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  • Andrew: "I stand on the edge of this roof because I am profoundly terrified of heights, but at least I feel something, which is a relief from my usual soul-deep apathy."
  • Neil: "The smell of cigarette smoke comforts me because it reminds me of the time I burned the body of my dead mother and buried her bones by the sea."
  • Both: "Let's date."

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This last episode of Oxenfree is //such// an anti video. Jack even said the game might have been the reason his mic had problems, and I'm just sitting here like 'Okay but what about anti? Have you thought about anti?'

I’m so conflicted because I love that he’s playing it right now but I also agree that it’s the perfect game for Anti…If he played it back in October it would have been even more amazing than it already was!

Plot Twist: Anti is real

151gijinka  asked:

Pokemon Sun and Moon, with their characters, story, ost, and designs, are among the very best ever in the series. And I'm not afraid to say that so no anon uwu

Agreed! I really liked the game.. While I wish they did more… Unique things for the trials (like the dark trial had us take photos), it was a refreshing game. I’ve been a fan since Red and Blue and while I love Pokemon, it just didn’t feel special for a while. It lost it’s “spark” for me. It was the same game over and over with just new characters and graphics… While I still played them for a long time (I stopped at some point.. Heard B/W was pretty good but I have no idea), I didn’t feel excited until S/M hype came around (also bc I can finally relate to one, since my household is primarily Hawaiian and Filipino). It’s not a PERFECT game, but it’s definitely a good one in my book.

Glad Pokemon’s getting a little bit of change for once! Also hyped for the re-release of Pokemon Snap! That shit was my JAM back in the day.

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  • Victor: about a hundred times I thought you were gonna give up, Yurio. What kept you going?
  • Yuri: hate.