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So I'm in love with your headcanons. How would UT and UF bros react to a crush who knocks on their door like "is your brother home? I want to ask him if I can date u because I feel like that's a thing I should do before I ask you out"



yeah sure he’s just… wait… what?
He goes slack-jawed, blinking rapidly trying to discern if he heard things correctly. Did… he just get asked out? On his doorstep? Super casually?! By the person he likes?!? He asks for clarification about what they said and absolutely soars. The fact that they want to ask his brother first makes them even more perfect in his eyes. He stands aside silently and lets them do their thing, fidgeting excitedly and gleefully the entire time.


GASP!! A POTENTIAL DATEMATE!!! OF COURSE THEY CAN ASK HIS BROTHER even though Sans isn’t responsible for his entire life and they really don’t have to he can make his own decisions thanks. He immediately takes off to his bedroom to get ready for their immediately effective date, giving them Sans’ location so they can do what they need to.


He sputters at their sudden and casual confession before the words sink in. 
Hell no. Why do they have to talk to Pap about this? It’s his life. He tries to bring them out for a date right there and then. His brother doesn’t dictate or control his life… Then again… Pap is gonna pull his overprotective bullshit again anyways might as well get it over and done with.


He’ll tell his brother about the date if it was successful. But the date must happen before he can tell. He tells them to lead the way if they already had something planned. Dating start effective immediately now. Shut up he’s not blushing. He’s really excited, basically squeeing.



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Congratulations! 🎉🎊 #no244 please because there was definitely a scene missing wherein drunk!robert is lazing on Aaron in the corner! I swear I was waiting for it but nope 💁💕


#224: robert and aaron have a quiet moment outside the pub, just looking up at the fireworks and holding hands and it’s perfect. they don’t even have to say anything, their eyes just meet and it says it all. it manages to say ‘we’ve made it, me and you have got through this year and it’s been hell at times but we’ve done it and i love you’ aaron looks away first, tears all misty and then robert cups his face and kisses him until the sound of another firework pulls them apart and they stare up, in awe of all the pretty colours.

It’s too busy in the pub, there’s laughter and happiness and yeah it’s just what they need right now but at the same time it isn’t. Robert grabs Aaron’s hand amongst the crowd and then they’re moving outside, bracing themselves for the cold air which hits them as they venture out. 

“Freezing.” Aaron says, snapping just a little. Robert smiles lazily at him, a pint glass in his hand still with only a bit left. He’s not drunk yet, maybe a little merry but he can hold himself and Aaron’s grateful that he doesn’t need to carry around his lump of a lanky fiancé for the whole night. 

“Here.” Robert says, pulls his blazer off of himself and then places it on Aaron’s shoulders protectively. 

Aaron smiles warmly and tries to stop his teeth for chattering as another bout of wind hits him and they move to sit on the bench opposite the little cottages.
Robert slumps a little next to Aaron, presses their shoulders together and then lets out this heavy sigh that he’s been holding in for just so long

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you draw his eyes the most beautiful and perfect way, i love it soo much!!!!

Aww, thanks! I love drawing his eyes the way I currently do (part of the incentive why I always come back to drawing him, to be honest :P)

I suppose sometimes some people feel like I’m feminizing him because of the eyes, but I’ve always thought Zayn has more beautiful eyes than most men AND women, haha!

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tell me what the video title you used for shinhwa gifs discography ? does that come from official mv? i wanna search on youtube. thankzz

Yes they are all official MVs.

  • Shinhwa (신화) - 해결사 (The Solver-Resolver)
  • shinhwa - T.O.P.
  • Shinhwa - Only One [MTV]
  • Shinhwa - Wild Eyes [MV] [HQ]
  • Shinhwa - My Life Style
  • Shinhwa - Perfect Man mv
  • ShinHwa MV Your Wedding
  • SHINHWA - ‘Young Gunz’ Official Music Video
  • SHINHWA - ‘Brand New’ Official Music Video
  • SHINHWA - ‘세월의 흔적 다 버리고 + 천생연분’ Official Music Video
  • Shinhwa - Once In A Lifetime [MV] [HQ]
  • SHINHWA - '僕らの心には太陽がある’ Official Music Video
  • SHINHWA - '예쁘잖아’ Official Music Video
  • SHINHWA - '눈 오는 날 (The Snowy Night)’ Official Music Video
  • 신화 (SHINHWA) - RUN
  • 신화 (SHINHWA) - Venus (HD Full Ver.)
  • SHINHWA’s 11th THE CLASSIC 'This Love’ Official Music Video
  • And the rest, the latest ones: Sniper, Orange and Touch

They’ve got a lot more MVs I didn’t include in the discography edit

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you are, my dear, without a doubt, the most beautiful, wonderful, interesting, funny, and perfect girls i have ever laid eyes upon or spoken to. i just hope you're having the kind of awesome day you deserve <3

Uhm… that’s gay.

I’m having a pretty rad day though. Rain and chill notwithstanding. ❤💕❤💕

basic cleo has 0 problems. no neck issues, no joints that stick, no wonk eye, nothing. she’s absolutely perfect

fearleader cleo’s face is perfect and ehr hair sticks up a bit but that can definitely be relaxed with a boil wash and she’s gonna look so good on a different body. im over the moon yall


Giraffe Boy gets a Giraffe Mug for his rainy day at the café ♡