perfect for autumn weather

pretty a u t u m n tunes.

autumn is here and it’s perfect. chunky knit sweaters + glowing pumpkins + falling leaves = lots of smiles. but sometimes you need a little music to make all of it even better. I have spent a lot of time perfecting my very long autumn playlist and it is officially complete! all of the songs are beautiful and amazing, so I truly hope you find some that make you happy.

- california - lisa mitchell -

- better together - us the duo -

- home/dirty paws - gardiner sisters -

- hello - erato -

- radio cover - conan gray -

- fall - chloe x halle -

- autumn leaves - ed sheeran -

- sweater weather cover - korantemaa

- bubbly - colbie caillat -

- moon river - renee dominique -

- if i be wrong - wolf larsen -

- youth - daughter -

- to be with you - the honey trees -

- fast car - ryan montbleau, tall heights -

- hey ya - obadiah parker -

- ho hey - nashville cast, lennon & maisy -

- bloom - the paper kites -

- 1957 - milo greene -

- on the frame (acoustic) - beta radio

- the place i left behind - the deep dark woods -

- dream in blue - the stray birds -

- like real people do - hozier -

- stay with me - angus & julia stone -

- back to autumn - tall heights -

- autumn tree - milo greene -

- warm - SG lewis -

- spirit cold - tall heights -

- all we do - oh wonder -

- guillotine - jon bellion -

- old pine - ben howard -

- apple pie - flannel graph -

- birch trees & broken barns - caroline smith & the good night sleeps -

- white winter hymnal - fleet foxes -

- cold coffee - ed sheeran -

- rooftop - jordan rakei -

- the wolves - ben howard -

- mykonos - fleet foxes -

- my favorite faded fantasy - damien rice -

- orchard - the jepettos, tabitha agnew -

- autumn story - firekites -

- cold outside - ruth moody -

- middle of my mind - tom rosenthal -

- flowers in your hair - the lumineers -

- hope you guys liked this playlist, message me if you want more:) -

i can imagine dan and phil taking a romantic walk in the park. it’s a crispy autumn day, with a slight breeze, the perfect weather to wear a striped sweater. dan and phil walking down the sidewalk this lovely evening holding their coffee the whitest of people need…phil looking down at dan’s hands, getting sweaty palms, fingers trembling at his sides. dan looks over to phil seeing his blue eyes, that reminded him of a blue crayon, wow, so romantic, shimmering while looking at dan’s hands. dan smiles and says “it’s okay.” phil smiles and grabs his hand and TWISTS IT TO DAN’S BACK AND PULLS DAN OVER HIS SHOULDER AND DOES A SICK ASS 360 ON HIS HOVERBOARD AND THROWS DAN ACROSS THE PARK. dan flying higher than my IQ lands in a pile of leaves “h-hey! what did you do that for?!” dan says petrified “you gave me permission?? but i guess you could say that you are falling for me hoooHOOO!” phil says as he is pounding his chest like a gorilla. “bu-but you threw me across the park?” dan says “oh sorry dude i guess that just went over my head” phil says as he is making his loudest and longest wheeze while slapping his knee. “wow… i can’t be-leaf you would do that…” dan says while smiling really wide and phil just stares at him totally embarrassed by him. “bro, i took you to a bro brunch and you come up and say such vulgar language to me?! i just want to say that you have the absolute worst puns ever but uh- *whispers* no homo though bro, k? your puns just hurt me” phil walks away, leaving dan alone in the pile of leaves while dan is still there staring at the ground smiling, frozen in fact… existence isn’t real


Request from a nonny: Hello, Alice! Can you write something about Jack and reader, that is his girlfriend, based on these lines: “Jack, what’s your problem? I’ve done nothing for you to attack me this way. Tell me what is wrong because I don’t know what the fuck I did to piss you off”?

You rolled onto your side as the sun pulled you from your sleep. You groaned, your head heavy and mouth impossibly dry.

“What time is it?” you rasped. The air ripped through your throat, feeling like sandpaper chaffing against your oesophagus.

You got no response and saw the empty space beside you in the bed. You sat up, which was a mistake as the throbbing in your head was instantly amplified. Squinting around the room, you noticed a glass of water and a pack of paracetamol on your beside table. After taking two and gulping the water down thirstily, you threw a dressing gown on and headed into the kitchen where Jack was making coffee. You ran your hand through your hair as you thought back on last night’s activities. You had been to an old friend’s birthday party, and had taken Jack along to meet all your uni friends. It had been a while since you’d seen them, and it got pretty wild pretty quickly, especially since none of you could hold your drink as well as you could back then. You cringed as you vaguely remembered Jack putting you to bed, absolutely plastered. He had to undress you, and take your makeup off for you. You had been an embarrassment.

You saw Jack at the counter, his back to you. You quietly walked up behind him and wrapped your arms around his chest. Resting your cheek on his muscled back, you nuzzled into him and instantly felt your hangover subside a little.

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It’s Raining in England

Castiel x Reader

A/N: This oneshot is for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing‘s Seasons of Love - Colours of Fall Challenge and the gif is supplied by her. Hope ya’ll enjoy.

Warnings: fluff, unedited

Word count: 845

Endless music of rain droplets hitting the canal water and glass window filled your tiny house, the sound resonating all the way to the kitchen where your husband was. You rubbed the condensation from the window and peered out of it, your eyes sparkling with admiration at how beautiful England was. While the locals were cursing about having another day of drizzling rain, you and Castiel were quite satisfied with the country’s weather. 

It was the perfect time in autumn, where it wasn’t too cold or too hot. The leaves delicately hanging only a few feet above the canal were turning to a pale yellow colour at a leisured pace. Boat owners had begun covering their precious watercraft with tarps and placing them into their sheds until the weather had lightened up more. 

“It’s rather exotic, isn’t it?” your husband finally appeared from the kitchen, wearing the matching grey sweatpants and shirt you bought as a Christmas present two years ago, and holding two large mugs filled with a delicious chocolatey beverage he had insisted on buying at your trip to the store for a tube of toothpaste. 

You nodded in agreement and gratefully took the mug out of his hand, taking a quick sip from the scalding hot drink before setting it down beside the beanbag you had been seated on for the past hour. “Join me.” you proposed, patting the beanbag right beside you and smiling up at him. “It’s a better view at this angle.”

Castiel lowered himself into the beanbag comfortably and took gentle sips of his chocolate beverage as he watched the drizzling rain create small ripples that overlapped each other, the gorgeous water reflecting the overhanging trees and large decade old structures surrounding the canal. 

Closing the book that was resting on your lap, you placed it off to the side and adjusted yourself so your back was pressed into Castiel’s chest, sighing softly as you felt his left arm wrap around you. The silver band on his ring finger caught your eye, a small smile playing at your lips as you intertwined your fingers and played with the band. “We should move here.” you suggested, eyes scanning the sky as a flock of birds flew past. “It’s so peaceful and I think our daughter will love it.”

“I’m sure she will.” Cas breathed, placing a hand on your swollen belly and rubbing smooth circles into it. You had felt the movement before actually seeing it, causing you to smile and lift your shirt up to expose your stomach. Castiel gently poked your belly and retracted his hand to watch as your daughter kicked against your stomach, the skin stretching to where she had aimed. 

A winsome smile appeared on Cas’ face as he continued to gently tap around your stomach, proudly observing your daughter follow her father’s movements all the way across your belly. “Cas,” you laughed but grimaced in pain, “she kicks hard.”

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