perfect hairs from start to finish

A Wolfstar Imagine

Remus and Sirius going on a date at the school grounds one day while everyone else goes to Hogsmeade

• Remus and Sirius sitting by the lake
• Sirius laying his head in his boyfriend’s lap as Remus rambles about a book he just finished
• Remus absentmindedly running his fingers through Sirius’s hair
• Untangling all the knots because ‘goddammit Padfoot why don’t you brush your hair?’
• Sirius retaliating by throwing fallen flower petals at Remus
• Remus scooping them up softly in his hand
• Thinking about how they match the perfect pink of Sirius’s lips when he smiles at him from across the room
• Sirius feeling Remus carefully sweep his hair into a braid
• His fingers moving delicately across the crown of Sirius’s head
• Intricately weaving the petals into Sirius’s hair
• Sirius slowly starting to fall asleep
• Remus noticing his boyfriend resting and settling his gaze across the water
• Wondering how he, the monster, became so lucky to be so in love and loved

Vernon- No Walking Tomorrow

I went a little overboard with this one. -L

The music echoed around the practice room and Vernon’s sneakers squeaked on the smooth, shiny floors. You sat on the folding chair in the corner, waiting for him to finish for the night. He had promised this would be the last run through for the night, as it was starting to get late. The song built to a crescendo as he danced, finishing out the number. Everything was perfect about him from the way his tight jeans held his legs to the way his hair swayed, heavy with sweat. Well, everything but his face actually. He looked too serious and you laughed to yourself for a moment. The last note echoed throughout the room as he crumpled over slightly, panting and tired. He looked over at your face and you tried to hide your laughter.

           “What’s with that face, babe?” he asked, walking towards you, “Something funny about me?”

           “Not at all, silly,” you replied, smirking. He reached you and leaned down to wrap his arms around your shoulders. “Ew, babe! You’re so sweaty!”

           “Suck it up,” he laughed, reaching for a bottle of water that sat behind you. He stood up and took a long gulp. “I think that’s all for today. Ready to go?” You nodded and stood up, taking his hand and leaving for home.

           Your filled the kettle for tea and turned, hearing Vernon walk into the kitchen. He reached into the cupboard and grabbed a snack. He then continued over to you and laid a quick kiss on your cheek.

           “I’m gonna take a quick shower, okay babe?” You nodded and he left the room. Standing alone in the kitchen, you pulled out a mug for yourself and found your tea from the cupboard. After a few minute the water was ready and you poured it into the mug. It would take a bit to steep, so you decided to go change into your PJ’s. You walked down the short hall to your bedroom. You could feel the steam escaping under the bathroom door as the shower was turned off. Once inside you began to strip down. You grabbed a pair of clean underwear and an old t-shirt and threw them on the bed. Taking the last article of clothing off, you heard a chuckle from the doorway. Vernon was standing there, towel wrapped around his waist and droplets of water slowly dripping down from his hair to his smooth chest below. You raised your eyebrow at him as he walked into the room towards you. You tried to reach over to your PJ’s but he stopped your hand midway. You turned to face him.


           “You look so good just like that babe,” he whispered into your ear, leaning forward. Water dripped onto your shoulder and you shuddered. He reached around you and laced his fingers around your waist. You could feel the warmth of his bare chest against yours.

           “Is there something that you want, babe?” you smirked, laughing as Vernon ran his needy hands all over you.

           “You,” he whispered into your collar, “I want you so bad.” He kissed your neck slowly, dragging his over you as your thoughts were overtaken by his warm breath.

           “Then have me.” The words barely escaped your lips before he turned you around and pushed you back onto the bed. Your head hit the pillow as he climbed over you. His mouth began to explore you starting by your ears and working its way down your torso. He teased your hips and came back up to your collar. You reached up to pull his head to yours. He grabbed your wrists and held them down on the pillows, pinning you in place. You resisted and he just held harder. You whimpered under his control and he just laughed.

           “You have to behave, baby. No touching.” You squirmed under him. “I know baby. Shh. Just let me make you feel good.” His mouth returned to your neck, sucking at your skin until it was dark and bruised. He sat up to inspect his work. Satisfied with it he leaned back down and whispered as he nibbled on your ear. “You’re mine baby…” he began, but was drowned out by a groan escaping your lips. “Does my baby want something?” You nodded. “That’s what I thought. If I let go do you promise to keep still?” You nodded again, squirming with anticipation. He finally released your wrists and shifted back. Looking up at your pleading face he held onto your hips, fingers digging into your ass as he inched closer.

           He started with a slow lick, gradually speeding up. The more sounds you made, the harder he went. Before you knew it, his face was buried deep inside you. He came up for air, smiling and panting, and left kisses up and down your thighs before returning. His tongue on your clit sent a shiver up your spine and he began to suck on it. You squirmed ever more and he took it as a message to go harder. You were practically screaming as he removed one hand from your pelvis and inserted two fingers inside of you. They barely fit as they curled upwards, hitting you just right.  

           “Vernon…ah!” you gasped. Your breath was getting shorter by the second. You strained against the one hand still pinning you to the bed. It was no use. He growled into you and swirled his tongue on your clit, fingers still pushing against your insides. The combination was too much and your mind went blank, your body flailing uncontrollably under him. He kept going through your climax, keeping you at your high for as long as possible. When you finally laid still, panting, he leaned up and rested his head on your chest for a moment. His arms reached around you and held you close. After he regained in own breath he sat up and looked at you lying under him. He groaned and you finally noticed his hard cock pressing against your leg. He realized what you’d just discovered and moved back, giving you space. Sadly, moving back just gave him a better view of you, wet and sensitive. He bit his lip, trying to resist you knowing how sensitive you got after you came. You smirked and beckoned him down towards you. He inched forward to hear your gravelly voice.

           “You can do whatever you want to me, Vernon,” you whispered.

           “You sure, babe?”

           “Yes. Come on, it’s torturous to watch your face like this.” He let out a sigh of relief and took your head in his hands, giving you’re a short by strong kiss. He sat up and looked back down at you again. His hand went down to his hard cock, giving it a few pumps before positioning himself in front of you. He neared you and looked up for the okay. You nodded and he slowly pushed himself inside of you. He groaned and let out the breath he’s been holding.

           “Oh, babe…” he smirked leaning down to give you a final kiss, “You might regret this in the morning.” You looked up, confused. “You’ll regret it when you can’t even try to walk. God, I’m gonna fuck you so hard.”

           “We’ll see,” you taunted. He sat up with a devious look across his face.

           “I accept the challenge,” he replied as he took hold of your hips. Before you could even tell what he was doing he pulled out and rammed back into you, taking your breath away. “Mmmhmm. That’s what I thought.” He did it again and again, making your moan. “Oh that’s just the beginning, babe.” He smiled and reached down, lifting you so you were on his lap. “Hold on baby.” You wrapped your legs around him and he held you up as he turned his body and got off the bed. He walked the two of you over to an empty portion of the wall and pushed you against it, pinning you with his chest. He began to pump up into you, suspended on the wall. You whimpered every time his hard cock pushed back in. He growled into your chest as he felt you tightening on his cock.

           “Vernon…I’m gonna…” you managed to force out.

           “Come for me baby. I’ve got you.”

           You felt his cock hit you just right, driving you out of reality again. He kept going, pumping up and down even faster. You had lost control but he held you there. He went faster and faster, groaning as you moaned against him. A moan began to escape his lips and he held you tighter, letting his entire weight lean against you in order to keep you both from falling down. His legs quivered as he came, filling you, and sloppily kissing any part of your skin he could find. When he was done he let out a sigh and carried you back to bed. He laid you down and gave you a kiss on the forehead.

           “I think I need another shower. You okay?”

           “Yeah. I’m just gonna lie down. I don’t think I can walk to the shower right now.”

           “I told you babe.” He laughed as he walked towards the door. “I love you.”

           “I love you too, Vernon


Last piece for December and for the year :D I haven’t done celshading with line art and special effects for a while, and the French translator for Carciphona asked for a badass Meron drawing which is the perfect opportunity for all of the above!! I gave her way too much hair but how can I stop myself from drawing my favourite thing ;-;


  • High resolution jpgs
  • Step by step work in progress screenshots
  • big, layered PSD file
  • full videos of the drawing process from start to finish

For this piece for my patrons of $5/$10/$15 at :D

Okay, so the hair isn’t perfect, but it really is my first hair that I’ve completed from start to finish. I did all the original colors, shine and no shine. The knockers are accessories found in the hat category and has 20 swatches. I’m going to be honest, this hair does not look good in lighter colors, but they are still there. I’ll probably have this uploaded in a few days, I haven’t finished the lower lods.

My Heart Belongs To You

Summary: After Mikasa accepts an invitation to prom and begins a relationship with her date, things change between her and Eren. He finds it difficult to be around Mikasa without wishing he was the one dating her. But it’s not because he’s in love with her, or anything. Nope. Definitely not.

Pairing: eremika | Word Count: 10.9k | FFnet/AO3

A/N: because we all need a little more pining!Eren in our lives


Eren was exhausted. Early summer weather always made him tired, and coupled with the extra schoolwork from teachers racing to finish their curriculum just meant Eren really needed a break. And the upcoming holiday weekend was the perfect time to sleep, starting as soon as he got home.

If only his mom didn’t have another idea.

He doesn’t even get inside the front door before his mom’s pulling on his arm, all but dragging him up the stairs. Her hair, usually swept neatly to the site, hangs loose and messy around her head, and she looks nervous when faces him. “Hurry and get changed,” she says, tugging his backpack from his shoulders and dropping it by his door.

“Hey!” Eren complains, wincing a little under his mom’s hold. She always squeezes too tight when she’s stressed. “I’ve got library books in there.”

“And you spent too long in the library. I tried to call you, Eren. We’re late.”

She lets go and Eren shrugs, leaning against his doorframe with his arms crossed. “My phone died. And late for what?” His mom fixes him with a blank stare, raising her eyebrows after a moment of Eren mimicking the expression. “What?”

“Prom pictures?”

“Oh,” Eren says. “Yeah. Forgot about that.”

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despite having one of the worst weeks of my life (medically) I was able to complete 95% of two dresses start to finish. neither are perfect but luckily the pattern for both is 100% the same from the bust down. it’s just the neckline and sleeves that are different!

I made the pattern myself using my waist measurement/ 6 (for the 6 skirt panels) then tapering it out closer to the bottom to make that wider. I am going to sew a horse hair braid in to keep the shape better! I used plastic wrap and masking tape to make the pattern for the top. by literally drawing out the shapes out on the masking tape once while on my body was covered. Luckily she wears hers with two darts one up from the waist band to the nipple, and one from the armpit that stops about 1.5 inches from the nipple. so once you have your body shape in plastic wrap and masking tape. cut out the waist band and neckline. then “flatten” out your breast area by cutting the darts into the form until it lays flat. Boom! You have your pattern! cut and sew accordingly! super simple!


P U M P K I N P A R T Y:

I got off work early and Kevin and I got everything done just in time. I had literally JUST finished fixing up my hair when Ginny rang the door bell it was perfect timing.

The best thing about having people over (apart from having people over) is that it motivates you do so some super cleaning and fixing up the house. We finally starting putting some things up on our gallery wall.

It was so so much fun being the host and having everyone come out into the sticks to our little place. Everyone was so relaxed, happy and laughing. I’m pretty sure if none of us had responsibilities today then we could have hung out hours more.

I decided to go all Pinterest and made a candy corn punch which was layers of orange soda, yellow Gatorade, and vitamin water lemonade. It looked real cool and tasted good too! We had that drink with our savory foods– the main dish was my Dad’s famous cheese dip recipe. It was a hit.

Once we moved on to dessert, including the cutest cookies @thestoryofusplus made, I put together the butter beer. It was a brown sugar/butter/cream mixture mixed with cream soda and topped with home made whipped cream. So delicious and so full of sugar it kept me up till almost midnight! I had seen so many difference Pinterest recipes for butter beer that I’m glad the one I chose worked out.

And my pumpkins: I went for a mini candy corn one and an embellished black one.

I had all these plans of taking tons of photos of all the details for the Peach Sisters blog but once everyone got there I was so excited to chat that I completely forgot. We did however use Kevin’s (pink) selfie stick at the end to get some group photos. Those things are harder to use than one would think.

All in all, I loved hosting. Loved having such a fun and relaxed evening with these girls. And would totally host many more parties as long as they’re willing to make the drive to our house.