perfect iced coffee

Recipe: the perfect iced coffee

Forget Starbucks. Make your own damn iced coffee.


  1. Make sure your container is cold before you brew. 
  2. Grind your coffee a little finer than traditional filter batch brew.
  3. Weigh your coffee: 165 grams (Don’t give us that look. You want the perfect coffee, right? So, get yourself a kitchen scale! Geez. )
  4. Weigh your ice: 750 grams
  5. Measure hot water for brewing: 1,800 grams
  6. Brew directly over ice and cool immediately. Brew time should be extended as long as possible – approximately seven minutes.

Need more information? Have faith. You can do it. 

And don’t be afraid to fail … or experiment. Don’t lose sight of the goal: to discover the magic coffee-to-ice ratio that meets your own very specific tastes and brings you immense pleasure. 

Photograph: Getty Images/StockFood