perfect ending tho


So, what did you do to get that curry? Jeez, next time I’ll trade my blood.

Jumin: If that’s fine with you, what I’ve been wanting to do is… I wanted to hug you…

MC: Well I… I wanted to kiss you…

(when will Cheritz give me more kissed with Jumin…)

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home /is/ where the heart is :') i just hope one day dean and cas pull up to a house with a fence and a big yard (cause dean loves to mow lawns) and say "we're home" and we just see them kiss before they close the door.. and kind of closing the door on the show, and we hear jensen singing w/ acoustics "carry on my wayward son, there'll be peace when you are done"

nonnie you’re making me cry sto p

Everett Was Right: A Quantum Disaster

I finally found a title for my comic, so to celebrate I drew a “cover” with all of the Quantum Gays. Enjoy!

[More about my story & the characters here]

I feel like she’s one of those girls that calls herself straight but will suck on a titty for a shot of Coors Light so…how straight can you really be?
—  The text conversation I’m currently having with a friend is nothing short of priceless.
 Jelsa Week - Day 2: Around the World || Andalusian Spring

Spring holiday in Seville, ‘cause why not? Love season in a passionate land ;)  OLÉ!! 

Please do not repost anywhere else!! I beg of you D:


We know Anna is a natural  or maybe she drank a lil too much rebujito

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That @nti post I talked about last time made me think: V0ltron Fanon is to V0ltron Canon as the Ember Island Players' play is to ATLA. The characters are uncomfortable caricatures of their real selves. Zut@ra/Kl@nce is clearly meant to be, and they can't stop reminding us that Kat@ang/Sh3ith is PLATONIC, SEE THIS PLATONIC LOVE. Just replace "0zai kills the Av@tar" with "L@nce makes out with K3ith" and bam, there's their perfect ending.

Honestly tho


Black-ish 1x11 “Law of Attraction”

 "Maybe Pops was right, I need to check out Scandal" 


oh If I’d only seen
that the joke was on me

Defying Gravity
Emma Hatton
Defying Gravity

Defying Gravity - Emma Hatton  (ft. Maria Coyne as Glinda) Wicked, Apollo Victoria Theatre 02/05/15. (more audios). (A little longer than my normal posts of DG, but I felt it necessary to include Emma’s defying gravity riff that is to die for!)