perfect family of all time


Author: ShanaStoryteller

Summary: Stiles is ten when he saves the Hales from their burning home and Derek from a wolfsbane bullet, and this establishes a pattern that seem to continue indefinitely.

Info: 29k | Teen and Up

Notes: OMG. IT WAS SO HAPPY MAKING I CAN’T EVEN! I was smiling all the time and my face hurts now and I just love this story, okay. The humor was great and THE FEELS. All of them. IT WAS PURE JOY. There are sequels as well, but half through the part 4 I just couldn’t make it any further, something was off for me, so I’m gonna rec just this one. - K.

Sneak Peek:

He’s aware of Dr. Deaton in a vague sort of way, but when he shows up at his front door during the one hour period between him getting home from school and Dad getting home from work, he can’t help but think that the look on his face is a little dramatic.

“Werewolves?” he asks, stepping back to let him in.

He whips his head around, as if Mrs. Louis is going to start stabbing him with the shears she’s using to shape her bushes, and Stiles immediately wants to laugh. “They said you they hadn’t told you anything,” he says, closing the door behind him.

Stiles leads him to the living room and curls up on his dad’s chair. Dr. Deaton sits on the end of couch closest to him. “Mrs. Hale turned into a giant man-eating wolf right in front of me. It seemed kind of obvious.”


Two days later, Mr. Hale’s brother is climbing through his window. “I have a door,” he says, sounding more petulant than he’d intended.

“And a very convenient window. Or is that only access granted to my nephew?” Peter bounces down next to him on his bed, and Stiles considers that for a moment before shaking his head.


Nick Burkhardt | Kelly Burkhardt | Marie Kessler

Grimm 6 x 13 -  The End

Kelly: Don’t give away what you hold. 

Marie:  What you think you have to do is not what must be done. 

Kelly:  You can defeat him.  Nick:  I tried. I can’t.  

Both:  You can!

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akakuro married and have kids headcanon if you dont mind

Ooo I like the sound of this!!

  • Akashi proposed to Kuroko on their 10th anniversary, it happened at their special place in the park which they found on their first date (I’m obsessed with this idea) 
  • They had been engaged for a few months when Kuroko found out he was pregnant, extremely terrified that Akashi would leave him Kuroko moved away, hurt and confused Akashi hunts him down and they reunite with lots of tears and they get married the next month as Akashi refuses to let his child be born out of wedlock. 
  • Kuroko gives birth to a little boy who they name Shou, he has Kuroko’s eyes and his hair is a mix of the two but looks more like Kuroko. He is spoiled rotten by all his uncles and aunts.
  • A few months after Shou is born Kuroko and Akashi finally tie the knot, it is really romantic and there wasn’t a dry eye in the room.
  • Kuroko loves coming home from work to see his two family members either curled up asleep or at the table with dinner ready (Akashi works from home)
  • Akashi enjoys the mini family trips to the beach as he loves to watch his perfect family all safe and sound.
  • The second time Kuroko found out he was pregnant he announced it and got Kise to record it all, Shou (4 at the time) is super excited, Akashi on the other hand, passes out and it takes a while for him to come to.
  • 9 months later they are blessed with a healthy boy who is the exact copy of Akashi, they give Shou the responsibility of naming his little brother, Haruichi or Haru for short.
  • Shou is the best older brother and helps his parents at all times, when Haru is old enough the family take lots of trips as they did with Shou when he was younger.
  • On the eve of Akashi’s birthday (Shou, 9 and Haru, 5) after spending some well deserved down time just before the red head fell asleep Kuroko quietly whispers “We’re having another baby” 
  • However, with his third pregnancy, Kuroko becomes very sick and ends up in hospital leaving Akashi as a single working parent of two, this is very trying for their relationship especially when it is suggested that it would be safer if Kuroko had an abortion, Kuroko is completely against it and fights Akashi on it for over a month before the red head drops the idea.
  • Due to the complicated pregnancy, Kuroko gives birth two months too early, Kuroko is fine but their new daughter is much too small and has to be monitored closely, it takes months before she allowed home.
  • Aoi is the perfect blend of both her parents and is adored by all, her two older brothers are extremely overprotective as are all her uncles.

I hope you liked these ^.^ I’m most likely to use these in one of my fics!  


Leopold Fitz in every episode4x02 ‘Meet the New Boss’
“She’s turned her back on us, Mack! Because something terrible happened, and she didn’t want our help getting through it. Slow down, Turbo. We’ve all been through terrible things. All of us. And we’ve never turned our back.”

  • Me: My birds are perfect!
  • My family: But they scream all the time for no reason
  • Me: Perfect
  • Them: They poop on everything
  • Me: Perfect!
  • Them: They chewed the paint on the wall
  • Me: PERFECT!
  • Them: They throw 90% of their food on the floor
  • Me: P.E.R.F.E.C.T!
  • Them: Look, we need to talk about your definition of the word perfect...
TMNT Boyfriends: Blushing.

He’s Blushing:
Donnie takes a lot of pride in his inventions.
He spends hours in his lab, planning and perfecting his creations. And while his family does appreciate all the time and hard work he spends, they don’t always show it. His intelligence is something that they don’t always get, which is probably why he spends so much time in his lab.
So it was often your job to drag him outside.
Donnie was tinkering away when he heard a steady knocking on the door.
“Yeah?” he called out.
“Can I come in?”
He perked up at the sound of your voice and adjusted his glasses.
“Yeah, sure.”
You opened the large, metal door and smiled at your boyfriend.
“You been in here all day?”
“Yeah, I’m just finishing something up.”
You looked around the lab and said
“I can’t believe that you made all of this. It’s so cool.”
Donnie felt his face begin to get hot.
“Yeah. All of the work and skill you put into everything…your brain is amazing, Don.”
“T-thanks, dove.”
His smile would be huge as you kissed his cheek.

You’re Blushing:
You spent a lot of time in Donnie’s room, lounging on his bed while reading a book or writing in your journal. And you didn’t mormall fall asleep on his bed…but as you where reading Peter Pan, the fairy tale seemed to pull you into a deep sleep.
You snuggled into his pillows, your book resting on your chest as you dreamed away.
Donnie opened his door to find you fast asleep. Your hair splayed out on the pillow as your chest rose and fell softly, a content smile on your face.
“Oh, dove.”
He smiled and sat down on the edge of the bed. Reaching foward, he gently stroked your cheek. You opened your eyes slowly and he smiled.
“You look beautiful.”
You blushed and shook your head.
“You really do. From the moment you wake up to the second you fall asleep.”
You took the pillow and covered your face with it. Donnie laughed and said
“Are you blushing? That’s so cute…”

I think I’ve finally settled on this design for my Hera tattoo, with some face tweaks. I’ve been humming and hawing all day being absolutely useless, but it was the one that first made me go ‘ooh!’ (which obviously has nothing to do with it being the first one that I saw).

It’s also the one design that fits in best with my headcanon of Sabine painting a gorgeous Hera on the side of the Phantom when they’re stuck in downtime for a lengthy time - perhaps after an intense run, and she needs a long project to unwind and breathe, the paint flowing from her hand, roping out all of the stress and worry and confusion. Everything makes more sense in colour. Hera’s started sort of folding in on herself after so many extended trials and tribulations, to the point where even Kanan is struggling to find the cracks to get in, to find her. The Phantom is their place - Sabine’s and Hera’s - where they’ve shared and learned and that tentative wary trust solidified into a bond.

She doesn’t let anyone near the Phantom, setting up a portable shield to stop Ezra or Chopper from crashing through her paints in a tussle (the fact that Hera doesn’t notice and doesn’t call her on it speaks louder than anything else). When they finally get the all-clear to go back into the field - they’re off the radar and the heat’s cooled off - she insists on running all the pre-flight checks herself. Keep the surprise.

Of course Ezra and Zeb immediately come hurtling along, their argument (something about furballs in Ezra’s boots - Sabine rolls her eyes at their cabin fever) slamming to a halt as quickly as they do. As soon as Ezra opens his mouth Sabine shoots him a look that burns. Not a word. He snaps his mouth shut, and shares a grin with Zeb as the three of them wait with Chopper, grouped together in front of the shuttle’s nose (the perfect portrait).

Hera and Kanan walk towards the Phantom dock, Hera’s lekku low as they quietly go over the mission. Both of them frown at the suspiciously quiet and well-turned out group waiting for them, Kanan muttering a comment about the bad influence of the Alliance. Hera snorts, but her mouth barely lifts in a smile. Then, as though on cue, their crew parts and right there is Hera, captured perfectly but also so much more as she meets the viewers eyes, one leg kicking delicately up. Delicately, but easy enough to imagine a wayward Imp on the other end of that kick (or a suave entrepreneur).

Kanan stops, staring, mouth hanging wide with no memory of what air is. Hera, however, slowly walks towards the ‘fighter, her Lekku rising as she frowns. A wave of panic starts welling up inside Sabine - until she sees the smile tugging at the corners of Hera’s mouth. A smile she hasn’t seen in weeks, if not months.

‘Painting my ship, Sabine? And without asking. A bit risky, don’t you think?‘ Hera nods at the brand new nose art with an appreciative but serious eye before reaching out to squeeze Sabine’s hand as she heads into the ship, the others trooping along behind her. Sabine’s face glowing like the sun.

It takes Kanan three attempts to get into the Phantom.

(The clones, of course, are delighted when they see the Phantom. This hallowed tradition being carried on even in these uncertain times.)

(Eventually they have to remove it for reasons of secrecy, their captain’s face emblazoned on their starfighter somewhat ruining their anonymity. The discussion is overheard and Ahsoka an Alliance representative offers to transfer the art off so it can be preserved. The next time they rendezvous with the alliance, it isn’t until they’ve passed through three corridors and a rec room papered in posters featuring a green figure that the crew registers what they’ve seen. Hera is the newest face of Alliance top secret recruitment. Recruitment is way up.)

Might Rediscover Love - A Brallie Story

This little story has been circling around my head & keyboard for a few weeks/months now, & even though I am MAJORLY insecure about my writing, I finally decided to post the first part. PLEASE let me know what you think, feedback is definitely my motivation. (And share maybe if you like it? :)) 

14 months

It had been fourteen months, almost to the day, since the day he woke up to a card on his bedside table with his name on it.

‘I will see you again. I’m sorry. I have to go.’

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Luke Imagine: Trying to Fix a Divorce

Author: Rhine


There was a time when you thought he loved you.

He had fooled you - he really did, with his soft forehead kisses and gentle caresses and quiet I love you’s that acted as a key to your heavily guarded heart. He opened it; cracked the safe open after patient waiting, and you let him.

You let his words fool you, you let the light in his bright blue eyes blind you, you let his touch suck out any doubts you had. You let him love you. You let yourself love him.

You let him take your heart. 

And in a way, you set yourself up for letting him break it.

You thought you had something real with Luke. Something tangible, something indestructible, something infinite. You let yourself believe that what you had with Luke was love, that what you found was a once in a lifetime treasure.

He had tricked you well, you admit. He tricked you very well indeed.

He had fooled you with his first I love you, blue eyes twinkling, smiling bashfully as he waiting for your response. He had fooled you with every kiss, every laugh, every hug, every long conversation at three in the morning, bodies intertwined in a bed, talking about the universe and where the two of you fit. He had fooled you when he got down on one knee and told you that he wanted to be yours forever; that he’d be the happiest man on earth, that you completed him, that you were the one. He had fooled you exceptionally well on the day you walked towards him swathed in white, his bright blue eyes glimmering with tears - I vow to love you for the rest of my existence; for this life, for the next, forever because I finally know now my place in this universe, and it’s next to you.

He had fooled you very well that night. That night with him in his perfectly pressed tie and beam on his lips, that night where you danced with him for hours, where he leaned down to kiss you at the altar and took you for his own. The night where skin met skin, where you marked every crevice of his body as your own as he did the same to yours. The night where you joined in every way possible; the night where you had thought with a certainty in your bones, this is love.

You fell for it. You fell for it, every step of the way.

You thought your dreams were coming true. You thought you were living in some sort of fantasy when you married the man you loved - past tense - when you found out you were expecting, when you ultimately gave birth to the ray of sunshine that you would call your daughter. 

You thought you had it all. A loving husband. A beautiful daughter. A perfect family. 

But you learned the hard way that all things fade with time.

Your love for your precious daughter seemed to grow as Luke’s love for you diminished.

Your daughter was the light of your life - she was a part of you and you loved caring for her, no matter how tired you were. There was something in her bright blue eyes that pulled you to her, exactly like Luke’s that magnetized you. 

You cared for her. You fed her and sang to her and you looked over her and played with her and read to her and you loved her with your whole heart, just like how you loved Luke.

But that changed. At least for him.

He started disappearing more and more, going to this place with the boys then going there to record then this gig and that venue - and you understood. You understood that it was his job, and this was what came with it. 

But when Luke started coming back later and later, with photos on this website and that program of him and the boys out partying or seen in this club - you knew that wasn’t part of the job.

You confronted him about it, of course - but it only resulted in whisper arguments that hurt you more than screaming matches because you could hear the steady fury in his voice, an anger and weariness in his blue eyes that weren’t there before.

I’m just trying to have some fun.

And you’d laugh mirthlessly, eyes rolling.

I get that, Luke. I really do. But you’ve got other priorities now - a family. There are some other things that come before partying and drinks.

He never did change.


Luke had loved you in the beginning. He had loved you and your daughter, and the first few years were filled with happiness and joy and clumsy attempts at parenting that ended with laughter and stories to tell friends and family as a good dinnertime joke.

Your daughter’s first words. Her first step. Buying all the toys in the world for her and baking in the kitchen and singing to her on Sunday mornings. Hearing her chatter on and on about the strangest things that brought the both of you smiles in the morning and snuggling in close with each other - as a family - at night. 

But as the months turned into years, it was as if his love dragged out. As if it was wearing thin. 

You loved him infinitely, with all of your heart. But it was different for him.

You didn’t notice it at first. It was subtle, like soft waves starting to change direction. It wasn’t until some more time passed did you realize you were going the wrong way the whole entire time.

Luke was drifting away from you - slowly and surely, drifting away from the boy who smiled at you with innocent dimples in his cheeks, drifting away the man who told you he loved you and your daughter, lively blue eyes identical to hers as he played games with her, as he gazed into yours. 

He was drifting away, and wherever he was going, it was clear that he wanted to go without you, despite his previous promises.

I promise I’ll always be by your side - forever and through infinity, through thick and thin, I’ll be there.

Always? Always. 

Going, going…

… gone.


Sometimes he left for tour without a single phone call home.

And it hurt you when your beautiful daughter asked you when’s daddy coming back home?

You didn’t know. You didn’t know if he ever came back home again; not when there was something hollow in his eyes, lacking warmth, lacking love.

Soon, you always answered. Daddy’ll be back home soon. 

Soon, the Luke that you loved would walk back through those doors with a smile on his lips and something sincere in his heart. Soon, the man that you loved would come back to you, just like he promised.



You didn’t want to.

You really didn’t.

But you had to.

You had fretted over it for nights and weeks and months of tossing and turning on your bed, alone. You were conflicted and lost, and every time you sought warmth or comfort or guidance, you would reach out and find that you were alone.

Just cold sheets and a spot where someone else should be.


And in the end, it was that empty space that echoed your decisions. 

It’s for the best.


You deserved better.

You really did. You deserved someone who would help you do the dishes at night, someone to take turns doing the laundry, someone to help you fix the broken television or to help you clean the house on Sundays. You deserved someone to hold you to sleep at night and someone to come home to with a smile on their face, waiting. You deserved soft kisses on the lips after a long day of work and a long shower and cuddle sessions that melted all your worries away.

You weren’t the best person, you knew. But you thought you deserved at least that much.

And if not, then your daughter deserved better.

She deserved a father who would pick her up in his arms and carry her on his shoulders in the park. She deserved a father who would play tea party with her and a father who would kiss her head hello when he came home. She deserved a father who would protect her from the monsters under her bed, a father to watch over her as she skipped to school.

She, at the very least, deserved a phone call from her supposed father telling her where he was. Telling her that he missed her. That he loved her. That he’d be back soon.

Your daughter deserved a father.

Not a stranger who shared the same blue eyes that were always so distant and far away, even when he was in the same room.


You left the papers on his manager’s desk, folded into a white envelope with his name neatly printed on it.

You had already signed your name, contacted all the right people, went to all the meetings.

Your hands shook when you left it on the table, hesitating for a few minutes. Your breaths came out shaky and you clutched your bag so hard your knuckles nearly turned white.

But you steeled yourself and placed the envelope in the middle of his desk - to Mr. Luke Hemmings - and turned around, leaving before anyone else saw you there.

You didn’t have a place there any more.

You didn’t have a place in Luke’s heart any more.

Well, now he didn’t have a place in yours.


When’s daddy coming back again? 

You held your daughter’s hand, suitcase in tow. She trailed beside you, her little pink suitcase rolling behind her, bumping in between the cracks of the sidewalk. 

You had packed and left, spending the past three weeks putting your things in neat, organized boxes and shipping them to your family’s house, where you planned to stay for the next few months until you could find a place of your own.

That wasn’t home any more.

Daddy’s not coming back for a while, baby.

Your words are soft and gentle, and you try to bite back the tears. Your daughter still believed she had a father when you saw him leave a long, long time ago.

You told her the two of you would be moving - going to a new home and staying with some family for the time being.

Of course, this was met with a few temper tantrums and tears and questions that you had to painfully answer - alone, alone, always so painfully alone - but she complied. She bounced back. She always did.

And you would too.

You just didn’t know how to exactly tell your little daughter that Luke wouldn’t be there any more. 

Why not?

The question is simple, innocent; punctuated by two, bright eyes that looked up at you with the utmost naivete. 

It hurts you more than any wounded glare could.

Daddy’s busy. He’s very busy and he won’t be coming back.

Your words are light despite the burden on your shoulders.

Daddy’s never home any more. I miss daddy.

You start to feel the weight seep into you, and it leaves you weak, barely able to move on. Barely able to bring the last set of suitcases to your family home.

These past few weeks have been so, so tiring. 

You tried to smile for your family, your friends, your daughter. But it never came out right any more. Not ever since Luke started to fade away.

There’s one more thing he took.

I miss him too. 

Your words are quiet, but your daughter still hears them, her hands squeezing yours comfortingly.

But mommy’s here now. Mommy’s always going to be here for you, okay? I’m not going anywhere. Mommy’s not going to leave like daddy.

Your words start to shake with tears, but you’re not sure your daughter hears it. You hope she doesn’t. This hasn’t been easy on her too, whether or not she knows the full picture - it hasn’t been easy on either of you.

You had to stay strong. Just like you always did.


You remember when you asked the very same thing to Luke, the same hopeful lilt in your voice as your daughter’s, so many years ago when he said he would stay by your side forever.

Oh, how things have changed.

But you haven’t. You still kept your promises, and though your heart is heavier guarded now, you still kept your word with your whole heart. 

Though the positions are reversed now, you aren’t one to let someone you love down.



He comes home to a half-empty house.

Half a closet full of clothes. Bedrooms bare, walls of pictures and drawings stripped. Bathroom counters left half-touched, kitchen empty.

It was eerie - how half the house was living, as if it was half-breathing, struggling to cling on to life. As if it was half dead already.

He’s confused and dazed and shocked, the silence turning numb in his ears.

When he picks up the call from his manager, the explanation falls on him like weights, pulling him down as he drowned in the emptiness.


He asks again, just to check. It can’t be true. It couldn’t be true.

Not when you were still in this very house six months ago, a half-smile on your lips and a happy beam on your daughter’s face.

(it was always a half-smile. the house was always half-empty - he just didn’t notice. he was the empty half, and now that he was truly alone, he sees just what he’s done.)

But that was six months ago. 

Luke calls you, and your phone rings once, twice, three times.

You see the caller ID, and you know it’s him. You’ve been waiting for it. 

You knew he was coming back today, sitting on the couch biting your nails, a nervous wreck.

But when you picked up the phone, you were calm, cool, and collected.

Unfeeling, despite the soft flickers that sparked once you heard his voice again. 

Is this some sick joke?

You brace yourself, telling yourself to stand firm. 

You remember the empty bed. You remember the questions of where’s daddy from your daughter’s lips, and you remember the loneliness that ate you inside out every night.

Does it look like I’m laughing, Luke? I can hardly remember the last time I've smiled because of you.

There’s silence. 

You can hear him breathing on the other end; sharp, quick intakes of breaths as if he forgot how to breathe. As if he was suffocating.

Suffocating from the emptiness.

When he speaks again, his next words are cracked, broken. Chipped on the edges and hoarse when they leave his throat.

Come back home.

You can’t hold back a mirthless laugh, your voice twisted in a way that you can barely recognize.

Can’t you see, Luke? I was always there. Always waiting. It was you who never came back. You were the one who never came back, and guess what? 

You take a deep breath, trying to pace yourself and refrain from letting all the bitterness and anger seep into your voice.

I’m finding a new home. 

He’s silent, as still as stone. He doesn’t say a word, and you didn’t expect him to.

You hang up the phone, and Luke can’t help but to think that the flat line sounds a lot like a final goodbye.


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kisses are too intimate: a soulmate au 1/?

I’m posting this after the longest time of procrastination and because I am on break in three weeks. This means I’ll get time to finish this fic! It’s going to be a long multi-chapter and it’s the first in a long series of Soulmate AUs. This entire fic is dedicated to natromxnov and bellsarks for being the best betas and best friends that any writer can ask for. Without them, this fic would not exist. As always, feedback is very much welcome.

  • Fandom: The 100
  • Pairings/Characters: Bellarke, Mostly the whole of the The 100-verse (except for most of the Grounders)
  • Chapters: One | Two ?
  • Summary: When her position as CEO of Griffin Empire is threatened, she must Bond as soon as possible to save it but her mother’s failed Bonding has put Clarke off romance forever. Bellamy Blake has always wanted revenge and when Griffin Empire’s scandals are revealed, he finds his opportunity. A cold, hard, practical business arrangement is drawn up. It’s all fun, games and getting what they both want when one of them discovers that they are Soulmates and another discovers an ulterior motive. It begins with a crumbling empire and Finn Collins being a prick. Features: an adorable Monty Green, a rowdy wolf-pack, Raven Reyes being the best friend anyone can have and the adults messing everything up.
  • Rating: Mature
  • Chapter Word Count: 3669
  • Total Word Count: 6568
  • Status: In Progress



Finn Collins speaks to Soulmate Daily in an exclusive expose about his relationship with Clarke Griffin, detailing all the dirty business behind the scenes and everything you wanted to know about our resident Ice Queen.

Two weekends ago, the couple was spotted attending the Unity Day Ball separately. Collins had attended with an unnamed brunette girl while Clarke flew solo. They barely spoke to one another and Clarke appeared to have spent the evening by Raven Reyes’ side. An inside source reveals the Golden Couple is done and it’s not a temporary separation. Our hearts are broken but as always, we have the interview for you.

SD: Let’s jump straight in, Finn. You once said Clarke was your soulmate. Two years is a really long time to date someone. What changed?

Finn Collins: She told me she didn’t want a relationship. She said she didn’t even think we were soulmates. She had this weird idea we would Bond just so we wouldn’t have to find our soulmates. She thought I was on the same page which is really weird because I’ve been hinting for the past couple of months that we should Bond. I couldn’t let my feelings get played that way so I left.

SD: I’m so sorry it happened to you, Finn. I can imagine it must have been really tough dating Clarke Griffin. I’ve heard she can be really cold and it’s not just her Ice Queen act. Let’s hear your side of it.

Finn Collins: She’s also extremely calculating and ruthless. [Laughs] Cold might be the correct word to describe Clarke but let me tell you, she was fire in bed. She knew how to make a man pray to God with that mouth of hers. I always joked that she had had a lot of practice but she never said anything about it. She just smiled her beautiful smile.

SD: Phew, that’s scandalous, Finn. But you still haven’t answered the question. What was it like dating Clarke?

Finn Collins: What can I say? I’m good at what I do. [Laughs] Dating Clarke was like dealing with two persons at once and you’ll never know whom you get. One minute, she can be absolutely amazing. She’ll make you dance around her living room. And the next, she’s all glaring and yelling for you to leave her alone. It wasn’t easy. I thought I loved her. I do, actually but I have to do what’s best for me. She was sucking the life out of me and I didn’t want that kind of a relationship. There’s no pleasing her. Clarke Griffin is the kind of girl you have while waiting for your soulmate to come along

SD: I heard that she was married to her job. After all, you can’t be that successful without being devoted.

Finn Collins: Don’t even get me started on the amount of hours she spent in that office of hers. I’d plan a wonderful romantic dinner and just as I am about to pick her up, she tells me she’s too busy and that she’ll reschedule. When I go to visit, sometimes, she barely looks at me. After sex, she doesn’t even cuddle. She just goes straight back to work like I was some sort of cheap booty call. I guess it’s because she never considered me her soulmate and that explains why she’s always avoided the romance of our relationship.

SD: But the two of you are always together seen together. You went to Rome last year and Paris the year before that. There was the Jaha’s annual soiree and the Blake Industries Fund Raiser. That doesn’t scream non-romance to me.

Finn Collins: Oh, Clarke is the master of putting up fronts. She can smile and preen and dance for the cameras but once we’re behind doors, she drops it all. Until I get her into bed, of course. It’s the only time I ever see any real emotion from her. To Clarke, sex is a temporary distraction and solution.

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anonymous asked:

i love louis. i love his eyelashes and how they seem to flutter more when he blushes. i love his personality and how kind he is and all that he does for charity. i love his tattoos and how some of them have such a deep meaning but some of them are for fun. i love his fringe and how soft it is. i love how much of a family man he is. i love how he will defend his fans and his family. i love his voice and how perfect it sounds all the time. i love his smile and how his eyes crinkle. i love louis

thanks God for Louis Tomlinson

more salt:

the idea that ana amari is a poor parent for not wholeheartedly agreeing with her daughter’s decision to join the military is ridiculous

ana was a sniper. she worked for overwatch. she was military. it was not the idealized life that pharah imagined. she buried her friends. she lost a lot of things, people. she lost an eye. i get the feeling that she gave a lot of herself to protect other people, pharah included.

(i am still of the opinion that part of the reason for her disappearance was so that talon would have no reason to target her family)

so yeah, she doesn’t want that life for her daughter. pharah might disagree. kids do that. she wasn’t an abusive parent because of it, though. “a better life for you was all i ever dreamed of” — she wants her daughter to be happy and doesn’t think that this is the way to do it, because of her own experiences.

to summarize: they probably have some issues, yeah. every family has some issues, because people aren’t perfect all the time. i still think pharah loves her mom and i still think ana has been giving 200% for her daughter since she was born.

Thoughts of the “Gem Harvest” reactions

tl;dr: Explaining something does not equal excusing it

Like, it’s not like I don’t get where the reactions are comming from; 

- I personally know that when you experience mistreatment, you become hypersesitive toward it, because you know just how bad it is, and start seeing it everywhere, because often it IS extremely pervasive and you know firsthand just how much it harms.  

That feeling is valid and We totally should be vigilant about that shit, but we should endeavour to have an actual discussion about wether or not it’s present rather than just asserting it and expecting torches & pitforks to follow.

- Everyone is still raw from  the election and this “just accept it”type gaslighting is everywhere. 

But that is precisely WHY this episode is so important now, in the face of Trump and the Refugee crisis (And it needs to be stated that Peridot and especially Lapis are literal refugees,  not even in any allegorical sense.)

I’ve been reading stuff like “it would have been good if they didn’t make him a bigot” or “they should just have had him as someone with a fear of change instead of having him use clear anti-immigrant language”,

But that would defeat the point of the episode. The racism is the point it is what separates it from your average vague cartoon aesop; 

Fear of change is often why people hold bigoted views (”They’ll destroy our culture/family” etc.) These points are inextricably linked.

People have been acting as if giving him a sympathetic backstory is the same as saying he should be completely excused, like giving him a reason for how he acts is a call to pity him more than the ones he’s being a jerk toward.

But eVERYONE has a reason, just in the strict cause and effect sense; That’s doesn’t mean it’s a good or justified reason, but no one pops outta the womb being xenophobic - Explaining something does NOT equal excusing it, and understanding something is often the first step toward fixing it. 

Also, “the word is not split into good people and Death Eaters” - Having some sympathetic traits doesn’t make someone 100% not wrong and giving someone sympathetic traits isn’t an immediate denial of their wrong-ness. He’s a grey character; Those have been a recurring theme lately, haven’t they? People like him exist just as much as the Martys, Kevins or Yellow Diamonds of this world.. 

Just look at how his backstory is delivered: 

It’s implied that Andy held his views because he saw his family ‘leaving’ their rural home, including an aunt who’s either lesbian or dating a nonbinary person, & thus blamed them/ reinforced or aquired conservative views. But as he himself admits in the end, he didn’t visit them, (”I have an airplane!”) - From that Aunt’s point of View, He’s the one who didn’t talk to her anymore after she moved out & cut her of, not the other way around.

The real point is that he has been sabotaging himself and perpetuated the separation between himself and his family because of his views, and that the problem was all with him and how he was dealing with his issues, not with how others were living their lives - and that to have the family life he wanted, he had to leave his bigotry behind. 

- They have him admit that he was wrong and had failed to adapt (”I should have changed, too.”), all of which is very true. 

The gems aren’t asked to change, their negative reactions never questioned, it is Steven, a fellow human, who deals with Andy, and the possibility of kicking Lapis & peridot out isn’t even discussed - They tried to convince him the nice way but it’s not like they were gonna tolerate him. 

Let’s not forget that the gems are our main characters and that Lapis’ horrible experiences with war that lead to her becoming a refugee were explored intensively & given sympathetic treatment even when it involved briefly lashing out at Peridot (I think we all breathed out a sigh of relief when we saw the two becoming friends & Lapis leading a chill & happy life), while Andy is an oneshot character here, so it’s by no means “all about the oppressor”. 

It’s not about ‘catering to’, ‘accepting’ or ‘forgiving’ bigots, forgiveness isn’t mentioned anywhere - It’s about handling them and trying to change their mind. 

It is required that Andy come out of his bubble for the reconcilliation to happen and if he hadn’t, he would have been the one storming off from an otherwise happy dinner table. 

I mean, wasn’t Peridot the same when she arrived? And they didn’t coddle her at all (I liked how Garnet was actually allowed to get angry here instead of acting like a perfect example at all times), nor did the family card do Marty any favors, who was clearly portrayed as an irredeemable jerk. 

But Andy wasn’t some stranger on the street harassing someone or someone who persisted in their views no matter how many chances they were given - this was a first contact situation. He wasn’t established to be irredeemable or unwilling to change. 

I find it very important that as of season 4, they are no longer just dealing with issues on a sci-fi allegorical basis, but included ordinary human LGB people (Mystery Girl, Mr. Smiley, Mr. Frowney), and now, a very real conservative who is educated. 

This particular anvil needed to be tropped, particularly in Trump’s america.

These are all kinds of words & statements a kid might overhear relatives saying & not really have a means to deal with them & the feelings they cause… so it’s good that this show did this. 

It’s particularly relevant that steven wins over Andy by affirming his individuality outside of his racist beliefs and their shared humanity (”I like how you peel potatos, & have a plane & eat cake…”) which is a tactic that’s psychologically helpful (because it reduces the threat in questioning beliefs you’re identified with)

And Steven is not so much failing to defend the gems in that he’s trying to be their advocate by convincing Andy. That’s not tolerating bigotry but actively  combating it just as much as if he’d gone for a callout.

Also, are people forgetting that the shows cast is chock full of POC who are likely giving feedback on the handling of the subject? I resent the implication that they’re all complete tools.

Gets no love from her fucked up family 

Is pressured into being perfect at all times

Develops what is probably NPD

Gets ignored for her brother and left behind by him

Is shot at by a murderer when she’s 13 years old

Finds out her father, whom she admired, was just a murdering, cheating, liar

Said father is executed

Loses her first two cases ever to a man whom she swore to beat

Gets shot for real

Is unable to prosecute a trial against said man that she would have won, had she been there

Gets taunted mercilessly by Godot and kicked off the case by him

Gets accused of murder by fellow meme ranger and used as bait 

Has evidence stolen from her, resulting in massive embarrassment that is only furthered by the defendant’s snide remarks

The song Stressed Out by twenty øne piløts is the realest shit I’ve ever heard guys


“So I’m standing there filling up like I’ve done a thousand times before, and I hear a chunk. You know, the pump’s nozzle. The– the metal thing. The thing you squeeze, right? I hear a chunk. So I suppose, in my naivete, I took to understand that gas is no longer coming out of the nozzle, so I pull out the hose to put it back and whoosh! You know, I am suddenly soaked in gasoline. I mean, on my arms and my legs and my– my groin. So now I am in a panic, and I race home, I run inside the house, and I’m stripping off my clothes as fast as I can. I jump in the shower. It’s not until after I get out of the shower that I realize my gas-covered clothes have been soaking in the living room rug this entire time. I mean, it’s– it’s– the whole thing is just so stupid. I could have rinsed off at the station. Halfway home, I’m starting to realize– wait a minute– there’s a water hose right there next to the air pump. You know, for tires. Anyway, so that was my day. How was yours?”

To all you Hux lovers out there

Headcanons that you do NOT want to imagine:

- do nOT imagine Hux’s parents marrying simply because of power and money, with no love involved, and having sex literally enough times only to have ONE child, because praised families need to have heirs.

- do nOT imagine Hux being a small baby, born in a family that has no love, and the only thing he receives from his parents that comes from a place of love is his first name.

- do nOT imagine tiny baby Hux being taken care of by droids because his parents simply don’t have time and don’t care that much about him. They check on him sometimes when he’s sick but that’s it.

- do nOT imagine baby Hux crying because babies cry and instead of his mother or father arriving, a droid comes in and takes him into his arms to put him to sleep.

- do nOT imagine Hux being trained since he was little not to cry and respect each and every order he’s given.

- do nOT imagine Hux’s father putting him inside a dark room whenever he cries, and not letting him out until he has stopped.

- do nOT imagine Hux never being taught to apologise after walking out of the room. He’s just taught to accept his place and learn from the experience.

- do nOT imagine Hux never crying since he was three.

- do nOT imagine Hux being used as his father’s experiments to see if his program really works.

- do nOT imagine Hux’s mother always watching and never changing her cold stares to the boy she created.

- do nOT imagine Hux’s parents calling him Hux instead of his first name because he shouldn’t have anything that is his, not even his first name.

- do nOT imagine Hux’s father leaving a seven years old Hux in Snoke’s hands to train and never ever seeing him again after that.

- do nOT imagine teenager Hux forgetting he has a first name at all (because everyone calls him Hux now) and only remembering when he finds a small drawing he had made of him and his parents with their first names under each sticky figure.

- do nOT imagine Hux having dreams of a perfect family while he trains to be the most feared general of all time in the first order.

- do nOT imagine Hux finishing his training and letting go of all the things that reminded him of the family he never had, by burning all the drawings and pictures.

- do nOT imagine Hux finally giving up and admiring that he’s /Hux/ and he will never be anything else by the exact machine the First Order wanted him to be.

- do nOT imagine Hux actually forgetting his first name until one day when that stupid, ridiculous excuse of knight Kylo Ren /calls/ him by his first name.

- do nOT imagine the nightmares coming back to hunt him.

- do nOT imagine Hux’s first name being the thing that breaks him out of that brainwashing the first order did to him.

- and especially do not IMAGINE a happy ending where Hux and Kylo go to the light side and it’s not more Hux and Kylo because everyone calls Hux is first name and he feels free because it’s him and Ben and everything is finally on place.

I don’t have a life