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This episode wrecked me in a million and one ways. What a way to end the first perfect season of Riverdale. Remembering back to the first episode makes me feel waves of nostalgia. Like it was me right alongside these characters, fighting for the answers, pushing through the ups and downs together, asking the hard questions, facing the truth. All the relationships, all the rivalries, all the cruel, messed up high school drama, I was there the whole time too. I don’t think a show has ever made me feel this way. I am 100% here for Riverdale. For Betty. For Archie. For Jughead. For Veronica. For Kevin. For Cheryl. For Josie, Val and Melody. For Frank. For Polly. For Reggie. For FP. For Hermoine. For Alice.

Because THEY are Riverdale. And I am Riverdale, too.

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this was the perfect first clip of the season! i feel like we've learned so much about sana already AND we got to see some A+ evak content AND we got to see the boy squad AND we got to see the girl squad?? i'm feelin so blessed right now thank you julie andem ❤❤❤

Honestly!! I couldn’t have asked for a better clip to start off the season

Also I joke a lot about how Jeff Davis sucks, because, duh, but I will always blame this fandom for how the show turned out just as much as him for pandering to it.

Because Seasons 1 through 3A were about Scott McCall. He had the narrative focus, it was about his struggles, his triumphs, he was a real teenage boy with a full spectrum of emotions, some good, some bad. He learned, he failed, he grew, he compromised in some places and he drew a line in others and said he wouldn’t cross it. He loved and was loved in return, he stood up for his friends and they stood up for him. It wasn’t a perfect first three seasons but they were HIS first three seasons, so I will never say that the show didn’t know how to write Scott or prioritize him. It did. It just chose to stop.

3B started the progression away from Scott as the main character and I one hundred percent believe this was a direct result of Davis trying to pander to the most vocal facets of fandom, baiting Sterek and Stydia without committing to either, downplaying Scott while trying to shift focus to other characters as fandom screamed about how much it hated Scott and he sucked and all these other characters would be so much better.

There is an art to storytelling. I say art because there’s not a lot of rules to it, there’s very little a good writer can’t get away with it. But the one rule of storytelling I do believe in, that’s not actually a rule because its so implicitly understood it hardly seems believable it needs to be spoken….is that your story has to be about your main character. It’s just how it is. If its not, you’re just getting in your own way because a story is literally just ‘character has a goal, things get in the way of achieving that goal, character must achieve goal anyway.’

That’s it. That’s what stories are. Every story. Ever. Since the beginning of time. So when the goals your story is advancing are not the goals of your main character, when the obstacles are not in his way, when it is not him who overcomes them……you’re actually trying to tell two different stories without acknowledging that’s what you’re doing, and that just fundamentally does not work. 

The true irony of the trainwreck Teen Wolf became is that the one thing almost every corner of fandom agrees on is that the first couple of seasons were its best. Pro Scott fans agree. Anti Scott fans agree.

Problem is, anti Scott fandom will never ever acknowledge the role they played in the show’s decline due to their own vehement insistence it shift things away from Scott, the actual main character. Because that would mean acknowledging it was a better story when it didn’t suffer from confusion over whose story it was. That would mean acknowledging that it was a better show when it was definitively Scott’s story.

And they will never ever do that.


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