pulpits about sin and redemption and judgement, Thomas doubts they truly understand what they are saying. All men doubt, no matter how close to God they may be.

In Bethlam he isn’t allowed a Book of Common Prayer, but he is allowed a Bible. He reads it again. He doubts more, angers more and rages against God for how He has punished Thomas for simply loving and being happy.

He prays for mercy, for release, but never for forgiveness. There is nothing to be forgiven.

When he is taken to the New World and out to work on the plantation, he takes the Bible and finds a copy of the Book of Common Prayer. Slowly, with no small amount of doubt and determination, he comes to love God again. He begins to see good and light in the world agin in the shape of men enjoying sunlight and fresh water, of birds flying overhead, the sound of laughter and stories being told…

And, when chains rattle and a man stands across the field from him, shaved head and dark clothes so foreign from Thomas’ own knowledge of him, he feels God’s love flow into his very core.

He kisses the man he loves, holds him and weeps. James, his beautiful and perfect James, weeps as well and holds him as though he would crumble if he let go.

God did not put him in Bethlam. God did not put him in this simple prison. God brought his love back to him, and Thomas prayed silently in thanks for that moment and let his tears flow.

Dear Who?

Title : Dear Who?

Characters : Jungkook

Genre : Fluff

Summary : With a track record of failed relationship on your left hand, and a pinch of pessimism on your right, you’ve come to terms with the possibility that you’ll be forever writing impromptu love songs for no one to hear. One thunderous Wednesday, though, you discover that a chest of gold needn’t be so far away at a hostile inhabitable island. Sometimes, the most unexpected treasures can be found with effort no more than one phone call.

Word Count : 1,915 words

A/N : This is for @kateheartskpop who requested “Jungkook + Dear No One!” I’ve always love that song by Tori Kelly, but never have any idea on how to incorporate it to any story. I tried my best, though, with the limiting word count and lack of development because it’s supposed to be a drabble (whoops), and came out with a 1.9k short story! 

If you enjoy it, notes and feedbacks are greatly appreciated!

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Dear no one, this is your love song.

”So, what do u want to talk about?“ You say breathlessly, shaking off the droplets of rain from your coat.
You promised Jungkook for a brunch at your favorite french restaurant, and as always, you are late.
"Take a seat first, won’t you?” Jungkook laughs a mirthful one. He pushes you chair out with one of his legs under the table, and you slip into a comfortable position.
It’s been a few days since spring approached, but it’s still freezing cold outside. Today the sky is grey and it’s crying over chances wasted and thoughts unspoken. A cup of dark roast mocha is sitting in front of you, the last tendrils of fume spinning out of its lid.
“Aww thanks for saving me the queue.. you always know best.” You curl your fingers around the cup, warming your skin that was bitten raw by the wind.
Jungkook examines the girl in front of him, skin rosy because of the weather, lips slightly pale, hair windswept, and even more beautiful to him than the last time he saw you. He begins rethinking his decision, is he really going to say what has been bugging him for so long and risk everything he ever had with you?
“How have you been?“ Jungkook attempts to break the ice that didn’t even exist in the first place.
You scan him from head to toe incredulously, brows curling in bewilderment and lips upturned into a smirk.
"What’s wrong with you today? You know you see me too much to ask such perfunctory questions. So, what do you wanna talk about?” You look up to him after taking a sip.
Your eyes are questioning, brimming with genuine curiosity that is usually present when he is about to tell you about the latest news in his boy gang who calls themselves Bangtan. Right now, Jungkook feels like the shy male lead in cliche teen romance movies which only will get a 5 on IMDB, toes curling and lips dry because he’s about to say, to say to the one who’s always so close yet is so frustratingly out of reach, that he thinks of you as more than this. You occupy his mind too much for it to only be some best friend, homie, partner-in-crime, bull crap. And, oh, how can you be this fucking dense?
You’ve spend your whole friendship together with abrupt heart-to-heart conversation that circles around your track records of failed relationship. About Jackson who whispered a thousand “I Want You”s then left when the sun rose, about Kihyun who was younger and more innocent than you who never intended to stay in the first place, about Bogum and his perfect dates yet imperfect (far from it, destructive) nights, about every guy who lingers as momentarily as smoke, but never never never about Jungkook. Never about Jungkook who prays every night and screams to Lord I care so so much about Y/N, who’s there on the phone by the first ring, whom you put on your emergency contact, who just spent the last 30 minutes reciting on how is he supposed to say that he wants to breach the line of friendship, that he wants so much more than platonic.  
He is always so good at hiding his tremor, silencing his palpitating heart and knotting his shaking legs, putting on a smile that dazzles everyone but the one he truly wants. Jungkook is also amazing at listening, amazing at saying comforting words, not so much at saying charming flirtations, though.  
That’s why, he can only listen when you say, all of sudden after taking a few sips from your coffee: “What if I’m truly fated to no one?  What if all the songs I’ve written will never be sung? I may put on a strong, independent facade, but i truly only wish for that young love. I secretly am craving for someone to hold my hand, to sacrifice his jacket when it’s slightly chilly”.
That’s also why his heart aches as he lets the words sink in because, that’s wrong, that’s so so wrong.  
“Okay, enough about me. Now spill what you have to say.” You fidget on your seat, repositioning yourself upright. When you curl your hair back behind your ears, Jungkook reminds himself why he is here and why he shouldn’t fail to at the very least say what has been driving him nuts.  
“It may seem weird, though. I am debating on how you will take this..” Jungkook smiles sheepishly.
“You know you can tell me everything, you’re my best-“
“Stop.” And that might seem like the last straw, but Jungkook isn’t that brave. He isn’t the firm character who can heroically confess his feelings then swoop in for a kiss, with a full chance that his kiss will be reciprocated. Jungkook closes his eyes, pulse pounding against his skull, he’s so sick of the words best friend. Two silly words that create unnecessary boundary. A Label that opens room for fresh bond, yet closes all doors for further development.  
“Stop, Y/N.” And Jungkook curses his memory because he recited this like a perfectly written essay in front of the mirror earlier, yet when he meets with your glass beads eyes, every single coherence is lost.  
“Okay, I feel like we can be something more.”
What follows after that is complete, deafening silence. The restaurant is as busy as ever, waitress shouting orders and friends exchanging stories, but all sort of cacophony is muffled by air that presses tight against Jungkook’s ribcages and his heartbeat that is dancing in staccato.  

To say that you fall instantly in love with Jungkook just because he confesses to you would be an exaggerated make-believe. To say that you aren’t moved at all by the subtle suffusion of apricot on his cheeks, though, would be blatant dishonesty.
You first met Jungkook during freshman year in college in the dorm’s laundry room. Your drier was jammed and he tackled the spinning drum with his barehand. You treat him dinner as a thank you note for saving your clothes from shrinking, and you also didn’t expect anything more than acquaintances. Turns out, the whole four years of college was essentially you receiving kindness upon kindness from the architecture major who lives on fifth floor.
He saves you through many more jammed drier, and you never knew it then, but he also saves you through multiple heartbreaks. Jungkook is a paramedics on standby, someone whom you come running too after having your chest freshly ripped open. Jungkook would always be there, ringing your bell no matter rain or shine with a box of Chinese takeout and one of the Harry Potter movies, ready to mend your glass heart with super glue in form of corny jokes and duct tape in form of exuberant grins.  
By now, a couple of years after you graduates college, you’ve ran out of thank you notes that is actually never anywhere near enough to repay Jungkook and his limitless favor. Therefore, you always wonder why he even bothers to stick around.
Nevertheless, Jungkook wasn’t someone who swept you off your feet with intense forces of attraction, wasn’t someone who ignite the desire inside you, and you guess that was why you always think of you and him as platonic.
This confession of him is something you would never guess. Yet, you have an inkling that it is going to the direction of a pleasant surprise.

“Have you been keeping this from me?” You carefully reply, still stunned.
“For too fucking long.” A smile creeps up his face, discreet and bashful.
Then, every single evidence that your mind can recall flows in sweeping floods of thoughts, fragments and pieces that corroborate why Jeon Jungkook is actually in love -madly!- with you spinning in rapid playback like those outdated DVD players. The day Jeon Jungkook went to all of your classes to take note for you when you were sick, the day he dashed through a snowstorm because you were arrested for buzzed driving, the days you barged in his apartment which he always welcomed with open arms despite having finals the next day, the days you bawled about being forsaken without realising that you were forsaking him, that particular day you told him you were in love and see in his orbs a flicker of emotion that only now you can determine as heartache.
“I may not be aggressive or assertive with my feelings, but trust me when I say this isn’t a spur of the moment. This isn’t desperation that sprouts out of loneliness. This is, I don’t know.. Affection harboured and fondness piled up for so long because I want to take care of you so much more than I do now. I feel like I can give you so much more, at least I give you all I am, compared to those asses you’ve been seeing day in and day out, Y/N. But why don’t you ever look at me?”
And you’re asking yourself too, repetitive in your head like a broken tune: Why didn’t you ever look at him? When he’s always there like a sore thumb and always by your side like a chewing gum on your hair, how could you not see him?
Your eyes are wet with melancholy, but you blink it away the moment you feel the moisture brimming your lids. It is the kind of tears that cannot be classified as sadness or happiness, it lies somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. It is the tear of joy because you’ve just discover companionship within the proximity of home, but it is also the tear of regret because you just knew how much you have wasted, how much you have hurt him by taking him for granted.
“I don’t know.”
He scoffs, a bitter smile plastered on his face as he stare onto a patch of dirt on the wooden table. “Of course, you won’t know your feelings. I understand, I’m your best friend.”
“You are my best friend, Jungkook. But there’s nothing wrong with having a double title, is there?” Your fingertips seem to have a mind on their own when it daringly moves forward to lightly graze on his taut knuckles.
“I think we should try things out.”
Jung kook’s nod is firm when he interlaces his hands with yours, so foreign and unlike those he has used to comfort your bawling self, yet so familiar and akin to those you’ve seen whenever you ask him out to his favourite hawker stand. This whole thing, Jungkook staring into your eyes and you staring back at him, is both exhilaratingly new yet soothingly habitual.  
At this moment, you want to crown yourself as the most ridiculously stupid person who drives so many miles looking for the one, only to find countless disappointments along your way. Here, fuming mocha and cold egg benedict as witnesses, you finally realise that instead of dreaming of things as far as the earth’s edges, you should start to notice what exists right at home.
The sky isn’t crying anymore, winks of sunshine peeking through smugly persisting cumulus clouds.  
On a thunderous Wednesday noon, Jungkook pour out his thoughts -monstrous, screaming, fiery- onto the carved crevices of the wooden table, and you catch that chance before it flees forever.

Dear the one, this is our love song.

91. In the dark (with or without torch)

Night Hours

Summary: When touch is more than just feeling skin pressed to skin.
Written by: @czarna-herbata
Warnings: pure smut, poetry, kink: in the darkness, vaginal penetration, nothing graphic
Word count: 1389
A/N: Written for @bucky-plums-barnes 100 kings for Bucky Barnes 100th Birthday. Inspired by this song lyrics. No beta here, this week turned suddenly into mess, so I can’t give you nothing better. Also, I can’t find source of this gif. Anyone, help? Sorry, xoxo C-H

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“Come to me in the night hours I will wait for you” whisper, soft like velvet, was bringing chills to his spine. He was watching as you were playing on the piano, giving all your feelings into music. Feeling of seeing something divine was overwhelming him, bringing his soul to yours, connecting them in some manner he could never understand. Blood was shimmering in his veins, sweet ache of need to touch perfection of imperfect skin, paint wings on your back with his mouth only. You looked at him with wide pupils and sweet invitation on your lips. You want him to devour you.

You made your way to your room, silence of his steps followed you.
And who are you? he asked, doors closed, making altar for you two, demi-gods made of hunger, violence and power unleashed. All you had was your fire, burning deep inside and pure, black darkness. He couldn’t see you, but he heard music when dress kissed with forbidden lust foor and your scent was all around you. His life was spinning out of control, and there, deep down in universe so cold, his hot breath met yours and you gave him soul, pushed it down, into him. 

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Thường - Hoseok

Hoseok : Artist!AU

WARNING : contains some evocations to sexual dehavior, kinda smutty for a little bit BUT THE REST OF IT IS PURE FLUFF

words : 3k

thường : (v.) to love tenderly – a deep and sincere notion of fondness and care between family members, friends, or lovers.

Hoseok and you had been dating for years. You loved each other so much, and for so long that sometimes you couldn’t even remember the time when he wasn’t in your life. Hoseok was a part of your life, he was a part of you, he had a special place in your heart that no one could ever replace. You were sure that the both of you were made for each other, that you were soul mates ; so did everyone who looked at you being together. It was an evidence, it had always been, ever since the time you started dating ; if not since you met.

It was even more obvious when you took the time to analyse your way of living. You managed to channelize your boyfriend’s energy (which was surprisingly always full and at its maximum, except after an intense session of sex or when he was sick), and he always made you shine brightly in any situation. You cooked and he cleaned the kitchen, he did the laundry and you hung it out etc. It was a routine that was settled between the both of you, and it made you live happily ; in the little flat you could afford with the short incomes you received.

Indeed, you both achieved to pay the costs of it mainly thanks to your wage ; you being a history teacher, working overtime and doing some private lessons to students who needed it. You worked hard to be able to own this little flat, on the top of a building, with a small “garden” outside and the studio. The studio that Hoseok with “the right amount of light coming trough the window”, the studio that he had felt in love with, the studio that inspired him to paint. Basically, the perfect studio. And when you witnessed your boyfriend’s happy wide smile, covered with some paint stains, you could only think that it was worth it.

It was worth it even more recently, when Hoseok managed to enter the difficult market of modern art, creating some amazing pieces of art. His work wasn’t sold at thousands, of course, he still had to make his place, but his last two paintings had been sold for 2 hundreds each –which leaded him to surprise you with an mervellous ring “that you didn’t need”, but still made you more than happy, and proud of him.

He worked hard, and sometimes too hard, but “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life”, and this quote from Pablo Picasso apparently seemed to stand his explanation to why, sometimes, it seemed hard, but worth it -not that you completly understand his explanation.

One day, when you were sitting silently on the couch –correcting some essays-, he came sitting next to you, his usual smile on. He appeared to be more than satisfied, even blithesome. You looked at him when he called you out, moving his body nearer to yours, his nose almost touching yours when you turned your head to look at him. You laughed genuinely at the sudden sight, letting your head fall backwards as you heard Hoseok’s chuckle. When you lifted your head to regard him again, he was a bit further than his previous position, but you could still feel the warmth coming from his body on your legs.

“What is it handsome ?”, you asked, noticing a slight blush over the skin of his cheeks, even after all of these years of you calling him like this. He turned eyes to the right, looking at the rain falling down the glass of the window. “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see”.

“Where did you get that from ?”, you questioned him, suspiciously, lifting an eyebrow. He whined at your interrogation, looking back at you with a defeated look on, “I could have found it myself Y/N”. You just smiled at his antics, tilting your head to the side, eyeing him lovingly, “Of course”.

He groaned playfully, circling his arms around your thighs so he could lay his head on your stomach –silently asking you to give him attention. So you did, you dropped your papers on the coffee table and repositioned yourself comfortably. You gently stroked his hair, waiting for him to keep on his tracks.

“Anyway”, he started again, nuzzling his nose into your stomach, “I found this quote from Edgar Degas and I thought about it for a long time”, he said, caressing the side of your right butt cheek with one of his hand. “I’ve thought about it, and I really want to make others see something really special to me”.

You nodded quietly, carrying on stocking his tangled brown hair, “What is this very something ?”, you asked. He turned his head to look at you right into your eyes, “It’s you”, he smiled uniquely. You blushed at his statement, and smirked shyly back at him, “Why ?”.

“You’re the most precious person to me, you complete me, you make me happy, I want others to see how beautiful you are, inside and out. And the better way to honor you is to paint you.”, he admitted as he seemed lost in his own thoughts, his gaze loosing itself on the ceiling. But after a few seconds of being quiet, he detached himself from you to crouch before you, taking your small hands into his large ones.

“I want to make others jealous”, he said smirking seductively at you. You laughed at his sudden words, hitting his shoulder for wasting this romantic moment. “Do you accept my request love of my life ?”.

“Hoseok ! You can’t go from cheesy to stupid then to super cheesy like this !” you exclaimed.

After a cheesy cute fight, the both of you ended up in a tickle battle, you running away from his snaky fingers. Of course he caught you, right when you entered the bedroom (what a mistake). He tackled you to the mattress, his hands crawling all over you ribs and stomach, making you laugh out loud in hysteria, begging him to stop with some vivid taps on his shoulder.

“Who’s the best ?”, he ask, halting his movement. Of course, he was waiting “you” as an answer, but it wouldn’t be funny if you already gave in.

“Me, why would you ev-“ you were cut off by a massive attack of tickles on your sides, your boyfriend chuckling devilishly above you as his hands sprinkled all over your sensitive skin. But it soon died down as he approached his head to yours, immersing his sparkly eyes into yours.

“Who’s your lover ?” he asked, leaving your love handle to settle between your legs, parting your members in the process. “You’re so cheesy”, you giggled, rounding his neck with your arms. He whined at your behavior, gently rubbing his nose on yours, never looking away from your pupils. “You are my lover”, you smiled, pecking his lips softly.

He smiled back and extended the kiss, diving in and moving his lips against your own. You immediately responded to the kiss, bringing him closer and opening your mouth to let his tongue gently stroke your own. You felt him grind slightly his crotch on your thigh, and he moaned when you moved your leg to meet his slow pace, brushing his member.

It always ended up this way, you would always make love in every situation you were in ; not that you complained though. He’d go down on you, always, making sure you were wet enough for him, he’d stretched you out too, with his magical long fingers ; he knew what he was doing, and he enjoyed pleasuring you very much. And then, no matter what the position you were into, he’d make you cum, hard. He payed an extreme attention to that, he’d always wait for you to come before him (plus, he adored feeling you tightening around his member, it made him cum hard too).

And this is what exactly happened in this late afternoon, leaving the both of you pleasured and a bit tired, but surely in love and entangled in the sheets of your shared bed.

You only realized you felt asleep when you woke up from your “nap”, at 9:13 pm. You were embraced in the darkness of the room, the streets lights outside shyly shining from below and reflecting on your window. You turned your head to look at your right, hoping to see your boyfriend laying next to you, but of course he wasn’t. You smiled at his absence, already knowing where he was.

You took your time to wake up properly, before stepping out of the bed, shivering at the cold contact between your feet and the floor. You put one of Hoseok’s t-shirt and some panties on before directing yourself to the kitchen. You were surprise to see ordered Thai food placed on the counter, a cute note attached to it.

I’m in the studio. I ordered us food, you can come to the studio and eat it with me if you want. Love you <3

And this way , you finished the night in your boyfriend’s studio, eating food, sometimes laughing with him (or making out with him), sometimes admiring quietly the unfinished paintings laying on the floor and watching his loveable frame concentrated on his work.

You had always thought that Hoseok was talented, but when you saw his artwork literally covering all the space possible in the little room, you could only think that he was an amazing artist. His style was rather colorful, but each piece was only about one colour and its shading, with another one coming along and breaking the harmony of the outline of his work, creating a beautiful and melodious set of patterns. He usually didn’t represent defined forms, he’d rather let his heart guide and inspire his hands -and he was more into landscapes. But sometimes, he drew some portraits ; most of the time people he saw in the streets, anonymously. When he did, it seemed muddled in the beginning, although after, with all the shading he added and all his magic, the persons seemed imperfectly perfect. This was what you like the most about his art. Imperfect perfection.

A week or so passed since Hoseok’s proposition. You’d thought he’d ask you to model or something, but he didn’t. He spent his days in the studios, occasionally some late nights, but he didn’t actually ask you to do anything for him ; which surprised you. It’s not that he ignored you  he was just more silent than usual, as if his mind was somewhere else, not with you.

You decided to let it slide for another week, but it started to feel bizarre as the days passed, Hoseok presence being less and less there. You started to worry. Why would he behave like this ? It wasn’t habitual, he used to shine in the whole flat, and now he simply seemed like a small beam of light, only when you struck up a conversation with him. He seemed off.

“Handsome ?”, you called as you walked into the living room, after a long day of work. You were welcomed with a silence, a heavy one that weighted on your shoulders. You sighed and the smile on your face faded, leaving your lips in a thin and worried line. You made your way to the kitchen hopelessly hoping to find him there. Of course, he wouldn’t be. You knew it, but facing the reality of it was harder than what you thought.

You opened the back door and eased yourself to the studio, slightly knocking on the wooden door. You didn’t received any response, so you reiterate your action –this time greeted with a loud groan that made your eyebrows almost bond together. You wormed your way in, and got surprised at the sight before you.

Hoseok was hunkered down, his head in his hands, facing what seemed like the beginning of one of his paintings. You tilted your head to side a bit, pouting your lips. You didn’t like to see your lover in this kind of state, you’ve always hated it –he didn’t deserve it. You slowly went to him and put a hand on his shoulder, squeezing it gently to signal him that you were there. His head shot up at you, and your heart broke even more at the tears in the corners of his eyes.

“Hoseok”, you voice cracked as you squatted next to him to be on the same eye-level as him. You cupped his head softly and he leant into your touch, craving for you presence. “What is wrong handsome ?”, you said, smiling sadly.

But that was the final straw for him, and your heart literally broke into pieces as he began to cry in your hold. You instantly brought him closer to, taking him into your arms. He nuzzled his nose in your neck and rounded your body with his arms, hardly leaving any space between the both of you. You gently caressed his back as he carried on crying, letting out all of his sorrow and worries.

You stayed in this position for what seemed like a long time, but you didn’t mind. His sobbing eventually came to an end, but his grip on you tightened, he was completely melting into you as you kept on rubbing his back lovingly.

“I’m sorry”, he murmured sorely against your skin, sniffing right after.

“What for ?”, you asked carefully, still now petting his head.

“I can’t do it”, he said in a quiet whisper, nearly audible.

You thought he would continue his sentence, but he didn’t, his only actions were their hands gripping on shirt –as if he was afraid to lose you. “What can’t you do my love ?”, you questioned. He just sniffed again, and sighed deeply. To you it seemed like he wouldn’t answer, so you broke your embrace a bit to cup his face once more and look directly and closely in his eyes.

“What’s wrong hobi ?”

He closed his eyes, gulping loudly. His lips were pouting a bit, his cheeks were lightly wet from the crying and his hair were in a total mess. The sight made your chest hurt ; you wanted so bad to help him.

“I…”, he started, not daring to open his eyes. “I wanted so much to create something for you Y/N”, he continued, and his voice cracked once again as he spoke, “But… I don’t manage to know what to represent or which part of your body or which action”, he admitted with slightly opened and teary eyes meeting yours.

Your own pupils widened at the statement, not excepting this at all. You tought it was way more serious than that.

“It’s like… When I have an idea, I want to do it but it’s too difficult to paint or too big and… I’m not talented enough and you inspire me too much that I can’t decide what to do and I want to show you how much you mean to me and honour you the way you deserve to be but I can’t”, he said wholeheartedly, a tear running down his chin.

“Hoseok what are you saying”, you said out loud, more to yourself than to him. “You’re so talented hobi don’t say that ever again”, you commanded as you stared deep in his eyes. You chuckled a bit out of nervousness, “Hoseok you’re so talented my love. It’s not because you don’t manage to paint me that you’re not. You know you are amazing when it comes to paintings. And it’s surely not because you don’t manage to do it that I won’t know how you feel about me. God, Hoseok, we’ve been together for years, how could you think that you don’t show me your love ?”, you asked, earning a small smile on his sad face.

“I know you love me –and you know I love you. Even after all of these years you still tell me an ‘I love you’ each time I go out to work. I also know you love me thanks to the food you make me for lunch when I’m late, and also when I read the cute note you hide inside for me to see before eating. I know you love me when we make love. I know you love me when you literally shower me with kisses on Sunday mornings. I know you love even when we fight. Hoseok, you need to prove anything to me, please don’t think that way”, you confessed sincerely ; and it was now your turn to feel your eyes burning under the wet pearls threatening to fall down your cheek.

“You always make me feel happy and secured and loved and everything Hoseok. How could you doubt that ?”

In a desperate motion, your boyfriend brought your body to his with hands on your hips. He kissed you passionately, slowly, and lovingly. The kiss wasn’t hasted, it was soft and gentle, just like the way he needed it to be.

“I love you so much Y/N”, he said against your lips, “I’m so lucky to have you”, he said as he pecked your lips in between each work, earning a giggle from you. He circled your waist, making you straddle his thighs when he sat on the floor.

“I love you too handsome, and I am so glad to have you in my life”. You said, cuddling him. You didn’t want to let him go, you wanted to hug out all the worry on his mind. “I wish we could stay like this forever”, he whispered, leaving mellow and caring kisses along your neck and jaw.

“Me too”, you smiled.

“Y/N”, he called out your name.

“Yes ?”, you lifted your head to look at him.  “I’m still sorry that I can’t paint you the way I want, but if you wait a bit, I’ll make a masterpiece out if it. I promise”, he said solemnly. You smiled, looking at all the masterpieces he already created, “I know. Take all the time you need”, you conveyed. 

I hope you enjoyed it ! It was way longer than expecting, I apologize. Also, I wanted to make a different situation than usual (you know, when the artist is so inspired and all), i hope it went out well ! Love you jellybeans.


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Warning: Fluff, fluff and fluff. Aaron being perfection!!

words: no idea

A/N: Sorry this took an eternity, school’s a pain…

Sunlight streamed through the window and landed directly on your face, waking you from her slumber. You felt content. Life was perfect. You felt warm and safe in the arms of your lover. You rarely ever woke up before your fiancé. Usually, every morning, Aaron would wake up at around 6:30 and make you breakfast and they would both enjoy it in bed together. Yet, today was different. Aaron was sleeping peacefully, with his strong arms wrapped around you and his face buried in your neck. 

You smiled. 

He was so handsome. All the stress lines and the ever present frown on his face disappeared when he slept. You thanked your lucky stars every day for giving you a man like Aaron Hotchner. And so, in 2 days you would be Mrs. Hotchner and you couldn’t be happier. Today, though, it was their separate bachelor’s party. The before last day of their lives as two separate beings. Tomorrow morning, you would be at Garcia’s house, anxiously waiting for the clock to strike 2 pm and for you to finally walk down the aisle and in the arms of your one and only. But for now, you would enjoy your time with your husband to be. 

You kissed him gently on the forehead and ran your fingers through his hair. He truly was a beautiful sight. Unbeknownst to you, your little ministrations had awoken Aaron. 

“Mmm. Morning.” he groaned. He pouted his lips, asking for a morning kiss. You smiled again and gave him what he wanted, a small peck on the lips. He pouted some more and you chuckled at his antics. You kissed him again, and again and again until you started laughing and pushed him away a bit. He made a small noise of discontentment but smiled nonetheless. 

“Morning sweetie.” you said and stopped your fingers from running through his hair. He made a small disgruntled grunt.

“No… don’t stop” he mumbled. 

She smiled and resumed her ministrations. That was the thing with Aaron. He acted all tough and big bad FBI agent but he actually was a big softy. He loved cuddling and hugs and little kisses. He was also a huge romantic. He would bring you flowers and chocolates and surprise you with small trinkets and kisses. He knew exactly what to say whenever you were sad and felt down. He was always there for you, just like you were always there for him. You were there whenever a case hit too close to home, you were there whenever he got hurt or needed someone to hold him and tell him that everything would be alright. You were the one thing that kept him going. While Jack made him want to make a whole lot safer than it was, you made him want to be a better man. He wanted to be the perfect man for you, but he often forgot that he was already perfect for you. He was what you ever dreamt of having. To you, all his imperfections made him perfect and you loved him with all your heart.

“Aaron?” you whispered.


“We should get up befo-”

Your words were interrupted by the door opening and a overexcited little boy jumping into bed with them.

“Dad. Daaaad. Wake-up dad! Daddy, come on! I’m hungry and I want pancakes.”

“You heard him sweetie. Jack wants pancakes. Now you have to wake up.”

“But I don’t wanna…” 

If you didn’t know him better, you would have said that he was whining and pouting like a child.

“Come on Aaron. Wakey-wakey!”

“Come on dad, I’m sure mom wants pancakes too.”

Aaron and you froze. What were you supposed to say to that? In all the time you had dated Aaron, never once had Jack called you mom. You didn’t want to pressure him and make him feel like you were replacing his mom.

“Come on mom. We have to get dad out of bed.”

And just like that, you were out of your trance. Aaron turned to look at you and saw his beautiful girl with happy tears shining in her eyes. The joy was uncontrollable. He could see the breathtaking smile on your face. You were so beautiful and he was one lucky man. 

“How about this hun. If your dad doesn’t get out of bed in 5 seconds, we tickle him until he does.”

“Good idea mom!” He shouted with joy.



“Okay, okay. I’m up. Look at you two. Ganging up on me, how is this fair? The two people I love the most and this is what you do. Betrayal!”

His over dramatic outburst sent all three of you in a fit of giggles. Your two boys. Aaron gave you what you always wanted, a family. You couldn’t have asked for a better life and a better man and son. Life was truly perfect. 

The End. 

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Look at this smile! Damn. 

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And he’s such an amazing dad! Awwww! 

fluffy fluff

authors note: this is kinda different from the usual fluffy imagine. i got the idea to write it while watching shawn’s livestream the other night. i don’t think he realizes how many girls are so madly deeply in love with him. like literally. it sounds crazy and maybe it is but it’s true. i don’t know him personally, but from what i’ve seen of him in interviews, and what i hear him sing in his songs, i can say honestly that i am very much in love with shawn😂 and i’m sure that many other girls can say the same. i just wish shawn would realize that we aren’t all crazy fan girls. there’s so many girls in the mendes army out there who i can honestly see would be able to keep a healthy stable relationship with shawn. there are so many girls out there who love him dearly. idk. sorry to keep ranting but that’s just how i feel. anyway, this imagine is basically how i would feel if i was with shawn. this is how i felt the last time i was in love with someone. it’s scary but also beautiful.

You walked out of the bathroom to see Shawn fast asleep on your hotel bed. He was laying on his stomach sprawled across the whole bed, one of his hands underneath a pillow. You went over and sat on the edge of the bed and just watched him. You would’ve cuddled up next to him to try and sleep but you didn’t want to move or wake him at all. You loved times like these. You were lucky enough to be able to see him do cute little things like twitch, and make silly noises in his sleep. You remember those nights when he was on tour far away from you, he and you would always fall asleep on the phone. He always fell asleep first and you got to hear him toss and turn some nights. You always had trouble sleeping but whether it is was on the phone or in real life, even just hearing him breathe calmed you, and helped you to sleep better. You couldn’t believe how lucky you were. Some nights you would wake up from bad dreams and Shawn was always there. Even when he wasn’t physically there. He always told you to text or call him whenever you woke up even if it was 2am. There were so many nights where you did and he would kindly calm you down from your bad dream and talk you back to sleep. He was truly the sweetest and most pure boyfriend you’d ever had. You were snapped out of your thoughts when you felt Shawn move. He reached out his hand.

“Y/N. Here.” He motioned for you to lay next to him so you did. How could you not? You layed on your side next to him with one of your legs up and around his waist, his arm wrapped tightly around you. His eyes were closed but his mouth was open. He was half asleep. You loved being so close to him. You got to see all of his perfect imperfections. His little scar on his cheek that you’ve kissed a thousand times. There were even nights where you stayed up and counted his freckles. Everything about him was perfect to you. You wished there was a way to be even closer to him. Whenever you hugged him, it wasn’t tight enough. Whenever you kissed him, it wasn’t long enough. Being close to him was all you wanted to do all the time.

“I love you. A lot.” You said sleepily and kissed his head.

“I love you a lot too.” Shawn said and smiled a little.

You felt bad for talking and keeping him awake but you wanted to tell him how you felt. You made sure to say I love you as much as you could but sometimes you felt like it wasn’t enough. They were just words. Of course you did nice things for him too but it still felt like it wasn’t enough. You wanted to give him the whole world. All you wanted ever, was to see him smile. You couldn’t even put into words how you felt for him. It felt almost impossible to even love someone so much. But you knew you did. As scary as it was you knew you were totally crazily in love with him. You probably would be even if he hurt you ever. Physically or emotionally. And that was the scary part about being in love. Whoever you’re in love with, literally takes over your whole life. But you don’t care. You let them do whatever they want to do. Either way, you couldn’t get enough of it. You loved him. And you could only hope that he felt this much love for you too.

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the male teens reacting to their chubby s/o hating their body because they get bullied.


  • Yells at you for saying you hate apart of yourself because your so perfect in his eyes
  • Genially cannot see any imperfections with you
  • Asks for the name of the bullies 
  • Claims he ‘just wants to talk to them.’
  • Boiiiii
  • they dead af
  • He becomes really sad because he wants you to feel happy and confident within yourself but he doesn’t know how to help you
  • He just holds you close and always tells you your everything he’s ever wanted

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  • Is confused because he doesn’t understand why you would hate yourself
  • He holds you in front of a mirror and asks which parts of yourself yo hate
  • He then tells you why that part of you is perfection
  • Sits you down and won’t let you leave until you promise to stop saying that about yourself, and to mean it.


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  • He be super sympathetic with you
  • Would ask you why you didn’t tell him about this sooner
  • Is really upset and wants to help you realise how beautiful you are inside and out
  • Kisses every place you think isn’t beautiful 
  • Works though your self issues with you until he sees a genuine smile on your face when you look in the mirror


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  • Renzou would be totally surprised and wouldn’t understand why you didn’t like your body
  • Cause he totally loves your body 
  • Would probably think you were joking at first
  • He would show you how much he loves your body
  • He’d give you a deep, emotional talk about why you mean the world to him, and it would make you both tear up because Shima doesn’t normally get like this much


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  • “B-but…y/n-chan, your beautiful how you are, how can you not see that?”
  • He would smile the whole time and comfort you the best way he can
  • After this he constantly lets you know how amazing you are, and look
  • Whenever you wear new clothes he notices and compliments you have great you look in it

Thank you, this was super fun, if you wanted Nemu too sorry I forgot about him lmao, he’s kinda irrelevant anyway right?