perfect drummer


guys have u fuckening seen this


The Marauders AU || Rock band  (x)

Prongs: Lead vocals
Padfoot: Drums
Moony: Bass
Wormtail: Guitar


A centering of Self
-a seeing-
brief glimpses of
a young, twenty-year self,

my view of Then
finessed by the
Spectacle-of-Life –

it was all so New!
and Now?
Forty years Later …

I am full
of a howling,
my path to
this very Moment

Revealed by the same
connection of (to?) who I was
to a love I feel
emerging before my eyes

it’s as Grecian as
Isis, this grip
on the grasp of life
like wisdom of vision

Time tells me
I am [still] ‘Here’
healing the Song of Self
inside (a (canopy) of) Love

who could say?
and how many thoughts
I’d given – sent to
to the ether of this very Moment

then, in recognition
of my self, of
embracing Who I AM? Now.
So as the light slants Autumn

sending shadows long
like me, I’ve become
a perfect circle surrounding
the days and nights ahead

coming to know
the same young boy
is now the man he IS
this, in a resolution of Time.

- © Thespian Drummer / Perfect Circle


“Literally just JOSH DUN without a shirt on.”

This YouTuber just became my new best fren. 5 minutes of euphoria.

Modern AU where the LI’s are a queercore punk band and Varric is their manager. You’re welcome. (Full view please.)