perfect ensemble


“Our feelings are swinging, so let’s turn them into a song! Until the encore is over, don’t take your eyes off of us, our hearts are swaying, so let’s start the music!”

Ensemble Stars graphic challenge → favourite unit is Ra*bits!

INFJ vs INFP: Style

INFJ: always wants some overarching theme in their style choices, enjoys spending time in the morning thinking out the perfect ensemble for the day in question 

INFP: likes a wide variety of styles, expresses themselves through fandom attire and edgy hair/makeup, some days just enjoys sweats and sarcastic t-shirts

All Flared Up

LeighLoves the combo of the 70’s inspired Flared bottoms and the Blazer. Pairing both together gives this 70’s trend a really cool chic finish.
The silver chain adds a touch of glitz to the ensemble the perfect accessory to finish off the outfit!

Blazer- TopShop
Top- American Apparel
Trousers- Missguided
Body Chain- TopShop

ok but imagine what we could have had if the inner circle had been involved with the cullen/inquisitor wedding

  • cassandra struggling to find the right words to tell the couple how proud she is of both of them and how happy she is that this is happening, so she settles for tight hugs and “good luck”s with a warm smile
  • sera enlisting the chargers to create a distraction big enough to keep everyone at the winter palace distracted during the wedding (the distraction may or may not involve an alarming amount of cookies)
  • vivienne insisting on having more flattering clothes made for both of them (“it is your wedding day, darlings”) and somehow finding a seamstress who creates two perfect ensembles in time for the ceremony
  • dorian seeing the garden where the ceremony is to take place and declaring “no, no, this simply won’t do - it’s much too orlesian, have you seen the drapes?” and using his status as a diplomat to have the garden decorated in an elegant, simple manner with the finest flowers and the least orlesian chairs he can find for the guests
  • thom somehow crafting a beautiful arch for the ceremony in half a day that gets a nod of approval from dorian, then spending the entire wedding trying to hide his happy tears (cole notices but pretends he doesn’t because thom doesn’t want him to)
  • bull quietly moving drinks and food that he knows cullen and the inquisitor like to the garden and, once the ceremony is over, giving cullen a firm slap on the back and then lifting the inquisitor up into a bone-crushing hug, laughing all the while
  • josephine immediately starting the work needed to hold a wedding on short notice in the winter palace without anyone but the inner circle knowing - a monumental task for anyone but josie - and enjoying it because she loves her work, but more so because of the two people she’s doing the work for
  • leliana letting josephine do most of the preparation while keeping away any unwanted attention, but making time to decorate thom’s arch with andraste’s grace, and when the inquisitor asks why, smiling and telling them “for luck”
  • cole spending most of his time with cullen and the inquisitor, calming them when they grow especially nervous and keeping them company while their other friends are busy
  • varric giving a brief (well, brief for him anyway) speech at the beginning of the ceremony, speaking a bit about marriage and love, but mostly about cullen and the inquisitor (”you see, i was there when they met for the first time”) and getting just a little choked up at the end

30 DAYS OF KBRITCHIE » day 20 | favorite foreign language quote

     “What would I be without you?” I blink and a single tear drips down my face. We both know the answer to this—we both recognize what she’s doing for me. Remind me. Burn me. Love me.
     I kiss her forehead, my chest alight with passion and pain.
     “Ensemble,” she whispers in French. Together.
     “Ensemble,” I murmur.

Turn It Off
Daxton Bloomquist, Ensemble

Turn It Off // Book of Mormon New Haven 10.17.15 Matinee

Man, I love this company. I love them so much. Daxton’s McKinley was so good, the money note at the end might have been my favorite one I’ve ever heard. And he was SO ENERGETIC. Like unbelievably so. AND HE LOOKED LEGIT DISAPPOINTED WHEN ELDER PRICE SAID HE WASN’T HAVING GAY THOUGHTS. And omg the ensemble! Perfect!

  • Elder McKinley: Daxton Bloomquist
  • Elder Church: Eric Geil
  • Elder Thomas: Eric Huffman
  • Elder Price: David Larsen
  • Elder Cunningham: Cody Jamison Strand
  • Elder Neely: CJ Pawlikowski
  • Elder Davis: Dereck Seay
  • Elder Michaels: Jake Emmerling
  • Elder Gale: Bradley D. Gale
  • Elder Zelder: Colin Anderson
The fortissimo marcato conducting face

// so since it’s sinday im probably going to post some nasty headcanons about axel at some point today 

rn i’m just wrapping up some projects due this week so activity will still be spotty, especially on this blog. you’ll find me more active on Lea

i’m also adding a new verse to my lea blog, where he goes to college in Twilight Town! I’m extremely excited about that because the fc I have for him is perfect (kuro kiryu from Ensemble Stars)

and it’s also an excuse to write with other characters who is around his age (p much everybody not in the organization but including roxas and xion, lmao)

Stood Up//Dylan O'Brien

(A/N): After poor reader is stood up by their boyfriend on their anniversary, Dylan comes to the rescue to save the day.

Warnings: None


“Are you ready to order yet, miss?” the waitress asked once more, she looked at you with empathetic eyes.

“No, he’s just running late,” you babbled, “He’ll be here any second now.” As much as you want to believe those words, you knew that you were really lying to yourself, but your heart refused to give in so easily. The waitress nodded before walking away to cater to a different table. You gazed sadly upon the table with it’s fine silk cloth and flower centerpiece. The bottle of unopened wine had long since gone warm and the seat opposite from you was still empty.

‘How could he do this to me?’ you thought sadly. After going through all of this trouble of making reservations months in advance and picking out the perfect ensemble to wear, it seemed like everything was worthless now. But still, you waited and waited only to wait some more. As people left and arrived, there you sat by your lonesome… waiting…

This trend had been going on for months now, making you wait a little longer than you probably should have or being a bit unprepared for special occasions, but he had never caused you this much embarrassment or distress.

Finally you were getting tired of the sympathetic stares and was about ready to go home to have a pity party for yourself, complete with ice cream and Evan Peters. Feeling utterly pathetic, you began scooting your chair out, but an attractive stranger approached your table ceasing your movements.

“Sorry, I’m late, babe. Traffic is crazy right now,” the boy loudly announced, placing a quick peck on my cheek. He added quietly, “I’m Dylan just go with it yeah? Whoever didn’t bother to show up is a dick" You had no idea how to respond to this kind stranger, but he’s cute, so why not?

You looked around and saw that the surround customers were no longer staring at your table, allowing for you to relax into your seat more. Glancing up, you were able to get a closer look at this “Dylan” character. His brown hair looked so soft, urging you to run your fingers through it, his pale skin had many small moles covering his face, adding to his beauty, and his eyes–their beauty was indescribably amazing. He must have felt your stare because his eyes rose from the menu to meet your gaze. Dylan gave you a quick wink before your attention abruptly returned to the menu.

“Are you ready to order, yet–Oh hello,” the waitress purred. A pang of jealousy hit your heart. She leaned over the table, exposing her chest. “What can I get you, hun?”  

“Can I get the Chicken Parmesan please?” Dylan said not even acknowledging the waitress’s inappropriate behaviour.

“Sure thing,” she replied twirling a finger through her brunette hair. “And what about you?” she questioned quite harshly.

“The (*Insert favourite food*) please,” you hummed, Dylan held out his hand across the table, which you kindly accepted. The pad of Dylan’s thumb gently caressed the back of your hand. As you looked back the waitress, she rolled her eyes before taking your menus and leaving without another word.

“Not to be rude or anything, but why are you doing this?” you asked, taking a sip of wine. The unfamiliar taste made you curl your nose.  

“Oh–” he stuttered, taking his hand away from yours. “I’m sorry, I didn’t realise…” He scratched the back of his neck sheepishly

“No, it isn’t that,” you blushed, ”I mean, why did you come over here?” You tucked a loose hair back behind my ear.

“Well, my girlfriend dumped me…,” he trailed off, staring sadly at the table, but almost instantaneously looking back at me, “… and you looked pretty lonely. And who am I to pass up making a beauty like you smile?”

His response made your blush deepen. Before you could respond the waitress was setting out food on the table. It seemed like she had unbuttoned her top a bit more, but she really didn’t matter at this time. You quickly dug into your delicious smelling food, while continuing to get to know more about Dylan.

“How’s yours?” Dylan asked, referring to the food.

“It’s great. Want a taste?” you offered. Your confidence has increased greatly since your second bottle of wine.

“Don’t mind if I do,” he responded, wiping his mouth with a napkin. You grabbed your silver fork and prepared the perfect bite for him. Turning back to Dylan, he say waiting expectantly for the food. You gently fed it to him and watched as his eyes lit up.

“That is really good,” he smiled. “Wanna try some of mine?”

“Sure,” you responded. He cutely returned the favour for you.

From the other tables you could hear them gushing over your coupley behaviour, making your smile widden.


Soon you were both finished with your meals and were now in the middle of a tug a war fight for who would pay the bill.

“No, let me,” Dylan insisted, pulling out his leather wallet.

“No, really, I got it. You’ve done so much all ready,” you responded, grabbing out your money, but Dylan was already handing the bill back to the waitress.

“Now looks like we’ll have to go on another so you can pay me back,” he teased, flashing you a bright smile. Heat washed over your cheeks as you tried to find a way to respond to his offer.

“I’d like that,” you answered, returning a smile.


Thanks for reading!



To my soulmate: 

I remember the first day I ever met you, we were in english class 7th grade. We didn’t talk a lot until we were forced to sit next to each other. After that, everything with you was unconditional. Your sense of humor is always going to be my favorite thing. I remember in eighth grade, i thought to myself, “Carla, this is the type of support and love you’ve been looking for”. Dude, you were friends with me during my scene phase. My emo bowl haircut with the red highlights and your spongebob obsession mixed into a perfect ensemble of colors. You were friends with me when I was at the most problematic. We went into high school together, hand in hand, bad phases laced with bad choices. You saw the ugliest part of me and embraced it with all of your care and love. When my mom got sick, you stayed up late with me crying. That summer you offered me unconditional time and taught me how to give it back. You were the first person I ever got drunk with. You were the first person I ever saw porn with. You were the first person I would call if i needed to cry or laugh. We came out together. I was there when you came out as trans and have tried with every single ounce of my soul to protect you from any sort of harm. You were there when my mom left and you protected me from every single thought of me just not living. You were the first person who ever taught me that it is necessary and fulfilling to seek for forgiveness sometimes. We have spent years learning about each other and falling completely head over heels with the way our friendship works. Jack Atlas Magarelli, you are my soulmate. This year has taught me that you are the most valuable person I have in my life. I love you more than I love myself. Today when we watched high school musical (March 24, 2017) you hugged me and sat on my lap. You looked me in the eyes and kissed my cheek. You started sobbing because you were afraid that when we leave this place, we are going to forget that we are each other’s home. You are always telling me “you are my home” but I think that it’s both of our souls coming together and resembling unconditional love. I teach myself not to miss a lot of things because I’ve lost so much that i am used to things not working out. But you are the only thing in my life that has ever made sense. I am going to embrace missing your kisses, your hugs, your cuddles, your fucking laugh, the way you light up when you get happy, your singing, your tears, your hiccups, your drunk voicemails, your hands, your art, and every single part of you that you hate. You asked me in the car “Carla, seriously this is not me joking, why aren’t we dating? We are going to get married one day you know.” you reached over to pat my lap and then tried to kiss my cheek. Never stop thinking like that baby boy. Never stop imagining what our life is going to be like together after we leave this place. There will be temporary distance but I swear on my life that the day I stop missing you is the day i lose all sense of love. Thank you for everything. Thank you for kissing my wounds, thank you for picking up the phone whenever i need you, thank you for putting me back in my place when i am acting like a dumb shit, thank you for loving the things i hate about myself like my laugh or my smile. Thank you for letting me get to love you so fiercely. You watch me self-destruct myself over and over and never complain. You watch me choose to get heartbroken and make decisions that you warn me are just going to end up adding more salt into my broken skin but you pick up the pieces with me. You stay for the set up, the party, the after-party, and the clean up. I am crying right now because I dont think there has been a day where i go without your headass. I literally do not think i can live without you. It is impossible.