perfect editorial

Alan Watts did a segment on how music is a good analogy for life. We perceive life as a journey or a pilgrimage. As if there were a destination, an end. But instead we should look at it as music. You play music, you don’t work it. The point is to enjoy it, not try to get to an end that does not exist. We go to school just to go to college just to get a job trying to get to some greater end. We save money for this end that we’re promised. And then you retire and have this money but no energy to do what you thought you would. He says “it was a musical thing and we were supposed to sing or dance while the music was being played.” But we don’t.
I refuse to let this be my life. We are here once. And what a shame it would be to die and not have lived. Live. Go to that place you’ve always wanted to. Be that person that you want to be. Be kind. Love. And dance and sing along the way.