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March CAS Challenge Day 24 - Bookworm

This lovely lady is Muriel Ingham. She is the Head Librarian at Willow Creek Public Library and when she isn’t leading toddler storytime, she sneaks romance novels out to read behind the counter! Muriel is also working on her third children’s book and would like to move into writing novels for young adults. 


some people are confused about what happened in One Shot, so i made this to clarify ur welcome 



Rochelle & Adelaide.

You are PERFECT Just the way you are

Summary: Reader is tall and has bigger hips than others, she also feels very self-conscious about almost everything and then there’s just one day she had been teased and had rude comments thrown at her and her dad’s come and find her crying. Then they get back at the rude people and make the reader feel better.

Characters: Reader, Alec Lightwood(Papa), Magnus Bane(Da), Mrs. Hawkster, Cindy Hawkster and her friends

Fandom: Shadowhunters

Word Count: 776

Weirdling: @archer-whovian-violinist

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Your Clothes Are On, Right? (Liam)


#6: “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?”

Finally, work was over. It had been a long day and I was ready for a nap. Unfortunately, life had other plans. On the way home, I ended up in traffic. For two whole hours I sat there. I almost fell asleep multiple times before I turned up the radio to keep me awake. Luckily, the radio was playing good tunes so I at least had some good entertainment. When a One Direction song came on, it reminded me that I needed to call Liam. I got my phone from my bag and dialed him. He didn’t answer. I called him two more times and still nothing. I decided to call Louis.

“Y/N! How lovely to hear from you. When are you visiting?” I smiled and shook my head.

“Well, I was trying to call Liam to plan that but he isn’t answering. Is he at the hotel with you?” The boys were still on tour and they’d been bugging me about a visit for months.

“I haven’t seen him this morning. Maybe he’s still asleep. I’d go check but I’m out with Niall and Harry.” I sighed and told him I’d call him back. “Okay! Can’t wait to see you.” We said goodbye and luckily, traffic started moving. Thirty minutes later, I was home. I went in and immediately headed for my room. When I opened the door, I couldn’t help but scream but it quickly turned into a laugh when Liam’s naked body jumped from my bed.

“Is there a reason you’re screaming?”

“Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?” He looked down and surprise took over his features for just a moment before he shrugged.

“It’s not like you haven’t seen it before.” I rolled my eyes but pressed the issue.

“Can you just help me understand why you’re naked in my bed?”

“Right. Well I’m here to surprise you.”

“You succeeded.” He rolled his eyes and I gestured for him to continue.

“I was staying in a hotel down the road and had planned to be here when you got off this morning cause I know you’re night shift this week. I ended up drinking a bit and you know I don’t like wearing my clothes when I’m drinking. Anyway, I called a cab and they brought me here and I drank some more. That’s when I got naked and then I’m assuming I passed out in your bed.” I shook my head but I had to laugh.

“I’ve missed you, Liam Payne.” He smiled and looked down; remembering he was naked.

“I should probably get dressed.” He covered himself with his hands and scurried past me. I quickly changed into some sweats and a t shirt. When he came back in my room, he opened his arms to me and I practically ran into them. He sighed and held me tightly. “I’ve missed you so much.”

“I’ve missed you, too.” He pulled back and kissed my forehead.

“So what do you want to do?”

“Honestly, my plan was to nap. You’re more than welcome to join me.” He agreed so we climbed in the bed. “Your clothes are on, right?” I heard him huff and I laughed.

“Shut up and go to sleep, Y/N.” I cuddled up to his side and kissed his cheek.

“Good to have you here.”

“Happy to be here.”

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Tyrion Lannister Challenge:  One Song → Freedom by Anthony Hamilton

Not giving up has always been hard, So hard…
But if I do the things the easy way I won’t get far.
Hmm, life hasn’t been very kind to me lately, Well,
But I suppose it’s a push for moving on, Oh yeah;
In time the sun’s gonna shine on me nicely,
One day yeah,
Something tells me good things are coming and I ain’t gonna not believe.

I Hope So (Niall)

#17: “Looks like we’ll be trapped for a while..”

I was meeting One Direction. The words in my mind were enough to make me giggle. I knew I had to keep my mouth shut or I was going to scream. As we walked to the elevator, Y/F/N groaned.

“Go ahead and go up. I have to go back and get my wallet.”

“Are you sure?” She nodded.

“Yeah, I’m not as big of a fan as you are. I don’t want you to be late.” I rolled my eyes and she winked. “Don’t scream.” She turned around and walked back the way we came. I continued on. I got in the elevator and pushed the number ‘two’. Right before it closed, a hand shot through the center, causing me to jump. When my eyes landed on the person’s face, I almost lost it.

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you.” The Irish accent almost made me faint. He stepped into the elevator and noticed I had already pushed ‘two’. “Are you coming to the meet and greet?” I nodded and he smiled. “What’s your name?”  I didn’t trust my voice to answer him but I had to.

“I’m Y/N.” He reached over and shook my hand.

“I’m Niall.”

“I know.” He blushed and so did I. We remained silent for a few moments. I opened my mouth to say something else but he beat me to it.

“Is it just me or has this been the longest elevator ride ever?” I hadn’t noticed it until he mentioned it. He went over and frantically pushed the button but nothing happened.

“Are we stuck?” He looked over at me and I could tell he was going to freak out. “Don’t freak out. Maybe we’re not stuck.” As soon as I finished the sentence, a voice came over the speaker informing us that we were, in fact, stuck. Niall sighed and sat down in the floor. I did the same.

“Looks like we’ll be trapped for a while..”

“Don’t say trapped. That makes it sound worse.” He nodded in agreement and closed his eyes. I didn’t know what to say. Luckily, he started the conversation.

“So what’s your favorite song from the album?” I knew the answer but I didn’t want to seem too eager.

“I’m going to have to say What a Feeling. I like the vibe.”

“That’s definitely one of my favorites.”

“I like the oldies feel it has.”

“How old are you?”

“I’m 20.”

“And you like oldies music?”

“I just like music in general. It’s a good friend to have around.”

“It’s always there for you, that’s for sure.” He continued to ask my opinion on the other songs and he laughed when I suggested they use my name for a song on the next album. Then we started talking about personal things.

“What do you miss most about home?” He sighed and ran his hands down his face.


“You can only pick one. No cheating.” He smiled over at me and my heart almost stopped.

“Theo.” That didn’t surprise me. “He’s growing up so fast and I feel like I miss a lot of his life and I hate that.” I nodded and he looked at me again. “You’re easy to talk to.” I smiled and looked away so he wouldn’t see me blush.

“I like to listen.” I looked over and he was still looking at me.

“Let’s be friends after we get out of here.” I stared at him; unsure if I heard right. “It might be hard but I could use a friend like you.”

“Okay.” We exchanged numbers and talked a little longer. All too soon, we felt the elevator start moving. When the doors opened, the other three boys were standing there. Niall introduced me to them before taking me to the side.

“I hope you enjoy the show tonight. Sorry the meet and greet was cancelled, though.”

“It’s okay. It was worth it.”

“I’ll text you after the show, yeah?” I nodded. He smiled and leaned in to kiss my cheek. “See you later.” As he walked away, I said the first thing that came to mind.

“I hope so.”

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Fake (Harry)

#80: “How can you think I’m anything but hopelessly in love with you?”

Being in love with your best friend is hard. Being in love with your best friend while he’s in love with someone else is even harder.

They’d only been together for six months but I could tell by the way he looked at her that he was absolutely in love with her. It was sickening. They were taking selfies on the couch and I couldn’t tear my eyes away. The way he would laugh with her between pictures was enough to drive me insane.

“Why do you torture yourself?” I was brought from my thoughts by a blue eyed Irishman. Niall was always on my case about the feelings I hid from Harry and everyone else for that matter.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I got up from my spot at the island and turned to walk further into the kitchen. I stopped at the sink and filled up my glass. Niall followed me.

“You can’t pretend with me. I know you like Harry.” He wasn’t even trying to keep his voice down.

“Niall, keep your voice down before someone hears you.” A smirk quickly appeared.

“So you do like him!” He whispered and I could feel myself blushing. “I knew it. We all knew it.” I froze at his words.

“What do you mean you all knew it?”

“Louis, Liam, and I knew it. We’ve known it for some time but they didn’t want to say anything. I just couldn’t watch you torture yourself anymore.” I sighed and looked away from him.

“Do you think Harry knows?” I looked over at him and he stayed silent for a moment.

“Do you want me to be honest?” I nodded. “I honestly think he does. I think he just doesn’t want to go there with you. He doesn’t want to lose you.” I knew what that meant, ‘move on Y/N, he’ll never love you’.

“I just wish I didn’t have to feel these things. Why on Earth did I have to fall in love with-“ Just then, Harry entered the room. My wide eyes met his and he looked interested.

“Who are you in love with?” I scrambled to find words but I couldn’t.

“No one.” He narrowed his eyes at me and then looked at Niall.

“Why can’t you tell me? Are you afraid I’ll go have a talk with him to make sure he treats my girl right?” My stomach tightened at him calling me his girl and I looked at Niall pleadingly. Niall must have misunderstood what I was asking for because he decided to speak up.

“She’s in love with me.” I choked on my spit and grabbed his arm. Harry looked from Niall to me and then back to Niall.

“What?” Niall nodded his head and looked over to me. He winked and I shook my head. I couldn’t form words seeing as how I was still coughing. “Well I don’t guess I have to have a talk with you then. You’ll treat her right.” Niall smiled and nodded his head again. Harry looked over at me for a second before walking out of the kitchen. I finally stopped coughing long enough to slap Niall on the arm.

“What the hell, Horan?”

“What? You looked like you needed help. That’s the first thing that popped into my head!”

“But now he thinks I’m in love with you!”

“Maybe this will be good! Maybe he’ll get jealous and realize he loves you, too.” I stared at him for a minute and then sighed.

“Fine.” He tried to high-five me and I sighed. “It’ll be so weird, though. Before he started dating her, Harry was the only one I held hands with or anything like that. I mean I know we only did that as friends but it’ll still feel weird holding someone else’s hand.” Niall rolled his eyes.

“Enough about Harry, I’m your new man now.” He puffed out his chest and caused me to laugh. Maybe it wouldn’t be too bad fake dating Niall.


I sat back down on the couch and this weird feeling spread throughout my body along with confusion. Why didn’t she ever tell me she was in love with Niall? I didn’t understand why she would keep something like that from me. And what about all those times we held hands and cuddled? Was that just a way to make Niall jealous? I was brought from my thoughts when Jenna, my “girlfriend”, laid her head in my lap. No one knew that Jenna was a PR stunt. I wasn’t allowed to tell anyone. I couldn’t even tell the boys. I hated this part of fame. I was always being made to do things like this. It took away my time from the boys and it took away my time from Y/N. I don’t guess I have to worry about that much anymore. She has Niall now. The feeling in my chest at that thought made me sick and to be honest, I knew why.


It was easy to pretend to be in love with Niall. We basically just acted normal but we held hands a lot. It made it easier to cope with the fact that Harry was in love with someone else. Part of me knew that this was just a temporary fix to the actual problem but it was a distraction that Niall and I both knew I needed.

When we told Liam and Louis about the situation, they were immediately angry. We understood. What Niall and I were doing was completely stupid but it was helping me and that’s all I cared about.

We were having a movie night. Harry invited Jenna over and it didn’t bother me as much as I thought it should. Okay, that’s a lie. It still bothered me a lot. Luckily, I had Niall. He was a good cuddler. He and I were on the love seat and Harry and Jenna were on the couch opposite us. Niall kept whispering the lines from the movie into my ear in an accent that wasn’t his and I kept giggling. I noticed Harry look at us from out of the corner of my eye. It made me feel weird. After about ten more minutes, I heard him huff. I looked over as he untangled himself from Jenna.

“Anyone want some popcorn?” Niall’s hand shot up and I laughed at him. Liam and Louis raised their hands, too. “Y/N, why don’t you come help me?” Niall pouted and whined and I placed a kiss to his cheek before untangling myself from him. Once in the kitchen, I got the popcorn out of the cabinet and turned to look at Harry. He was leaned against the counter staring at me. I immediately felt self-conscious.

“Why are you staring at me like that?”

“I don’t understand why you didn’t tell me you were in love with him. We’re best friends.” I sat the popcorn down on the counter and folded my arms over my chest.

“You didn’t tell me you had a crush on Jenna, either.” He closed his eyes and I could tell he was fighting an internal battle.

“I don’t have a crush on Jenna.” I rolled my eyes.

“Right. You’re ‘in love’ with her.” He rolled his eyes and huffed again.

“No, Y/N, I’m not.” I was about to ask what that meant but Louis’ voice rang from the living room.

“Hurry up!” Harry seemed annoyed.

“Give us a minute!” He turned his attention back to me.

“What does that mean, Harry? She’s your girlfriend.”

“No, she isn’t.” I was getting annoyed.

“Harry, what the fuck are you playing at?”

“She’s a stunt. It’s all for publicity. It means absolutely nothing.”

“What?” He just shook his head. “Why are you telling me this?”

“I just thought you should know just in case…” Is he saying what I think he’s saying? I remained silent. My head and heart were going a million miles an hour. I was stuck between telling him about me and Niall or continuing on with it. In the end, I knew I had to tell him. He told me his secret so I had to tell him mine.

“Niall and I are fake.” He seemed surprised.

“You guys are a publicity stunt?”

“Not so much as publicity.”

“Why are you doing it?” It was now or never. I had to tell him.

“Harry, I need you to promise me that no matter what I tell you right now, nothing will change between us.”

“Of course, I promise.”

“It was you.” He looked confused.

“What was me?”

“When you came in the kitchen that day and you heard me say I was in love with someone, I was talking about you. Niall just took control of that situation.” His eyes got big and he looked away from my face to the floor. “I just couldn’t stand seeing you be so in love with Jenna. Niall took that pain away. I mean, we were us, Harry and then we weren’t anymore. I missed being us so much. I missed holding your hand and being your cuddle buddy. I missed at least pretending you were in love with me, too.” At that, he was right in front of me; his hands on either side of my face.

“How can you think I’m anything but hopelessly in love with you?” I couldn’t move. I couldn’t breathe.

“What did you say?” Harry smiled a small smile and his eyes wondered to my lips.  I could feel the butterflies take flight in my stomach and my heart was about to pound out of my chest. He looked back into my eyes.

“I said, I’m in love with you.” I smiled and let out a small laugh.

“Really?” He smiled even bigger and nodded his head. We stayed face to face with one another. Neither of us moved but I wanted to. I wanted him to kiss me. “Harry?”


“Can you kiss me now?” He didn’t even answer, he just put his lips on mine. I pulled back for a minute and laughed. “Maybe we could hook Niall and Jenna up.” He smiled and kissed me again.

“I think that’s a good idea but for now, I think I should just kiss you.”

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“— why is it that whenever i’m set up to take a perfect shot, someone ends up getting in the way?” the male questioned with a huff, moving the camera away from his face and frowning.

Ticklish (Niall)

#64: “Are you ticklish?”

Nervous. A feeling I was all too familiar with. I felt it every night before going on stage but this was worse. Y/N was coming over to my flat for the very first time and I was nervous that she wouldn’t like it or I would say something stupid. I was worried I’d spill my drink on her like I did in our music video. I think I’d die of embarrassment and then she’d never want to see me again.

A light knock brought me from my thoughts and I demanded that I get a hold of myself. Acting this way wasn’t going to make anything easier. I wiped my sweaty palms on my pants before opening the door. I had to take a deep breath as I took in how beautiful she looked. She tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and started fidgeting.

“Is it too much? Should I go change?” I laughed and shook my head.

“You’re wearing jeans and a t shirt. You look absolutely stunning and it’s fine.” She smiled and I held my hand out for her to take. “Do you want to go on a tour before we start the movie?” She nodded so I took her around the house. When we got to my room, I cleared my throat. I mentally slapped myself for bringing her in here. I really hoped she didn’t think I expected something from her since I’m showing her my room. “And last but not least, this is my room. It’s a bit messy. I hadn’t planned on having anyone in here.” She seemed to lighten up a little at my words and she laughed. “Shall we go back to the living room and start the movie?” She gestured for me to lead the way so I walked us back into the living room.

“Which movie did you pick?” I held up the DVD case for Crazy Stupid Love and she smiled really big.

“I freaking love that movie. It’s one of my favorites!”

“Mine, too! Ryan Gosling is a babe.” She started laughing and I found myself watching her laugh. It was a beautiful thing to behold. “You ready?” She nodded and sat down on the couch. I sat beside her but made sure to keep a comfortable distance. I didn’t want to crowd her. After a few minutes, I noticed her hand was closer to mine than it was before so I reached out and took it. She smiled but didn’t look at me. Eventually, we ended up cuddling. By then, all of my nerves had faded. I felt very comfortable with her. I moved my hand up her side and she immediately jerked away from me and slapped my arm. She looked at me with wide eyes and I just started laughing. “Are you ticklish?” She groaned and covered her face.

“Unfortunately, I am extremely ticklish.”


“I’m not telling you! You’ll use it as ammo!” I laughed and nodded my head.

“You’re right. But I guess if you won’t tell me, I’ll have to figure it out myself.” Before she could move, I had her pinned down to the couch and a thigh on either side of her waist and started tickling her in every place I could reach. She laughed basically the whole time. “I’m guessing you’re ticklish everywhere, then?” She nodded and tried to push me off of her.

“Niall! Okay! I’m ticklish everywhere. Don’t torture me!” I grabbed her hands and held them over her head with one of my hands.

“There’s one more place I have to check.” I went to tickle under arms but she started moving around and I almost lost my grip on her hands so I held them down with both of mine. I was leaned forward so our faces were inches apart. “I think I found somewhere else I need to check.” Her eyes flickered down to my lips and then back to my eyes. I leaned down and pressed my lips to hers. After a second, I deepened the kiss and let go of her hands. She wound them around my neck and then I started laughing. She looked confused so I decided I’d let her in on my secret.

“I’m ticklish.”