perfect for blogging

Before commenting that mainstream media is not covering something, please take a sec away from Tumblr and open a new tab to check if that’s really the case.

They told you you’re not enough.
Not skinny enough.
Not pretty enough.
Not smart enough.
Not talented enough.
Not outgoing enough.
Not sexy enough.
Not creative enough.
Not determined enough.
Not relaxed enough.
Not strong enough.
Not educated enough.
Not adventurous enough.
Not worthy enough.

Instead, they told you which attributes you have too much of.
Too loud.
Too crazy.
Too girly.
Too sensitive.
Too dramatic.
Too thin skinned.
Too lazy.
Too ugly.
Too shy.
Too talkative.
Too depressed.
Too serious.
Too flakey.
Too big.
Too loud.
Too confronting.

I wanna tell you, and I hope you dare to listen and to never forget my words ever again:

You are perfectly made just the way you are.

There’s a reason why you’re in this world. The things others keep criticizing in you might be the exact thing the world needs you to share. You’ve been told to be too sensitive? Maybe you’re meant to live your life using your sensitivity as your core strength. There is a desperate need for people who haven’t numbed themselves, who are brave enough too feel. People have called you out for being too talkative? Maybe there are a thousand words the world needs you to speak, loud and clear. Maybe you should be an activist, a writer or motivational speaker. You’ve been told to be too weird and crazy? Maybe your calling is to create art that will touch others so much because they finally feel seen and understood.
You, my dear, are beautiful, inside and out, and you decide who you want to be and what you want to give into this world. Don’t let one more narrow minded person tell you you’re too much of this or too little of that… you’re perfectly made just the way you are. Your life is a precious gift of indescribable worth - dare to share your light. Dare to share what you’re able to bring into this world. There’s no other you out there. Share your gift and don’t let anyone belittle you.

Auli’i Cravalho, Alessia Cara & Jordan Fisher perform “How Far I’ll Go” at the RDMAs.