perfect haus

Pokemon: Hau, What Are You Hiding?

Hey guys! This is for the anon who requested number 16 for the Christmas prompts for Haudion. I really hope you like this anon! So, please enjoy, and thank you for requesting! :D

Hau had a secret that he was hiding. After getting some help from Sun, the young trainer found out about something called The Matsuda Method. His rival was happy to help by giving him a pokemon called ditto. The boy said that it was a special one, and it would help him find the perfect gift for Gladion. Hau could not be any happier. And so, after hatching endless amount of eggs, the brunet was finally able to get what he was looking for. A shiny zubat! Smiling down at the dusk ball he left the small green bat go into, Hau really hoped the mysterious blond would like it.

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