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Outlander Season 2 Meme: [5/9] Favourite Visual Moments: You are so like him.


Meeting that person that will make you want to give all the food you make to her…

You know what would be perfect ?

The first episod of Season 2 of Yuri on Ice begins with Yurio skating. He misses a jump, and then we see Viktor on the side, telling him “again”. And we hear someone arriving and saying “be nice to the boy, Viktor, you should talk to him about why he misses his jumps”.
And Yurio turns around : “what are you doing here ???”
Turns out the person arriving was Yuri who’s all flustered because Yurio is Angry
And Viktor calmly asks “why do you mean why is he here, he’s my husband, of course he’s here. Now, why did you miss ?”


♪ No one will win this time
I just want you back
I’m running to your side
Flying my white flag ♪ 

Okay but picture this:

It’s the closing montage of 6.01. “First” by the Cold War Kids is playing in the background.

We see Stiles and Lydia conversing by her locker. They’re talking about Scott and Kira (I’m hoping assuming we’re going to see a little bit of Scott missing Kira and they’re not going to pretend their whole relationship never existed). Stiles mentions that maybe it’s better for Scott not to be in a relationship right now since they’re all going to be leaving for college soon. Lydia gets defensive, saying that if two people really love each other going to different colleges isn’t a big deal. 

The song slows down. Stiles asks her if she’d really want to do that. Lydia says if it’s the right person she would. They exchange heart eyes for several moments. Then, Lydia closes her locker and makes to go to class.

Stiles hesitates for a beat, then says “Screw it” and kisses her. 

The music swells into the final verse. Lydia freezes in surprise, then passionately kisses him back, pushing him against the lockers. Stiles wraps his arms around her. People gawk in the hallways. Mason shoots a grin at Liam and Hayden. Malia nods in acceptance. Scott beams with happiness.

Close up of Stiles and Lydia as they pull apart and grin at each other before kissing again. We crane out on them making out in the hallway as the song ends and the screen fades to black.

(and then unfortunately there is one more little scene at the end where a very blissfully unsuspecting Stiles is spirited away by the Wild Hunt and proceeds to go missing for the rest of the season.)

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Noora Amalie Sætre is the perfect example of Skam’s unique story telling that makes her one of the most interesting characters in the show.
In s1 we see Noora from Eva’s perspective and Eva’s view of Noora colors our view of Noora. For Eva Noora is the ultimate bff she is strong, sassy and comes to Eva at a perfect timing. Throughout the first season this view of Noora is very rarely challenged. She is the feminist queen of the squad in s1.
In s2 we see a completely different type of Noora. She is still sassy and funny and all those things we saw in s1 but we get to see she is vulnerable. We get to see her sitting alone in her room moping. This creates a whole new dimension to her character. We also get to know about her family and her eating disorder. Watching s2 we get the feeling that the sassy act might be a shell that she uses but at the same time we see that it is just as much ch a part of her as her past. Her being at home with her roommates and her hanging out with her friends gives us two different ways to look at Noora. And in my opinion the real highlight of the season is when Noora tells her friends about the sexual assault because we see the two portals of Noora collide. She gets to be broken together with her friends and they take care of her.
In s3 we meet the Noora that Isak see his goofy roommate that is best friend with his old best friend. The best moment for Noora in s3 in my opinion is the last scene when she hangs out with her four best friends just talking and chilling. Because those are the people she can truly 100% be herself around.
I love Noora because she is the perfect example of a dynamic dimensional female character that shows us that women can be more then one thing.

“You’ll Always Be My Girl Felicity.” Oliver Queen to Felicity Smoak

“Don’t ask me to say that I don’’t love you…” Oliver Queen to Felicity Smoak

I dearly hope you enjoy this rendition my very talented friend. @felicitysmoak-ultimatequeen 

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I need to be unbelievably cheesy about The Vampire Diaries for a minute, because they did it. They absolutely stuck the landing. For a show full of death, it’s a remarkable celebration of life. Thank you, TVD.

Bravo, on what can be considered a perfect first season in what was one of the bravest, ambitious, exhilarating & soaring first seasons of television of the last decade. Every now & then shows come along that remind you why we obsess over television on an intellectual, existential & emotional level. Why we read the re-caps, why we listen to the podcasts, why we have these water cooler conversations. Its life affirming.

Mr. Robot is a dread filled, paranoid emotional odyssey gravitating around the trauma of a personal family history set in the backdrop of our troubled and anxiety-filled state of modernity. Before you pick apart the nods to Fight Club or American Psycho in the not so subtle subtext, understand that it comes from a place of adolescent nostalgia within the characters and is reflective of a much deeper, darker yearning for understanding your personal arc better when it is filled with nothing but pain and confusion. It is a much more meditative comment on dealing with the trauma of your history being draped in darkness rather than answering the question of who is Tyler Durden?

In these times we have to question whether our technology, our media, our institutions are our gods or our demons & who will be the prophets to expose them. The bigger question lies in whether these mere mortals turned prophets should expose them, and as they make these choices do they metamorphosis into god, the devil or the better of our angels?

This series has been uncanny in dropping a pin on the state of current world we live in, it’s not that Mr. Robot has been meditating on the zeitgeist of our collective angst and ire to the state of modernity, its literally breathing it in and bleeding it out, holding up the mirror to ourselves as we ache and aggravate within. We’ve come to a point where we are joined at the hip to our technology, our media, and our institutions. The trust we place within these vices leaves at a place where we have lost sense of ourselves, our identity and are left to question who we are.

As we check our Facebook, our Twitter, our Tinder, our Ashley Madison Account & book our next Uber while eating that delicious pizza from Menulog we are left ask in this blurred world on the Information Autobahn, Are we even real ourselves?  Mr. Robot glorifies, perverts and subverts this in the most dazzling and surrealist of ways. This is the show that we want right now, but before that it’s the show we deserve. Where are our minds?


November 8, 2009. Remember that year Stanford Cardinal completed the first perfect regular season (20-0) in conference history? That Kelley O’Hara scored a hat trick—her second that year—in their twentieth match? That it was against Cal? And that Alex Morgan spared the Golden Bears a shutout, rebounding a goal from a penalty kick she initially missed?

“It was definitely a good day. We beat Cal, check. Undefeated season so far, check. Pac-10 Championship. It was good.”
—Kelley O’Hara


Daryl And Carol - First Real Caryl Moment ❤

Cherokee Rose 

The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 4