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Relentless | Calum Hood Series Pt.14

                                         Part F O U R T E E N

Request: Being the cousin of Ashton Irwin was exciting, especially when invited to their tour to hang out with his best friends. You found yourself becoming fond of Calum Hood, who finds you annoying from your constant appearance. But what would happen if you stopped giving him that attention?

Word Count: 3k+

A/N: this part is a lil spicy, so im sry if it kills ya heart ! but i swear itll get better, i promise it will ! im so happy you all enjoy it so much, it makes me smile so much! 100 notes please, loves xx

Parts: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty. [DONE]  

                                                   I M A G I N E

Tokyo, 8:00 A.M. 

The boys remained silent once you asked about Nia. Michael became more pale than he already is as all the boys were quick to lose their appetites. That made your heart beat go faster. You couldn’t help but feel super nervous over their reactions. 

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Everyone has got their addiction.

The grieving widdow turns to alcohol, hoping it would wash away her sorrows.
The disorientated teen puts a blade to her wrist whenever she feels the dark waves collapsing over her.
The successful businessman needs his weed to be able to sleep.
The beautiful girl you’re so jealous of is only dating so many boys because she needs the attention to feel worthy.
The trained, fit man you secretly adore is no longer training for fun - he’s doing it because skipping a workout makes him feel like a failure.
And the perfect housewife who married your brother is only living in a seemingly flawless apartment with her makeup on point while managing a 6-person household because she’s so afraid of losing control.

Everyone has got their addiction.
So don’t hate yourself for having this little weak spot.
I guess humans are made to be weak sometimes.

Insecurities (Luke Hemmings)

Requested: No

A/N: This is an idea I had concerning Luke and his body. It’s obvious that he’s insecure and that makes me incredibly sad. He shouldn’t be because he’s such a gorgeous human being. Not only physically, but mentally as well. I just wish Luke knew how amazingly beautiful he was. And that goes for all of you too. It absolutely amazes me how many beautiful people there are in this family. Anyways, here’s a beautiful smut about our beautiful boy Lucas. Inspired by this (x) ~Cel

Luke hates his body. All he sees is the imperfections he tries so hard to get rid of. One day Y/n catches him staring at his body and making negative comments. She decides to make him understand just how much she loves the way he looks and everything about him. (Luke’s POV)


That’s all I saw. Pounds of flesh clinging to my body the way Christians cling to their faith. I did everything I could to get rid of it all. I worked out everyday that I wasn’t recording or peforming; which included running, lifting, and any other exercise you could think of. I ate a diet of healthy foods and drank the recommended amount of water. But no matter how hard I worked, the fat was still there.

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anonymous asked:

Rucas + “Is that what you’re doing? Trying to make me to hate you?”

description: this is a continuation of my prompt of when riley moved to texas which you can find here. 

It’d been the week after the the tutor session, and she couldn’t get it out of her head. How they almost kissed. She almost kissed him. He almost kissed her. They almost kissed each other. They’d connected, in a way she never imagined herself connecting with someone before other than farkle and maya and even beside that, they connected in a way that even her two closest best friends never connected with her before. 

It was crazy how it could be something that you could ever think about but even then, you were too stubborn to approach the person to make you feel the way you did. She saw him all the time, at cheer practice and football games, at lunch. He noticed her, too, most of the time, and he never ever said anything out loud, but gave her this suggestive smile – the one that suggested that he knew exactly what she was thinking and she hated it, God she hated that this boy could practically see right through her. 

It was Wednesday when one of her teammates, Eliza, approached her. She smiled with her flawless smile, her strawberry blonde hair cascading in waves down her back behind her. Riley could only shadow in her perfection. She wasn’t the only one, but Riley definitely considered her one of the prettiest, and she’d be lying if she didn’t find herself the least bit intimidated as the girl stopped in front of her. 

“Hey,” Eliza said. “Riley, right? You seem really nice. I was wondering if you’d come with me to the gym. I have dance practice and I never like to be alone.” 

Riley was surprised. She’d never imagine Eliza asking her to go with her anywhere! “Sure!” She exclaimed happily. Realizing that she might have seemed too enthusiastic, and not wanting Eliza to second guess, she repeated her answer, but this time, calmer. “I mean, yeah. Sure.” 

Eliza smiled. “Yay. Cool. See you after cheer practice then.” 

Riley watched her turn and walk away, joining her other friends at her locker. She couldn’t believe it! She honestly thought that the girls might have been annoyed with her. Even though Riley had become an better cheerleader from her middle school years, there were times that she slipped up more than others and it was frustrating for even herself. But maybe it’d finally be the time she made friends. 

Maybe it’d be the time she finally got Lucas out of her head.

Cheer practice flew by, quicker than usual, and Riley got the routine down flawlessly. She was sure that today, was going be a good rest of the day without a doubt. After getting dressed out of her clothes and into a more casual fitting, pulling her hair into a ponytail, she waited on the bench for Eliza while texting Maya about the exciting altercation. 

Remember when I thought that I wouldn’t have any cheer friends? Well turns out one of the prettiest ones want to hang out with me! Well, she wants to accompany her at dance practice but I’m sure that this is the start of something new :D 

“You ready, Matthews?” Riley felt her heart jump and for whatever reason, found herself flustered as she looked up at her cheermate. “Yeah, of course!” She stood up, throwing the bag over her shoulder. 

The two walked outside, but not without a few stops so Eliza could say goodbye to someone or share a small joke. Riley watched, a small envious feeling planting itself inside of her chest and not only that, but admiration. Everyone seemed to like Eliza and Riley wondered if she could ever be that way. If you start hanging out with Eliza, maybe. She thought. She’d always wished to fit into a big crowd or, at least, for people to hear her name and have something good to say about it.

On the way there, the two listened to the radio. It turned out that Eliza liked Taylor Swift as much as she did and blasted it while singing it loudly. Riley might’ve shamelessly started singing it if it didn’t bring back the nostalgia of her and Lucas in the car that night where he’d named her a mystery and she had no idea how to respond. So she could only look out the car window. And thought of him. Again. 

“Taylor Swift is so flawless, right? I mean, I literally envy how flawless she is. She can get any boy she wants.” 

“Yeah,” Riley said. 

“Speaking of boys,” Eliza said. “Did you come across any boys you might like?” She glanced at a surprised Riley before looking back at the road.

Riley felt herself begin to fluster as she began to stumble over words, shaking her head. “N-no. No boys. No boys at all.” She said. It sounded a little unbelievable. A girl who was sure that there were “no boys” didn’t stammer over their words. 

“Oh yeah?” Eliza asked. A smile pulled at her lips, and she raised an eyebrow. “What about that think I heard that happened at that party with you and Jasp-” 

“Oh no! I was just trying to have fun. I didn’t know that he had a girlfriend.” Riley said. She’d just learned not too long ago and she felt so bad about it. The girl wasn’t too happy, either. And she didn’t blame her. 

“Oh no it’s fine. He’s a dickwad, anyway. He cheats on every girl he’s ever dated. I’m talking about the altercation with you, Jasper, and Lucas. I think you might have got a boy whipped up already here, Riley. I don’t think he’d just be kickin’ the ass of anybody.” 

Oh God. Riley’s cheeks were on fire now, and she was glad that Eliza wasn’t looking at her. “N-no.” she said, but stopped midsentence. Realizing that she was stammering once more, she stopped to reiterate her sentence. Make sure that she wasn’t stammering this time. “I can assure you that we’re just friends.”

“Just friends. Hey, boys and girls can be friends I get it. That’s what me and this guy, Adam were” Eliza said. 

Riley sighed with relief. “Exactly. I’m glad that you get it.”

Eliza smirked, giving Riley a quick side glance. “Until we ended up in each other’s bedroom every other night.”  

Riley wasn’t sure that it was even possible for her cheeks to burn as ferociously as they did right now. “So? He’s your type. But Lucas isn’t mine. Matter of fact, we’re not even friends.” Riley hadn’t even realized she’d basically sunk in her seat, as if she was an child. 

Eliza shrugged. “Okay.” Eliza said, shrugging. “I’m not saying you and Lucas are going to just end up sleeping together, Riley. My moral of that story is that even if you try to deny your feelings, it won’t work. That the truth comes out eventually.”

Riley looked at Eliza before looking ahead, pushing herself back up properly in the seat. One thing she hated is that she was thinking about this. What she hated more, is that she knew that Eliza was right. But why’d it matter? It didn’t apply to her. 

“The truth is already out, Eliza. No feelings for the boy. Zilch. Now,” Riley leaned over, turning up the music. “Can we listen to the music? I actually like this song.”

Lucky for her, Eliza respectably dropped it and Riley was able to find the sudden courage to sing in the car, the two having a very passionate duet. They arrived at the gym and the two got out. As Riley waited for Eliza to grab her bag, she pulled out her phone. There was a text from Maya.

Be careful. She might be a witch! 

For once, Maya was wrong about something.

Putting her phone away as Eliza joined her, she followed her teammate into the gym, and towards a changing room. She turned away as Eliza got dressed, taking the time to respond to Maya, simply saying how the girl was not in fact a witch, that she was actually a really nice girl.

“Oh, hey Riley?” Eliza suddenly called and Riley perked, having to stop herself from turning her head, almost forgetting why she wasn’t even facing her friend.


“One of my friends are here. Do you mind taking them a water bottle that I brought?” she asked. “They’re in a room that has boxing equipment and stuff. It’s at the end of the hall, you’ll know it when you see it.” Eliza came up to her and held out the bottle towards Riley and she took it.

“Okay!” She exclaimed, glad to take up this offer. “Is it a boy or a girl?” 

“It’s a they. You’ll know them when you’ll see them now go on.” Eliza wavered her towards the door. Riley smiled in amusement and obliged. She followed the directions, looking through both doors at the end of the hall and she was right, she was able to make out all kind of boxing equipment. It was practically empty and she saw no one she recognized. She wandered inside, casually checking the two or three faces that were in there. No one that she knew.

Maybe Eliza just assumed that she knew someone because of the fact that she was cheerleader? 

Riley considered two options: asking the boys, or just leaving. The second option seemed like a safer route. As she went to turn back, a voice called out making her stop dead in her tracks. “Rabbit! What are you doing here?” Lucas.

Suddenly, it made sense why Eliza was so prominent on wanting her to bring this mystery person a water bottle. He wasn’t a mystery person at all. Well, sort of. “Unbelievable.” The girl whispered to herself, a disbelieving smile to match as she bit the inside of her cheek. 

She wanted to run, but knew that possibly wasn’t an option. So, instead she turned to face Lucas, who was in shorts and a black black tank. You could see his arms and his hands were wrapped in hand wraps. And oh, did she mention how incredibly good he looked. “Delivery of a water bottle for Lucas Friar?” she asked sarcastically and he gasped.

“Well, thank you kind ma’am.” He said in a Southern accent much stronger than his own, which was barely recognizable. 

Riley rolled her eyes. “Should have known this was a set up. There is a water fountain just outside the door.” she said, walking over to him.

“Set up?” He asked. “Nah. I just wanted myself a water bottle. Taking breaks to go get a drink at a water fountain? No time for that, I’m afraid.” He smirked. “How could I have ever known you’d be hanging out with Eliza Harrison?” 

Riley refrained herself from rolling her eyes. “How could I have known I’d be hanging out with Eliza Harrison?” she asked, giving him the water bottle. 

Lucas chuckled, twisting open the bottle. “She’s actually a pretty nice girl, believe it or not. And I don’t mean it as in pretty hot, I mean it as in she’s actually nice. She likes meeting new people. Likes to help people out.” He took a sip of water.

“You mean, like she helped you out with this?” Riley asked. 

“Still don’t know what you’re talking about,” Lucas said, setting down the water bottle. He now began to occupy himself to the punching bag, throwing soft hits at it so he could also pay attention to Riley as well. 

“Of course you don’t,” Riley mumbled. “I have to go-” She turned around to leave but felt a wrist around her hand.

“Stay. You’re not bothering me at all.” Lucas insisted, letting go before she could pull away. 

Riley crossed her arms over her chest. “I don’t want to just stand here and watch you throw practice throwing punches at your enemies,” Riley said. “Eliza is expecting me.” 

“Uh… but I could show you how to throw punches, too?” Lucas suggested. Riley only glared at him, annoyed. He let out a small sigh, nodding. “Okay fine. Just stay for a few minutes. I won’t take up much of your time.” 

“I don’t know,” Riley said unsure. “Last time you said that you almost… you know.” She said, not wanting to say the words.

“No, I don’t know what did I do?” He asked, as if he was clueless. But Riley knew he was far from so.

“You know what happened.”  Riley insisted.

He shook his head. “Nope.” He said, popping to “p” 


“How about you just tell me?” He asked.

“I’ll make your face a punching bag.” Riley growled and Lucas smiled, his eyes lighting up with amusement, lightly hitting the punching bag in front of him without looking. When Riley tried to be intimidating, it almost looked just about scary as an adorable puppy.

“That’d hurt. And you don’t have to worry about that…. you know.” He said, air quoting her. “Kinda have my hands full, as you can see.” 

Riley stood there for a moment, having an inner conflict in her mind. She knew that it wasn’t a good idea to stay, but in the end, she also was able to consider herself otherwise enough to where sat on the bench beside the punching bag, watching him throw a few punches. After a moment, she decided to break the silence.

“So, is there some sort of championship coming up?” she asked. 

Lucas looked at her. “Oh, no Rabbit. I don’t do this for a sport. I do it as a hobby. Usually when I got a lot of stuff on my mind. Very stress relieving believe it or not.”

Riley stood up, walking over, but made sure to keep a safe distance. “Oh really?” she asked. “You don’t just talk about it like a normal human being? What has been bothering you?” she asked. 

He didn’t look over, as he threw punches. “School…. Home life… with my dad. It’s not a big deal, honestly.” He said. 

“Obviously a big deal enough, if you feel like you need to throw punches at a punching bag.” Riley said, glancing away from the bag and towards him. 

He slowed down until he no longer was punching it, stopping the bag with the top of his hand, taking the time to take a deep breath. “None of your concern, Rabbit. It’s nothing that I can’t handle. As you can see, I’m alive and well. But thanks for showing actual concern for me. Glad to know that you still care.” When her concerning gaze turned into a glare, he smirked and continued. 

“So… this is what I do… when I feel overwhelming… I pretend like whatever is bothering me, is the face of someone I hate… like Jasper for instance.” He said then stopped again. 

“Aw, but don’t punching bags get boring after awhile?” she asked in a playful tone. “Wouldn’t you rather want to take it out on me? Come on! Imagine it as a face that you want to punch! I can take it.” 

Lucas, for once, looked at her as if she was crazy. His smile was confused one that also portrayed in his green eyes. “You’re kidding me, right?” he asked.

The way that he looked her feel embarrassed, automatically regretting the fact that they came out her mouth. There was no denying that he seemed off today, and that something really was on his mind, because every sudden expression left her in surprise. 

“Of course, I am. If you threw those punches at me that you almost threw at Jasper, there’s no doubt that I’d be down for the count.”

“Is that what are you want, or what you’re doing?” He breathed.

“What?” Riley asked. 

Are you trying to make me hate you?” He asked. 

It’d been a question she’d been unprepared for. But after a few moments of silence, she spoke quietly, and honestly. “Well, it’d be a lot easier for me if you did.” 

Lucas stared at her for a moment, Riley preparing herself from the unexpected. But there wasn’t anything unexpecting, but rather something she should have been prepared for. Lucas smiled, throwing another light punch at the punching bag without looking.

 “Looks like you have to try harder than that, Rabbit. Because as far as I’m concerned, I still like you a lot.”