perfect iced coffee

Recipe: the perfect iced coffee

Forget Starbucks. Make your own damn iced coffee.


  1. Make sure your container is cold before you brew. 
  2. Grind your coffee a little finer than traditional filter batch brew.
  3. Weigh your coffee: 165 grams (Don’t give us that look. You want the perfect coffee, right? So, get yourself a kitchen scale! Geez. )
  4. Weigh your ice: 750 grams
  5. Measure hot water for brewing: 1,800 grams
  6. Brew directly over ice and cool immediately. Brew time should be extended as long as possible – approximately seven minutes.

Need more information? Have faith. You can do it. 

And don’t be afraid to fail … or experiment. Don’t lose sight of the goal: to discover the magic coffee-to-ice ratio that meets your own very specific tastes and brings you immense pleasure. 

Photograph: Getty Images/StockFood

When I became pregnant, I was fortunate enough to find what is now, my Mom Tribe.
A hand full of big hearted, sassy mouthed, shoulder to cry on pregnant women who were kind enough to show me grace, and waddle through the pregnancy journey with me.
And I honestly couldn’t have wrangled up a more diverse group.
But in the most beautiful way.
From cloth diapering to delayed vaccinations, medicated deliveries to emergency c-sections, labor updates and delivery stories, frilly pinks and bold blues, we were there for each other throughout it all, no matter our differences.
We stood by each other when at times, it really seemed like we had no one else.
And amongst the santimommy drama and finger pointing naysayers, we knew that if anyone tried to pull us down, we had a fierce force standing beside us ready to pull us back up.
And now, as I sit here thinking and laughing back on all of the late night gabs and early morning chit-chats, I’m left feeling so very fortunate to have found this group of amazing, strong, intelligent, talented and beautiful women.
We’ve now all had our little babes, and get to share in the funny stories, night time temper tantrums, milestones, and Mombie tricks, like how to get the perfect iced coffee.
I’ll share the secrete.
Make a fresh pot, pour yourself a nice big cup and then get distracted by your child.
Come back to that nice big cup of once hot coffee two hours later, and plop two ice cubes it in.
The perfect iced coffee.
You didn’t want it hot anyways.
I’ve gotten to experience pregnancy and motherhood with this group of amazing mothers, and for that, I will always be grateful, because I’ve not only gotten life long friends out of them, but my daughter will grow up knowing who they are and who their children are.
She will always have a strong group of woman who love her.
I’ve built my Mom Tribe.
Build yours too.