perfect flawless angel


“You keep staring at her like that you’re going to scare her off,” Peter told Kurt, as he continued to stare at you while you talked to your friends. Ever since the first day Kurt had arrived at the mansion, he had been preposterously attracted to you. It could have been how accepting you were of his mutation, or maybe how smart you were, or how beautiful you were. To him, you were completely and utterly perfect.

“She’s flawless, she’s my angel Peter,” Kurt sighed, continuing to stare at you, more specifically your angel wings. It probably didn’t help that his crush looked like an angel straight out of the bible. You glanced over and saw him staring, a small blush adorning your cheeks as you grinned at him, waving to him. He smiled dreamily back, smiling slowly. Peter just shook his head, smiling at his friend.

“Good luck winning her over then, you can do it!” Peter grinned, putting his hand on Kurt’s shoulder in a reassuring manner. He walked off, leaving Kurt to continue staring at you. You suddenly waved goodbye to your friends as you walked over to Kurt and sat down next to him.

“Hey, do you mind if I sit here with you? It’s such a nice day and you have the loveliest reading voice. I’ve been feeling down lately, I was wondering if you could read something to me please?” You asked sweetly, showing him a genuine smile. Kurt looked taken aback before ‘bamfing’ away quickly, only to return with your favourite book. He opened it quickly and started reading to you.

Jarley haters be like: Friendly reminder that you’re a disgusting human being for shipping this ship :) I’ve never met you but I’m gonna judge you solely based on this fact :) I am a perfectly Unproblematic™ human being and I’ve never read, watched or shipped anything Problematic™ in my life, unlike you scum :) friendly reminder :) i’ve never in my life considered doing anything to help actual human beings in need so I’m gonna keep on defending Harley, a flawless perfect little angel character who’s never done anything wrong :)


“Jace Wayland Morgenstern Herondale Lightwood is flawless.”

“I hear his hair is insured for 10,000 dollars.”

“I heard he does stele commercials… In Alicante!”

“One time, he met an angel well he was dead considering the angel I’m mentioning, but he has met an angel, and the angel brought him back to life.”

LITERALLY EVERYONE: “One time he wittily insulted me… It was awesome!”

“you wouldn’t hate radical feminism if you just understood it!!!”

actually your ideology isnt some flawless perfect angelic thing

some people have different morals, one of mine being “let people do what makes them happy and meets their needs”

most radical feminist ideology in my field of experience advocates against many things that make people happy or meet their needs (transitioning, bdsm, sex work, femininity, sometimes bisexuality, asexuality or polyamory depending on the person- all being one or the other) and believes that there is one correct way to exist as a person (cis and vanilla, preferably GNC and being gay is a plus). Terfs often believe that people who don’t agree with them on things, for example a sex worker who prefers their job over other choices or a masochist or a traditionally feminine woman, are simply “brainwashed” or somehow otherwise Not Smart Enough to know what they really want and they don’t ACTUALLY think that deep down. They believe trans people can be cured of being trans by simply choosing “not to be” (going back in the closet), quite similar to the conversion therapy happening to many trans kids to make them cis. Many of them falsely claim to be dysphoric or detransitioned, which has the side effect of nobody knowing who actually IS either of those things (when you have 15yos claiming to be detrans and people claiming disliking catcalling is dysphoria, who csn tell?), a great example of the lies used to push their ideology.

The other thing that’s strongly against my moral code is demonisation of minorities. Terfs generally resist the idea that maybe, just maybe, trans women are humans like them, and the presence of a penis does not make someone a rape machine. They are unable to comprehend that men are usually commiting the assaults in women’s bathrooms, not trans women, although they may pretend. They can’t comprehend the idea that maybe, just maybe, some people are attracted to aspects of a person othr than genitals (to oversimplify) and that for many, genitals are not the basis of attraction, and because of this, TERFs are quick to tell gay men and lesbians they’re straight or bisexual and try to have them kicked out of safe spaces, which is, you guessed it, homophobic. Not only that, but Muslims are a common target, with a point towards sexist Muslim countries as if that makes it okay to discriminate against Muslims on the basis of being Muslim alone (forgetting that almost all religions have crap teachings that nobody follows. Christianity has just as horrible shit in the Bible, but I’ve only seen Muslims as targets, correct me if I’m wrong). Did I mention the racism that is invalidating the nonbinary genders of other cultures? No? Do I need to go on?

So yeah, contrary to popular belief, most people are against the popular radical feminist movements because of their beliefs being absolutely shit, not because we’re all stupid and unenlightened by your mighty Terf Gods. (That’s cult rhetoric, thinking you’re the only Enlightened OnesTM. Maybe that’s why terfs are so insecure and can’t go 10 seconds without calling trans people a cult.)