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Javier Fernández, Pirates of the Caribbean | 2010 Winter Olympics

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After watching episode 7 I’ve realised that I love all Ricks. Every single fucking one. Not just c-137. Rick Sanchez is too beautiful and deserves more love. 

Jean <3

(I’ve spent the last couple of weeks watching the Doctor Blake Mysteries, a show which neatly combines my love of Australian accents with my love of people being horribly murdered in a period setting)


Outlander Season 2 Meme: [5/9] Favourite Visual Moments: You are so like him.



This episode wrecked me in a million and one ways. What a way to end the first perfect season of Riverdale. Remembering back to the first episode makes me feel waves of nostalgia. Like it was me right alongside these characters, fighting for the answers, pushing through the ups and downs together, asking the hard questions, facing the truth. All the relationships, all the rivalries, all the cruel, messed up high school drama, I was there the whole time too. I don’t think a show has ever made me feel this way. I am 100% here for Riverdale. For Betty. For Archie. For Jughead. For Veronica. For Kevin. For Cheryl. For Josie, Val and Melody. For Frank. For Polly. For Reggie. For FP. For Hermoine. For Alice.

Because THEY are Riverdale. And I am Riverdale, too.

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Legion of Superheroes is a pretty interesting selection(I love these Dead Fandom posts). Chris Sims described it initially hitting it's mark so well in the Silver Age because even in it's "kiddy" beginnings, it managed to relate to kids in part because they were all kind of assholes, like real kids but unlike fad-chasing Archie knockoffs. The way it "grew up" rather reminds me of Harry Potter. On a final completely tangential note, the post-Zero Hour Legion is my favorite comic book ever.

I avoided discussing the Adventure Comics incarnation of the Legion of Super-Heroes not because it was “bad” (I love Jim Shooter’s stories) but because the fandom really hit “critical mass” and assumed the form it ultimately did in the 1970s with the Dave Cockrum and Cary Bates backups in Superboy. Perhaps that was a mistake, because as you mentioned, the unusually strong sense of identification that ended up creating a hardcore fandom came in with the 1960s, when the theme of Legion stories was young people who seek a sense of belonging. Chris Sims has it half-right: it’s not about the Legion being realistically assholish at times, but that the theme of the stories was people who want to belong.

The best example of that would be the 1960s stories involving Bouncing Boy, who has a really dumb power and a goofy look, and the other Legionnaires point that out when Bouncing Boy wants to join. ACTUAL Quote: “Yeah, you bounce, but…so what?” Of course, Bouncing Boy was more than just his unimpressive power. He was a smart, perceptive, a quick thinker, good in a crisis, and underappreciated…for instance, he was the one who identified how Universo managed to hypnotize the entire earth in the Outlaw Legionnaire story. To expand your very good Harry Potter comparison, he was the Neville Longbottom character. 

And you are absolutely correct about how Legion raised the stakes as it went on in a way just like Harry Potter, going from whimsical stories about space superheroes in the 1960s involving the “Moby Dick of Space” to absolutely terrifying space battles over half the universe. The Legion’s greatest archenemy is literally Voldemort, a terrifying dark sorcerer who’s chief property is an obsession with escaping death. It must have been beyond surreal if you picked up an issue of the early pre-Shooter Adventure years…and then picked up Legion again during Earthwar, where the United Planets were losing a war of extermination to the Khund Empire and a 500 foot tall unstoppable demigod Mordru creates black storms over the entire planet earth and pledges to create a new nightmare age of darkness. 

When people ask me when to start reading Legion, I usually tell them to start with the Jim Shooter years, but if they like, they can start from the beginning. The pre-Shooter Adventure Comics years are kind of like the less than perfect first two seasons of Star Trek: the Next Generation: uneven, but still worth seeing because there’s “payoff” to all of this later when it all really gets good. 

On the subject of the Zero Hour reboot, Mark Waid is one of my favorite comic writers, but I was always baffled by the fact that his Legion reboots (and by this point, Waid was the architect of two Legion reboots) were centered on the Adventure Comics years. That’s like if they ever did a Parks & Recreation movie, and there was no Ben Wyatt or Rob Lowe, but instead, they had that one civic planner guy who was there the first couple years.


♪ No one will win this time
I just want you back
I’m running to your side
Flying my white flag ♪ 

Also I joke a lot about how Jeff Davis sucks, because, duh, but I will always blame this fandom for how the show turned out just as much as him for pandering to it.

Because Seasons 1 through 3A were about Scott McCall. He had the narrative focus, it was about his struggles, his triumphs, he was a real teenage boy with a full spectrum of emotions, some good, some bad. He learned, he failed, he grew, he compromised in some places and he drew a line in others and said he wouldn’t cross it. He loved and was loved in return, he stood up for his friends and they stood up for him. It wasn’t a perfect first three seasons but they were HIS first three seasons, so I will never say that the show didn’t know how to write Scott or prioritize him. It did. It just chose to stop.

3B started the progression away from Scott as the main character and I one hundred percent believe this was a direct result of Davis trying to pander to the most vocal facets of fandom, baiting Sterek and Stydia without committing to either, downplaying Scott while trying to shift focus to other characters as fandom screamed about how much it hated Scott and he sucked and all these other characters would be so much better.

There is an art to storytelling. I say art because there’s not a lot of rules to it, there’s very little a good writer can’t get away with it. But the one rule of storytelling I do believe in, that’s not actually a rule because its so implicitly understood it hardly seems believable it needs to be spoken….is that your story has to be about your main character. It’s just how it is. If its not, you’re just getting in your own way because a story is literally just ‘character has a goal, things get in the way of achieving that goal, character must achieve goal anyway.’

That’s it. That’s what stories are. Every story. Ever. Since the beginning of time. So when the goals your story is advancing are not the goals of your main character, when the obstacles are not in his way, when it is not him who overcomes them……you’re actually trying to tell two different stories without acknowledging that’s what you’re doing, and that just fundamentally does not work. 

The true irony of the trainwreck Teen Wolf became is that the one thing almost every corner of fandom agrees on is that the first couple of seasons were its best. Pro Scott fans agree. Anti Scott fans agree.

Problem is, anti Scott fandom will never ever acknowledge the role they played in the show’s decline due to their own vehement insistence it shift things away from Scott, the actual main character. Because that would mean acknowledging it was a better story when it didn’t suffer from confusion over whose story it was. That would mean acknowledging that it was a better show when it was definitively Scott’s story.

And they will never ever do that.

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this was the perfect first clip of the season! i feel like we've learned so much about sana already AND we got to see some A+ evak content AND we got to see the boy squad AND we got to see the girl squad?? i'm feelin so blessed right now thank you julie andem ❤❤❤

Honestly!! I couldn’t have asked for a better clip to start off the season

i literally dont know why i’m posting this, but while I love the idea of will being gay, I’m not a fan of will/mike like to me (at least in the first season) it made so much that will/lucas would be the pair??? then mileven could still happen and we’d get a gay, interracial couple like that’d be perfect. that entire first season lucas’s goal was getting Will back and it really sucked for me when that just didn’t happen in stranger things 2??? like i love lucas/max they’re adorable but i’m kind of bummed tbh 

kumori con 2017 plans

  • friday: ignis, ffxv, crownsguard, w/ crownsguard prompto
  • sunday: lance, vld, casual, w/ casual keith