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twenty things i learned that one time i was twenty:

1. Firstly, answers to some questions you have been asking since your height just barely matched the kitchen counter’s: 

  • 1a. You do. You get to go on so many adventures. You get to do work you believe in. You get to belong somewhere. You get to have perfect, happy days where everything is sunshine and you get to have magic, massive nights where every song is right. Everything you ever dreamed of and then some - it’s all possible. It’s all real. 
  • 1b. You can. You can escape Privet Drive. You can get better. You can work towards becoming someone who makes you and your friends proud, little by little. 
  • 1c. You are. You are Gryffindor-brave. You are resilient. You are valuable. You are capable. You are full of ideas and of things to say and you are not wrong to want to share these. In the twelfth grade, your favorite teacher told your class to choose a word that haunts you, that you fear describes you, that puts your stomach in knots and to write about it. You wrote about the word useless, and now that you are finally out of the house where you heard it for twenty years, you are steadily learning useless is one thing you are not.

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Toriel keeps her house really cold, but doesn't notice because of her fur.

I really like the thought of her suddenly having to remember all about what humans need to live after adopting Frisk. Totally normal stuff like heat and toilets and those little vitamin tablet things you eat with your food. She’d try so, so hard to make everything perfect for them and Frisk would appreciate it so much.

you know how people are always like ‘theres no such thing as perfect art everything is flawed in some way and that makes it more personal’ i dont think those poeple have played starfox 64 cause that. thats perfect

A Day at the Beach (TFW+Kevin X-Reader)

Words: 1,024

Summary: You, Cas, Dean, Sam, and Kevin decide to go to the beach after a long hunt in California. 

Author’s Note: Since I posted that Cas fic, I’ve been getting amazing feedback and I can already see my blog growing. Thank you, guys. A lot. <3

Warnings: None

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The sidewalks alongside Venice Beach were packed, as always. Sam, Dean, Castiel, Kevin, and you were walking together. You and Kevin were shoulder-to-shoulder, while Cas, Sam, and Dean were in front. The day was amazing, the sun was shining and everything felt perfect to you.

All of you were in California for a Rugarou case, which had been solved about an hour ago. Now, you were walking back to the hotel. 

Normally, Sam and Dean would insist on driving the Impala, but you begged them to walk on the beach instead. Dean argued like no other, he hated the weather, it was too hot. Luckily, the rest of the guys were on your side.

“Hey, Dean, could we stay here for another day?” You asked.

He sighed, and then turned around, bringing you and Kevin to a stop. 

“No, (Y/N). Look, we worked the case, killed the bad guy, and now, we go home. The end.”

You sighed, and Sam put a hand on Dean’s shoulder.

“Come on, Dean. Please? We never get to come out here.” He persuaded. Dean threw his arms up in defeat, nodding that we could stay. You jumped up and down, thanking Sam and Dean. You were finally going to go to the beach. 

Back at the hotel, all of you decided to change into your bathing suits and walk back down to Venice. You called the bathroom first, and brought your two-piece with you. It was mint green, with gold sequins lining the top and bottom. You tied your hair back and splashed some water on your face. You looked great.

When you walked back into the room, Sam, Dean, and Kevin had changed. Kevin was wearing red trunks and a swim shirt, Dean was wearing black trunks, and Sam was wearing green trunks. Cas, on the other hand, was still in his trench coat. He looked confused.

“Cas, why didn’t you change?” You asked.

“I don’t see a point in changing into different clothing just to get a sunburn.” 

You ignored his comment, only to get your sunscreen and put it in your bag.

“Thanks for reminding me. But, suit yourself.” You said. He nodded, and shuffled from foot to foot.

You turned back by your space to get your white cover up, and slipped it over your suit. The guys got their things, you grabbed your bag, and you were ready to go.

Sunscreen covered, the beach was in your viewpoint. The guys followed behind you as you stepped onto the hot sand.

The beach was bustling as always, but it was perfect. There were people playing volleyball by a strip of shops and restaurants, people tanning by the waters edge, and kids splashing around in the turquoise blue water. 

You decided to set up camp in the middle of it all, laying down multiple colored towels for everyone to sit on, and propping up umbrellas to sit under. Dean and Cas sat down, Dean pulled out the daily newspaper and sat back. Cas sat criss-crossed on a towel.

Kevin, Sam, and you went down by the water, leaving Dean and Castiel behind. You had taken off your cover up back by the towels, you wanted to get in the water as soon as possible. 

When you did, it was like you were taking a bath. It was so relaxing, you could stay in here forever. Sam and Kevin were feeling the same. You went deeper into the water, and watched the waves crash into each other. This feeling was so nice, it rarely came to you. You actually felt the calm breeze swift through your hair, instead of normally ignoring it. This was a lot different from your normal feeling in the hunting world.

You didn’t realize Sam was coming up beside you, as he pushed you into the water and you both went under. You laughed once you came up, smoothing your hair back. Sam did the same and Kevin was laughing harder than both of you. You splashed him too.

You turned to see Dean coming with into the water with Cas by his side, now changed into swim trunks. You smiled at both of them, and welcomed them into the warm atmosphere. 

Other than splashing each other, you all went farther into the water, so the level was more than just past your waist. You played a fun game of Marco Polo, and had breathing contests, which Castiel didn’t really understand. 

When you guys got out of the water not that long after, you dried off and went into an ice cream shop by the volleyball court. You had slipped your cover up back on and Sam, Dean and Cas had put shirts on. 

The towels were folded up in your bag and your shoes were overflowing with sand as you stepped into the chilled shop. Some people were there, but it wasn’t as busy as you thought. It was nice, small with a couple tables, chairs and booths.

There was a long counter that had multiple flavors of ice cream trapped underneath it. You wanted every one of them as you stepped up, but settled on Cookie Dough. Cas got Rocky Road, Kevin got Superman, Sam got a vanilla chocolate twist, and Dean got strawberry.

Dean paid for the treats and you all found a table inside the store. There was no way you were going to let your ice cream melt faster than ever outside.

“I had fun today, thanks for letting us stay, Dean.” You said. You were in a booth with everyone, letting your arm rest on the table.

“No problem. I had fun too.” He said, taking another bite of his snack.

“So, what’s next? Do we start the long drive home or stay here for another day?” Sam wondered.

“I think we’ll be fine for another day.” Dean smiled.

You looked over at him, grinning back. 

“Yeah, I mean, I’m sure Dean wants a chance to talk to all those girls out there by the water.” You joked. 

He perked his head up to look out the window, and nodded.

“Oh yeah, I sure do.” 

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So still no linstead.. I'm really sad but also upset because the writers are trying to find a way to ruin them completly. I bet they are doing this on purpose lol because they were too perfect. Honestly this sucks. Everything sucks.

Yea, the episode was good! I really loved the episode. We/Erin finally got closure, I hoped for that. But yes, the show really sucks with character development, not just for Linstead but for the whole cast. They’re definitely not supporting Linstead anymore. Not the writers nor the cast *coughsophiacough*, Jesse is the only one who kinda gives us hope for anything.. all tho he his promises don’t fulfill… I just really really hope something is going to change because the show is heading down when the continue like that.

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To be honest, I hope you are around in the future. But I want you to be happy then. I hope one day everything is perfect for you and you are as happy as you deserve to be. I hope that someone falls madly in love with you and you have kids and travel and be so bloody happy. You deserve it. And you deserve nothing less.

omg :( this is seriously so sweet. thank you, lovely. i try to think of the future sometimes and think of all the good things that could come of it, but it makes me so anxious because i end up thinking of all the horrible things, too. i’m so scared of the future.. scared enough that i would rather take my own life now, than face the possibilities that could come from sticking around. it’s just hard, i guess. anyways. i really appreciate this message, and you’re honestly way way way too kind. thanks again, love. xx

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So I have a boyfriend. We've been dating for 16 months now everything is perfect and stuff. But he has another gf. And because of the other girl we don't really see each other as much. He told me before we dated that he had a gf and stuff. But now idk what to do because he says he proposed to me and he said that he is happy with and that he loves me but he won't dump her. So I'm really confused because how can he say he loves me and still be with her? Get me? I need advice. Can you help me?

it’s possible to be in a haply healthy relationship with multiple partners ! but you just need to communicate how you feel. it’s definitely possible that he loves you with all his heart and also loves her as well ! this doesn’t have to mean he loves you any less. but if you are not happy with non-monogamy then you should communicate this, otherwise it could get messy. you should try speaking to him about this, if it makes you uncomfortable you should communicate that ! communication is very important ! and even getting to know his girlfriend more and seeing
how she feels if you’re comfortable may help ! hope all works out for you ! :–)