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RFA+SV - MC gets a...pic from...some...guy...ok, I don’t know how to title this one.

Ok, to start off:  I am ALWAYS taking funny prompts.  I’m actually a fluff writer, but there’s a lot of crossover between funny and cute.  And it’s therapeutic for me.  I can do the angst thing, but writing happy stuff makes me happy!

Secondly:  so, like is this safe for work?  Not safe for work?  I don’t know!  D8

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Late night out - Sam x Reader

Warnings!: Reader gets drunk, but yeah

Word Count: 1,080

Summary: Y/N goes out for a girls night and when she comes home drunk, Sam helps her get off to bed. 

A/N: You guys, lately my creativity has been a constant stream and i fw it for real. Also, just in general, stay tuned boo. 

It had been a while since you had a night out with the girls. Life was busy as a hunter, always on the move. However, this job landed you back in your hometown and you saw it as a perfect opportunity to catch up with friends.

You slipped on a little black dress and some complementary heels. The leather dress wrapped tightly around your body, outlining your natural curves. Your hair fell over your shoulder as you finished applying your lipstick. Wow. You were pleased with the end result and excitment started to build up. Your phone vibrated and you looked down to see a text from one of your friends. 

‘Be here in 10 minutes. Can’t wait to see you!!’

You grabbed your purse and exited the bathroom. 

Sam and Dean each laid on one of the motel’s beds. Dean flipped through endless pages of whatever magazine he was reading, but Sams eyes immediately looked up from his laptop. His eyes went slightly wide and he did a double take at the stunning image of you. 

“Y/N,” Sam stammered. “Where to?” He looked to be in awe. You laughed knowing you must’ve really caught him off guard. 

“Decided to take a night off.” You said, double checking your purse to make sure you had everything. 

Dean looked up from his magazine and he, too, was stunned. “Who’s the lucky guy?” He teased. 

“Just a night out with the girls.” You laughed, walking towards the door. “Don’t worry though, I won’t be too late.” 

Dean started to say something but you left the room, cutting him off. The boys loved you dearly and you knew they just wanted you to be safe and responsibile. And they never failed to make sure you knew this. Which you did, you were old enough to take care of yourself and it wasn’t their job to babysit you. Afterall, you just worked with them, nothing more. 


Music blared through the speakers as you danced, holding your drink high. This was your fifth drink? You felt a bit queasy but still jumped as the lights roamed over the crowd. In one quick slosh, vodka hit the back of your throat, sending a warm feeling down your throat. Panic rushed through you as you remembered that you didn’t know where your purse was. 

You pushed through the crowd of people who were all dancing on each other and some even tried to latch onto you. You just shook them off though and suddenly the music became more present than ever. Your hands clasped over your ears as they started to ring. Finally, you found your purse and immediately checked your phone. It had been an hour since you had lost track of your friends in the crowd and still no sign of them. Without hesitation, you grabbed your belongings and headed for the exit door. 

The cold nights air hit you when you stepped outside. It actually didn’t bother you, not compared to the heat inside. The motel was only two blocks over, so you began your walk, finding comfort in the cool air. 

Halfway to the motel, you looked up to the sky. It wasn’t cloudly at all, in fact you could see many constellations. Each one was fascinating and more than interesting to look at. You smiled, looking away from the sky and wondering what else could be out there. You laughed as you thought of the angels in heaven. They are out there afterall. One normal night did not mean one normal life. This life belonged strictly to the abnormal. 

You stumbled into the motel, a giggling mess but clasped a hand over your mouth when you saw Dean passed out on the bed. Not wanting to disturb dean, you slowly turned around, closing the door. When you turned around, Sam stood in the bathroom doorway, brushing his teeth. You jumped, startled by his sudden presence. However, you forget that you had heels on and when you landed, you lost your balance causing your foot to fall sideways, sending you to the ground. 

“Damn it!” You cried out, holding onto your ankle. 

Sam rushed over to you, toothbrush still in his mouth causing you to bust out laughing. “Sam!” You exclaimed. 

It didnt take long for Sam to piece together that you were drunk. He grinned, rolling his eyes as you threw your head back laughing. 

“We need to get you off the floor, Y/N. Come on.” Sam struggled to say as his toothbrush still took up space in his mouth. You felt your self being lifted off of the tile floor and placed onto Sam’s bed. 

Sam walked into the bathroom, quickly rinsing off his toothbrush and sitting it down on the counter. 

“I’ll be easy on you since you definitely just sprained your ankle.” Sam pointed out as he sat beside you. 

“You couldn’t be tough on me even if you wanted to.” You laughed, reaching out and poking his nose. “Boop!” 

“Quiet, quiet, if you wake up Dean, he’s going to be pissed.” Sam snickered. Of course Sam wouldn’t be hard on you. He understood that things got hard at times and sometimes it can help to just have even a moment of normalcy. Dean was always more hesitant when it came to you being on your own for anything. It wasn’t that he didn’t trust you, he just cared too much for you. Dean felt like he had to look out for you. 

You nodded, laying back on the bed and ignoring your ankle, which was starting to swell. 

“Should probably get some ice on that.” Sam suggested. You shrugged him off though. 

“I feel okay, actually would you bring me a bottle of water, my throat is not feeling its best.” You admitted sitting back up. Sam stood up, walking over to the fridge and grabbing a water for you. 

“Heads up.” Sam said, gently tossing the water bottle to you. You caught it in your hands and the cold plastic burned your hands. You unscrewed the cap though and took a sip. The cold water hit your teeth, sending shivers throughout your body. 

“Get some sleep,” Sam said, lifting the blankets up and laying them over you all at once. “Job starts tomorrow.” 

“But Sam,” You asked, a sense of worry washing over you, “What if my ankle isn’t better by tomorrow.” 

“It will be.” Sam smiled at you once more before flickering the lights off. 

Dance Lessons

Finally, this fic from hell is finished! I wanted to do something a little lighter since the only two pieces I’ve written so far have been pretty angsty. I want to thank @noctigar for helping me through this crazy time and giving me a little piece to work with. Without further adieu, I give you Dance Lessons

AO3 Link here

“Let’s try again,” Luna insisted. She released Noctis’ hand and stepped away to restart the music. Her heels clicked against the polished ballroom floor. Each click echoed against the walls. She restarted the music and quickly returned to her position as the intro filled the air.

“Loosen up,” she said with a small smile.

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G dragon smut #2 “Blindfolded”

Originally posted by hellyeahgdragon

Note: This gifs are not mine, all the credit to the owner.

“I really wanna try something new tonight” Ji yong says to you as he touches your arm “Really?”…you were at his apartment just chilling with the others members and their guests. The two of you sneaked out of the living room leaving the others.

“So tell me more about it” you’re looking in the fridge for a drink. He’s right beside you, smiling proud of himself “You have to be patient babe… you don’t want to ruin it” now you’re so intrigued (What could it be?) “Just tell me something” you put your arms around his waist pulling him close to you. He just gave you a gaze “Is gonna hurt?” you are now so close to his face. He was about to answer when he appeared “Get a room you two” Seungri enters the kitchen laughing at you “You’re so funny Seungri” Ji yong said sarcastically “I already know that hyung… come on! the movie is about to start” (Perfect timing Seungri oppa).

The movie was great at least from what you hear from the others, cause you didn’t pay attention “Wow I didn’t expect that ending!” Daesung says to his guest, that girl is pretty but she’s so shy. “Ok! it’s getting late” TOP says “Yeah, I think is time to go” Young Bae says too, hugging his gf “But is not even that late… it’s only past midnight” Seungri just says “Yeah! That’s late” TOP stands up “Didn’t you have a date for tonight? With the girl from…” Ji yong has starting to say when Seungri interrupts him “I cancelled for you guys” he says “Yeah! Sure you did hahaha” Daesung says. Everyone are laughing…They finally left!

Ji yong went to say goodbye so you was alone in the apartment and you are at the kitchen cleaning the mess. You heard the door opens “Why it took you so long?” you asked but there’s no answer. You turn around but Ji yong is not there (What the hell?! I swear I heard the door!). You’re a little freaked out, you left the kitchen and went to the living room…nobody is there. (Ok this is getting ridiculous!) “Ji yong I swear to god that if you scare me I’m going to…”. Suddenly you hear a sound coming from the bedroom. You hesitated but by now you just want to know what is going on…so you went there.

You open the door to find… nothing again. When out of nowhere someone hugs you from behind catching your arms. You scream “Its ok babe…it’s me” Ji yong whispers in your ear. “I’m going to enjoy this and so do you” He captures your neck, his tongue licking the skin where your neck meets your collarbone. He kisses you and you kiss him back, he suck the end of your tongue while his hands were unbuttoning and taking off your blouse. Then you notice he had something in his hand by the time you realize what it was… he blindfolded you. “I’m gonna make you feel so good babe” he guided you to bed. Ji yong put your hands above your head to the headboard using a tie to tie your wrists together. “Ji yong…” “Shhh its ok I’ll take care of you”. He says as he puts a finger over your mouth. He climbed on top of you kissing your lips hungrily and groaning in your mouth. Your tongues slip out and touch.

Ji yong fingertips where across the top of your back, touching your bra clasp. He took it off…now his lips leaves yours. You was about to complain but before you can even mutter a syllable, his mouth is sucking your nipple. You’ve always enjoyed when he kiss or touch your body but this time being private to see or move is ten thousand times better. His hand is in your panties and you let out a moan when his fingers find your entrance. And then his mouth leaves your breast just to go down your body with his tongue licking it all the way down. You can feel his breath near your clit which makes you go insane. “Please… don’t tease babe” you practically beg. He is licking up and down your clit, suckling lightly again, then going back to just flicking the end of his tongue against it. “OMG Ji…” you moan.

“You taste so good” he is pushing your hips against his mouth “Oh god!!!” you almost scream. Before you get your orgasm his mouth leaves you and you can hear the smile in his voice “I knew you would love this”…

“Fuck… you look so damn hot. Blindfolded. Completely under my control” he puts something on you “What is that?” you asked a little too excited. He doesn’t even have to answer, as soon as your words came out your mouth you felt a shock rush through your whole body starting in between your legs paralyzing you for less than a second “Ohhh…” the pleasure was incredible you can’t control yourself. You arch your back sticking your knees together. It’s a vibrator. You felt his hands trying to separate your knees again, you try to fight back but it doesn’t work. He spread your legs keeping them like that. “Ji yong!!!” you’re moaning his name. You starting to feel your orgasm coming just like before but this time is a lot more intense… and then again he stopped just in time. You’re so angry now “Fuck!!! What I did to you?” you said breathlessly “Are you getting mad?” Ji yong reached your neck kissing it gently. You’re about to answer when you felt it again but this time the feeling is overwhelming. Is faster this time “Oh shit!” you’re keeping your legs together trying to minimize the feeling. He’s kissing your lips biting them a little. You tilted your head back and now he’s sucking your neck “Please let me come!!!” but he stopped one more time.

“Sorry babe” he said “I hate you so much right now” you said sincerely “You’re gonna love me again when we finish here” you felt how he grabs your legs spreading them apart . His arms are going down your lower back pushing you close to him. “Ohhh…fuck!” you’re feeling his cock lightly touching your clit “I’m the only one allowed to make you come” Ji yong’s hands press against your hips, and you pout up at him. He kisses you again licking your bottom lip, before pushing your legs out further, and rubbing his cock once more against your clit teasing you.

“Fuck me already!” and then you feel it. He’s going down deeper inside you. His dick comes out wet. “You’re soaking baby” Ji yong presses the head into you and you gasp. He pushes hard into you, and you feel yourself stretching around him. Your body is shaking. He is sliding in and out of you so fast now “Come babe come for me!!!”. Both of you came at the same time. Your orgasm hits you so hard, you can’t control yourself, your legs are shaking and your arch your back to the point it hurts.

He takes away the band from your eyes kissing you passionately as he release your wrists. You hugged him “Do you still hate me?” he’s smiling pretending to be sad “Ask me later” a smile shows on your face “You doesn’t seem angry anymore” his nose touched yours and you kiss him.


This isn’t even exaggerating, but I legit started crying at this point. Actual, heaving, confused but happy tears. I’ve cried of sadness watching something before, but never in my entire life have I cried relieved tears of joy. This show has me wrecked

It’s just I am so godamn proud of Yuuri. He’s done so well. And that last amazing jump was all for Viktor. And Viktor was so moved by it. My heart.

Like Yuuri let slip to Nishigori before the Onsen on Ice, a part of him wants to surpass Viktor. But here it’s shown that it’s to ‘surpass Viktor’s wildest’s imagination’. In other words, he wants to become stronger to impress Viktor, to be on equal ground with him. And isn’t that why he started skating and aiming for the Grand Prix? So he could stand by Viktor as someone worthy. 

Yuuri is at his very best quite simply when he’s thinking of Viktor. Viktor commented on it before, that when Yuuri had something on his mind he tended to flub his jumps. It shows that whatever goes on in Yuuri’s head has a direct impact on his skating. Each Eros routine got better and better the more he thought of Viktor. For the first one, he knew ‘who he was skating for’. The second one started off with him paying too much attention to the audience but then thinking of how he was trying to seduce Viktor. And for the third, absolutely perfect, one, he had Viktor on his mind the whole time.

In his free skate here, he thought of Viktor from the get-go, and kept thinking of him throughout. He attempted an amazing quad flip at the very end, impressing and wowing everyone, simply because he wanted to wow Viktor. 

Just by being someone Yuuri wants to impress and show off to, Viktor is helping him skate his very best skate. Yuuri is absolutely amazing but he skates with soul, and he wouldn’t have come into his own under any other coach’s guidance but Viktor’s. 

Strawberry Cake

Have some fluffy Gadge and Eversee friendship! 


Because true love is best friends. And maybe cute boys with cake.

“You’re killing the foam,” Katniss points out and Madge blinks, comes back to the moment.

“Huh?” she asks, can feel her cheeks start to heat up at being caught spacing out.

“The foam,” Katniss repeats, points at Madge’s mug. Madge looks down at her hot chocolate and sees that she’s been stirring absentmindedly this whole time, effectively killing the whip cream on top.

“So?” Katniss asks and Madge looks back at her in confusion.

“So what?”

Katniss rolls her eyes.“What’s wrong?”

Madge thinks of saying ‘nothing’, but she doubts Katniss would believe her. Her eyes drift a little over Katniss’ head and land on the shiny cupid hanging from the ceiling. She sighs.

“Well, it’s just…this was supposed to be our fist Valentine’s Day together, but Gale’s busy all day.” Katniss’ eyebrows draw together and she looks like she might say something, so Madge hurries to continue,  "I mean, I’m not angry at him or anything, and it’s not really that important. I’m used to spending it alone, and I don’t need a day to know Gale loves me, I already know that.“ She pauses for a moment and Katniss looks a little lost.

Madge sighs. "But…I guess it’s just a little sad, having to spend this one alone when I actually have someone to spend it with. And you don’t need to say anything, Ms Valentine’s-Day-is-totally-pointless, I know I’m being silly. I just…” Madge trails off in a sigh, wishes paper hearts weren’t mocking her from every corner of the cafe. Katniss doesn’t say anything and Madge doesn’t look at her, doesn’t need to see that Katniss thinks she’s being stupid.

“Why don’t you come to my place,” Katniss says and Madge jerks her head up in surprise.

“What?” she asks because Katniss tends to turn into a hermit on February fourteenth, hides away to avoid what she thinks is the dumbest “holiday” around.

“We could…watch movies and stuff,” Katniss answers, sounds a little embarrassed.

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, I mean, I’d probably be sitting at home watching movies anyway. Why not do it with you?”

Madge beams.

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Let the Stars Watch

Fandom: Left 4 Dead
Pairing: Nick/Ellis
Rating: M (18+)
Word Count: 4,517
Summary: Nick finds the perfect moment to tell Ellis how he feels. Based on the song ‘Eavesdrop’ by the Civil Wars.

A/N: Thanks to Catty ( mintsharpie​/ellislash​ ) for being a good beta and encouraging me to keep writing in general. 

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anonymous asked:

What do you think is Michael Jackson's greatest vocal performance?

oh wow! what an awesome question! alright, i have always gotten chills from human nature live at wembley stadium, the vocals aren’t stereotypically perfect but it just gives me chills.

that being said, i think there are a few greatest ones. 

  • the end of his 1988 grammy performance when there’s a gospel choir slays (x, start at 7:22).
  • the end of the earth song performance in brunei (x) is incredible and proves that he still got it :’)
  • his performance of you were there is beautiful (x)
  • his performance of gone too soon here (start at 2:10) makes me cry

so many more really, but those were off the top of my head. sorry this was more than you asked for but i can’t choose just one! <3 thanks for the ask! 

Shawn Mendes Imagine

“Time and distance don’t mean anything
when I know we will embrace and hold each other
again… one day… someday…”


“I love you (Y/N), you know that right?” My boyfriend Shawn said to me, I slowly nodded whilst looking at my laptop screen, his eyes were already red and sleepy, well we have been skyping for over 4 hours now “I know, and I love you more, babe we should get to sleep, I can’t wait to finally see you in 2 days” I told him with a lot of excitement in my voice, he chuckled a bit and nodded “I can’t wait to finally hold you in my arms, sleep well beautiful” he spoke gently and I blew him a kiss and gave him a little wave before shutting my laptop.
Okay so let me tell you this from the beginning;

It all started when me and my friend Lexi were fooling around on YouTube, and we happen to stumble upon this video of a guy singing, so we thought why not and I clicked on it, suddenly this guy appears holding a guitar and he introduced himself as Shawn Mendes and started to sing A Drop In The Ocean by Ron Pope, something immediately made me fall for him, his voice was perfection and I was mesmerized by it.

When the video ended I posted a comment saying ‘Wow, you’re amazing :)’ I never thought he would actually reply but minutes later he did! He replied with ‘thank you so much, beautiful’ I was literally screaming, I mean I fell hard for this guy who I don’t know anything about just his name, I didn’t know what else to say so I just replied with ‘You’re welcome’, again after moments he said ‘do you have a twitter?’ And I replied ‘yeah I do, its @(Y/T/N) {your twitter name}’ I quickly checked my phone and he followed me and I immediately followed back, he dm’ed me his phone number and said we should talk. And we did.

We started talking daily and after a month we started skyping every single day, we came really really close and I fell harder and harder everyday. We went from being strangers, to friends then best friends, even though I’ve known him for a couple of months we were comfortable enough around eachother to tell our secrets and mostly everything. One day I got this really long text message from Shawn declaring his love for me and saying that we should maybe get together after I read the whole thing he called and I confessed that I actually liked him ever since I saw his video, we laughed for a slight moment before him asking me to be his girlfriend and screamed yes! Literally.
~2 days later~

I smiled looking myself in the mirror, today was the day that Shawn was coming to see me, I was happy and at the same time so nervous, my stomach was doing flips and I felt like my heart was going to drop down ” (Y/N)! Come on we have to go!” Lexi yelled from downstairs and I quickly grabbed my phone and ran down “Bye mom” I yelled and walked out of the house going to Lexi’s car, I smiled and got in and waited till she got in and started the car “You exited?” She asked me whilst pulling out of the driveway and drove towards the airport “more than exited, I’m finally going to meet my baby” I cooed and heard Lexi giggle and made an ‘awwwwwwwww’ sound.

The drive to the airport was fast, surprisingly and Shawn’s plane just landed, so we were there just in time, Lexi of course wanted to film our first meeting and I told her she could. I walked inside and made my way through the people, I made a left turn and I saw Shawn dragging his suitcase behind him, I squealed and ran as fast as I can to him, he saw me and had this huge smile on his lips.

I jumped on him and wrapped my legs around his waist and he caught me and hugged me tightly,

I am seriously the happiest girl right now, I burried my face into his neck, we said nothing to each other for a while but I broke the silence ” I’m so glad you’re here” I told him and kissed his cheek, he made me lift my head up so I can see his face and he smiled “I’m glad I’m here with you” he spoke and leaned in placing his lips onto of mine, I kissed him back gently whilst cupping his cheeks.

We had our first kiss…


This is the reality : If I was lighter, people wouldn’t be this way with me, if I was lighter, he would still talk to me, if I was lighter, I’ll probably get the job that I want,if I was lighter, I wouldn’t be this rejected & the list goes on & on ( maybe i’m too intense for this one but i think you get the idea behind this bruhh )

So, please lightskinned people, acknowledge your motherfucking privilege within our community before you talk about “Black Issues” or “PoC Issues”, I don’t fucking care if some people once bully you because you were “ lightskinned”, o please, there’s more people out there that will treat better because you’re lighter than people that will treat you bad. You’re never told you’re ugly because of the fact you’re lightskiined, in comparison with darkskinned people or even brownskin people who get told their skin color is too dark therefore too ugly
If I talk to you about colorism& how it affects me, would you like to :

It is lowkey annoying me when lightksinned are proud to be lightskinned tf you’re proud of? You’re privileged, tell your pride to sit down wtf, i’m sorry but it’s so pretentious & you don’t help PoC communities by doing this, yes be proud of you but please, acknowledge your lightskinned privilege.

Some of them ( esp the mixed ones) will think that they’re perfect or some shits because they’re both from different/opposite races therefore, it will end racism HAHA SIKE, racism is bigger than someone not talking to me because of my blackness, people are so uneducated on this topic,wow

Plus, some of them ( i’m talking about the lightskinned who are mixed; parents of different races again haha) have the audacity to claim that they’re black or part of any other nbpoc group BUT in the same breathe they be insulting us, and disrespect us, wow, how dare you.

Even people with a darker skin who gets lighter because of some cream bleach starts this shitty “ superior attitude because yo im lighter”, please you aren’t special because of that, you’re just privilged lmfao, calm down

Same thing for white passing PoC

medievaldean  asked:

are you still taking prompts? because I have one :two music majors who regularly use adjacent practice rooms at the same ungodly hours of the night/morning AU

Dean whistles, twirling his headphones on his fingers.

It’s absolutely silent in the dark hallway, but that’s how Dean likes it. The practice rooms were a complete mess during the day, all the underclassmen scuffling and scrapping for some rehearsal time—but Dean’s too old for that shit. So he may or may not have bribed Ash to give his ID access to the building past midnight. 

And anyway. Music just sounded better at 2 o’ clock in the morning.

Sammy can bitch all he likes, but Dean’s not worried about getting caught. He’s been doing this for nearly two years, and he’s never seen another soul down here. He’s golden.

He hikes up his bag on his shoulder, and pulls open the door, third one on the right—

And stops dead. Because someone’s already in there.

The dude looks up, a slightly puzzled expression on his face. Dean stares back.

“Can I help you?” The guy asks eventually, raising an eyebrow.


Dean furrows his brow. He vaguely recognizes the guy, remembering the gossip about the new transfer student. The music department was small, and fresh blood was rare. His first day caused a lot of gawking. (Dean may have been part of that gawking too, but nobody needs to know that.)

“The building’s closed,” he ends up saying. Oh, great. Good one, Winchester.

The guy looks him up and down, absently plucking the strings on his guitar. He’s all hooked to the amp already and everything.

"Doesn’t seem to be stopping you.”

Dean blinks a little. 


He shrugs, gesturing around.

“Yeah. I always practice here. This is my practice room.”

“There are three others right next door,” the guy says idly, turning back to his guitar.

Dean narrows his eyes. 

"The tuning’s better in here,” he says shortly.

The guy looks up at that, then glances towards the piano in the corner.

“You?” He asks, his lips curling up slightly. “Piano?”

Dean crosses his arms defensively. “Yeah? And?”

The guy raises a hand. “Nothing.”

He laughs a little.

“You just don’t seem the type.”

Dean rankles. Yes, he knows he doesn’t exactly look the type to be majoring in classical piano, but he’s awesome at it, and he’s already proved time and again that if anyone wanted to give him shit for it, he was more than capable than kicking their ass. Including Mr. Wannabe Rockstar.

“Well, you don’t seem the type to be an douche, yet here we are,” he shoots back.

The guy raises his eyebrows slightly, but doesn’t say anything. Dean spreads his hands.

“Well? You gonna move or not?”

The dude looks around for a moment, as if thinking it over.

"Or not,” he says finally, before going back to his guitar.

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anonymous asked:

cipherpines/billdip story idea. since dipper doesn't know when bill's b'day is or even if he has one, he decides to throw a surprise party for him because he doesn't like that they've never shared such a special occasion together. a lot of fluff ensues because the demon is really grateful and awed whereas dipper's just glad his plan worked.

Dipper is a good boyfriend.




Dipper was up to something. Bill wasn’t sure what his human boyfriend was up to but it was something. He couldn’t even find out through his dreams, the teen was dastardly clever at hiding secrets around his dreamscape, and while any other time Bill would be beyond pleased, and proud, at how well the kid could hide things right now it was only proving to irritate him.

SURPRISE!” If it wasn’t for the familiar hug tackle to the floor after the screamed word from people popping out from hiding places Bill probably would have set the Mystery Shack on fire. You think they would have learned by now that surprising a demon was never- Why was Dipper grinning at him like that? “Happy Surprise Birthday Party!”

“I was against it,” Stan called, already eating from a bowl of ice cream, Mabel swatting people away from the cake he saw sitting on the kitchen table. Soos was blowing a party horn and Wendy was spinning one of those noise makers that he really would like to set on fire but- Wait- Birthday Party? “The brats wouldn’t shut up though until I helped.”

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“105… Baby you’re really sick,” Luke said pulling the thermometer away from you. You had  fever and it was going through the roof. “Ugh, nooo! You have to go writing with Cal today, I really wanted to come with you.” You pouted up at  him feeling disappointed and so mad at your freaking stupid sick body. “Y/n in this state you shouldn’t leave the house at all. You can barely get up,” he said folding his arms down at you. “Of course I can!” You said before attempting to get up from the bed before stumbling right back down. You felt really weak and probably did need to lie down but you wanted to be with Luke. “Okay that’s it, I can’t standing the thought of leaving you here,” Luke said shaking his head and walking to get his phone from the bedside table. “What are you doing?” You asked. “I’m calling Calum to tell him to go with Ashton instead. I am not leaving you.” He dialed Calum’s number up quickly whilst crawling up behind you so that you were sitting between his legs. “Damn Baby, you’re really hot.” You were and you felt awful. You hated the fact of taking Luke away from his work but you needed him here. You leaned onto him, his tall form comforting you, though you were probably just heating him up. When he got off the phone, he readjusted himself and laid you down on the bed then got up. “I’m gonna call my mum and ask her to bring some ice and I’ll fill up the tub ‘cause I need to give you an ice bath.” He went into the bathroom immediately his phone to his face already to call Liz. Your eyes could barely keep up with his movements due to how heavy the felt and you just wanted to crawl into a ball and die. He came into the and took off his shirt before crawling into the bed with you before opening his arms up for you to come in. It took all your strength but you crawled into his arms and he engulfed you. “Gimme all your heat baby. Don’t worry I’m going to make you feel all better.” And he did. He took care of you for the entire week even after you felt better and you were going about normally he still insisted on wanting to give you showers and baths ;)


“I’m sorry I made you sick babe,” you say as you sneeze into a tissue again as you look over to Calum who was coughing into his elbow. You had been sick with cold for a few days now and with Calum living with you eventually your boyfriend had gotten sick as well, and now, you both are on the bed sniffling and coughing away in your pajamas, which was just one of Calum’s shirt for you and his sweats for him. Using his clothes as often as you did was probably what got you both sick in the first place. “It’s okay y/n. It just good that the guys and I are not on tour now. Plus that just means more time with my awesome and amazingly hot girlfriend having fun,” he smiles and pulls you on top of him. You giggle as he pulls you to end up straddling him. You look down at him and twiddle with his hair playfully, “What kind of fun is that?” you raise your eyebrow cheekily already knowing where Calum was going. “Hm… Well…” Calum smiles as his hands travel up your legs to your bum and messages it a bit. You moaned a bit before replying “I like the sound of that.” You leaned down and close your eyes going in to kiss him. Calum wrapped his arms around your waist to bring you a bit closer to him bringing his head to yours. Right as your lips were about to gloriously meet, you felt a sharp blow of air and what felt like moisture on your face. You opened your eyes and realised Calum had just sneezed on you. When he opened his eyes he looked a bit embarrassed at first but when he saw the extremely amused look on your face you both just busted out into a fit of laughter. You could not stop laughing. “I’m so sorry babe,” Calum  said still laughing through his words and you just laughed more.  "It’s okay Cal, it’s just-“  "Mood killed.” He started to laugh again. “Hell yeah,” you say plopping down next to him.


Michael walking around the room extremely anxious as you threw up all the contents of your stomach from last night in bathroom. You had just ran into the bathroom spontaneously and started vomiting and he has worried immediately. “Y/n are you okay?” he asked knocking on the door before walking in. “Not really Mike,” you said leaning against the sink before grabbing your toothbrush and toothpaste to brush your teeth. “So… are you like, pregnant or something? 'Cause if you are I’m here for you and I’m gonna take care of you and are kid and be an awesome Dad I swear,” Michael blurted out feeling extremely awkward. You stopped brushing you teeth immediately and cleaned up your mouth before turning to him eyes wide. “I’m not pregnant Michael. That’s not possible I’m on the pill. I probably just got food poisoning from someplace I ate yesterday,” you say chuckling a little shocked a little shocked by his words. You saw his scared face become a little relieved as you spoke but then he went and pulled you into a big engulfing hug. “Mikey, don’t worry. I few of those dissolving thingys and I’ll be fine,” you laughed into the crook of his neck. “I know, I guess I just overreacted for a sec and got scared. I would always be there for you though, y'know if ever or whenever.” He just hugged you tighter. You felt taken aback for a second because you never expected him to react like this to you just throwing up but then you relaxed into his embrace feeling happy because it meant he really did care about you and was taking you two really seriously. “I know Mikey. I love you,” You said for the first time looking up at him. He smiled and kissed you sweetly before saying, “I love you too y/n. I really do.”


“How the hell did you get chicken pox y/n?” Ashton asked from the other side of your shared bedroom door. It was extremely weird and popped up out of nowhere but somehow you got chickenpox, which was extremely weird to you because you didn’t even know people had that anymore after the chicken pox vaccine came around. You hadn’t gotten one because you just thought that this stuff was non-existent by now. you don’t know who you got it from or how but yesterday you started itching like crazy. When you realised you threw clothes at Ashton and kicked him out of the room not wanting him to get it either. He called the doctor yesterday and asked him to come to your flat this morning so he was just waiting on the other side of the door until the doctor came to treat you. he had been slipping you lots of water and had went to and bought you some fresh warm chicken soup to make sure you feel better. He really didn’t know what to do as it came to medication and stuff which made him feel awful but the doctor was already on his way. You sat on the other side of the door feeling terrible and dying to be with Ashton but you just couldn’t and you refused to open the door until the doctor got there. Whilst you were waiting in boredom your phone randomly began to make noise next to you. You pick it up to see Ashton Skype calling you. You smiled and and answered the call to see Ashton’s goofing smiling face fill up your phone. “There’s that face I’ve been missing,” He said grinning. “There’s my Tarzan you does’t know how to comb his hair,” You giggled at your phone. “Hey don’t mess with the mane,” He attempted to sass which just made you laugh.“Can’t wait to run my fingers through it again,” You say looking longingly at your phone screen. “I know, the phone not enough. The oxygen is getting boring, I need you to take my breathe away,” he saw smiling back at you. “Whatever you cornball, that was so cheesy… and perfect ugh.”  "What I’m just a romantic!“ You started laughing again. "Wow so I’m in love with a jungle haired cheesy drummer boy. This will be the end of em not the chickenpox.”  "More like other way around babe,“ he said winking at you. From then you just spent the rest of the time in pointless conversation on your phone until the doc came to give you a few stuff you help you itching and stuff. Ashton stayed in front the door the entire time never leaving you.

This one is dedicated to vanessnettness who is sick right now. I hope you get better!

Just finished this.

It’s been almost two years since I started this series. 21 months, pretty much exactly, I think. In that time I have only read four other books that were not a part of the series and all of them were fluff and under 300 pages.

This has been such a major part of my life. Fourteen books. What an undertaking! I was terrified as I approached the final volume that I would be disappointed in the ending. That I’d invested all this time and emotion for nothing, but I can tell you right now - I am FAR from disappointed.

The ending was perfect. Unexpected and exactly as it should be. Not QUITE what I wanted, but it works better than I could have ever imagined.

Now what, though? I feel lost at the end of trilogies! What am I supposed to do after this?! Thank god there’s a prequel I can dive right into, but then what?

I guess I could start it all over again…

wow ok upd8 was awesome

plus i was having some feels right there until my father walked into my room from there i was like oh god if vriska and terezi kiss right now im gonna be so dead

but then again id be really happy too so theres that idk anyway gr8 upd8 what a fantastic way to start a day :DDD

+) the arts in the flash were amazing!! and the music makes it all just perfect i really like that soundtrack;u;

++)i think that anyone who saw homestuck until 2013 and also saw the flash after gigaupause ended would have like tons of feels right now nostalgias hittin them left and right