perfect development

I think the biggest challenge in making an animated pixel art movie or show is how underdeveloped pixel art as a medium is.

Pixel art is only a few decades old, and it was all but completely abandoned by most of the game industry 20 years ago. And the vast majority of pixel art out there is for video games.

Animation also used to be a daunting and challenging practice. But after over a century of animators and producers perfecting it, developing techniques of animation and production to make it easier, look better and be quicker and cheaper to produce, it became an established medium.

Pixel art animation just needs to be developed more as a medium.

Season three instead of having Lotor get into constant fights with Keith over Allura cause he sees how much he likes her, he gets into constant fights with Keith over Lance cause he sees how much he likes him.

overwatch starters

 i play to win.  
❝  this is my curse. ❞ 
❝  wait for me! ❞ 
❝  your mother would’ve been proud of you. ❞
❝  let us hope for a different outcome. ❞ 
❝  sorry it’s such a mess in here. i-i wasn’t expecting company. ❞
❝  this is going to make you feel better. ❞
❝  the true enemy of humanity is disorder. ❞ 
❝  a steady blade balances the soul. ❞ 
❝  this is just like old times. ❞ 
❝  even here i feel an outcast. ❞ 
❝  think you can do my job, do you… ❞
❝  all eyes on me! ❞ 
❝  ooh, this is my jam. ❞
❝  got your aim from your mom, i see. ❞
❝  i’ll feast on your soul. ❞ 
❝  cheers, love! the cavalry’s here! ❞ 
❝   our paths cross for now. as to the future, we shall see. ❞ 
❝   we could’ve built an empire together. ❞ 
❝   ah. just setting foot here sets my soul at ease. ❞ 
❝  this time, stay down. ❞ 
❝  can i get your autograph? ❞
❝  why are you so angry? ❞
❝  ever get that feeling of déjà vu? ❞ 
❝  i am a different man now. i am whole. ❞ 
❝  over my dead body. ❞ 
❝   i’m on top of the world! ❞
❝  i’m patched up. ❞ 
❝  kids today with techno music. you should enjoy the classics, like hasselhoff. ❞
❝   what’s wrong? don’t you recognize me? ❞ 
❝   aren’t you warm wearing all that? ❞ 
❝  can’t stop, won’t stop. ❞
❝  i’ll race ya! ❞
❝   mock death at your own peril. ❞ 
❝  this time, i will finish the job. ❞ 
❝  death is an illusion. ❞
❝  look at this team! we’re gonna do great. ❞
❝  i am beyond redemption. ❞
❝   it looks like we will be working together. ❞ 
❝   you’ve rescued me again. ❞ 
❝  i will not be defeated so easily. ❞
❝  treasure? s-sure, i don’t know anything you’re talking about. ❞ 
❝  so this is what has become of you? a pity.❞
❝  you’re so amazing! you inspire me. ❞ 
❝  i miss him greatly. ❞ 
❝  there is nowhere to hide. ❞ 
❝  whatcha’ lookin’ at? ❞ 
❝  woo, nothing’s gonna stop me. ❞
❝  that was your dream, not mine. ❞ 
❝  what you call freedom is an illusion that causes more harm than good. ❞ 
❝  hehe, there’s something on your dress.. ❞ 
❝  you have been judged! ❞
❝   i have the upper hand this time. ❞ 
❝  traitor! ❞
❝  you will never amount to anything! ❞
❝  i’ve got my eye on you. ❞
❝  lot of memories of this place. they weren’t all bad. ❞
❝  the heart of a man still beats inside of me. ❞ 
❝  stay out of trouble. ❞
❝  step into my parlor said the spider to the fly. ❞
❝  one shot, one kill. ❞
❝  don’t think i’m happy about that. ❞ 
❝  now this place? makes me wanna be an atheist. ❞
❝  our world is worth fighting for. ❞
❝  you haven’t aged a day. what’s your secret? ❞
❝  ooooh, shiny! ❞
❝  oh, did that sting? ❞
❝  heroes never die. ❞
❝  where does it hurt? ❞
❝  you’re just a no-good bully. ❞
❝  i’m a one-man apocalypse. ❞
❝  you should look somewhere else. ❞
❝  you said you would arm wrestle me. nervous? ❞
❝  i learned that from my brother. ❞ 
❝  i hope nobody saw that. ❞
❝  on a scale of one to ten, how is your pain? ❞
❝  i’m not a miracle worker. well… not always. ❞
❝  this was once my home. no longer. ❞
❝  sorry! sorry, i’m sorry. sorry. ❞
❝  i remember being here. it was good for my tan. ❞
❝  wish i’d practice my japanese more, konichiwa! ❞
❝  you need a time out. ❞ 
❝  you might not want to tell your friends about that. ❞
❝  guess we know who’s really on top, don’t we? ❞
❝  with every death, comes honor. with honor, redemption. ❞
❝  a punishment for your crimes. ❞ 
❝  i will be on my best behaviour. ❞
❝  you think there’s something worth stealing in that temple? ❞
❝  people should be free. ❞ 
❝  you were never my equal. ❞
❝  death walks among you. ❞ 
❝   last i checked, i didn’t ask for your opinion. ❞ 
❝   you can’t be serious. ❞ 
❝   they’re back. ❞ 
❝   armor? how positively primitive. ❞
❝   now this is my kinda city, everyone’s free to live as they choose. ❞
❝   you need a time out. ❞ 
❝   die! die! die! ❞ 
❝   to think i would have to work with a street ruffian. ❞ 
❝   death comes. ❞ 
❝   one of these days someone is gonna to put an end to you. ❞ 
❝   that which doesn’t kill you…makes you stronger.. ❞
❝   well. you sure take to this bad guy thing easily, don’t ya? ❞
❝   aren’t you supposed to be dead? ❞
❝  i’ll tell you my secret if you give me your coat. ❞
❝   sleep. ❞
❝  never liked you much. ❞
❝  never leave a teammate behind. ❞
❝  together we are strong. ❞
❝  you won’t get rid of me that easily. ❞
❝  i don’t even think children are afraid of you. ❞
❝  i taught you everything you know. ❞
❝  it’s hard to just sit around knowing there’s someone out there that needs to be blown up. ❞
❝  i’ll put an end to your sad story. ❞
❝  you havin’ trouble keeping up? ❞
❝  i have destroyed more of your kind than i can count. ❞
❝ it’s a perfect day for some mayhem. ❞
❝  we’re all soldiers now. ❞
❝  give me your best shot. ❞
❝   you knew exactly what were you doing. ❞
❝   knock me down, and i’ll keep getting back up. ❞
❝   you always did have a high opinion of yourself. ❞
❝   i’m not a young man anymore. ❞
❝  still trying to play hero? ❞
❝  i sometimes wonder if your height is why you’re always in such a bad mood. ❞
❝  this is no place for children. ❞
❝  the world could always use more heroes. ❞
❝  looked in a mirror lately? ❞
❝  Me one, bad guys zero. ❞
❝  i’m gonna have to shoot you down. ❞
❝  this old dog has learned a few tricks. ❞
❝  another one off the list. ❞
❝  i love your glasses, so cute! ❞
❝  if at first you don’t succeed…blow it up again! ❞
❝  that’s for my family back home! ❞
❝  i’ve got you in my sights. ❞
❝  i’m the one who does his job. i’m thinking… you’re the other one. ❞
❝   you weren’t given those guns to toss them away like trash. ❞
❝   i will protect the innocent. ❞ 

Katsuki Yuuri



I’d been waiting for him to break down and let out all the negative feelings he’d been keeping… and I honestly loved it when it happened.

I’ve never seen a character development this beautiful. And it’s all because of Viktor.

So many sides to Karamel, tho...

Here we have two…

…Adorable dorks being cute af every chance they get.

…Puppy-eyed frenemies seeing things differently.

Allies working together for a common goal.

…Drunk buddies having fun at the bar.

…Lonely friends with a shared past.

…Training partners fighting for the city.

…Planet-wise neighbors.

…Planet-wise rivals.

…Alien refugees.

And I could go on all night.

Okay so there’s gotta be SOMETHING to the Shimada clan’s whole dragon summoning thing so HERE GOES MY SPECULATION starting with shit off the top of my head:

something, something, “Electromagnetic Energy” something “Holograms”

I think the tattoos do have something to do with this, because let’s be honest, we’re already on the road to having digital projections on our bodies and tattoos that serve electronic/digital purposes

I think that the whole Dragons thing is exclusive to the Shimada clan because the tattoos are a type of technology that their clan developed and perfected over decades.

IIRC, Dragons have always been a symbol of power in Japanese culture; not only that, but from what we can tell of Hanzo’s tattoo and the Shimada symbol (a blocky spiral?) is that the repeated theme of those tattoos is clouds and lightning. Why?

Maybe the tattoo ink is made of, or contains whatever energy source is needed to create the Dragon projections we’ve seen Hanzo and Genji use. (Hence why Hanzo’s tattoo glows when he uses his Dragonstrike)

Now the next part: whatever energy source is in the ink, the Shimadas can use their preferred weapons as a conduit for “The Dragons” to travel, or power up.

Hanzo’s Dragonstrike first has to manifest using the arrow he fires as a conduit.  However turning a large pool of electrical energy into a properly formed hologram that causes intense harm to opponents may need some travel time. Maybe this is why DVa blocking his initial arrow can cancel the ult altogether.

And how Dragonstrike possibly causes damage is that if the hologram touches opponents, it probably electrocutes them for the duration of contact until they’re incapacitated or killed- which probably why Hanzo’s weapon is called the “Storm Bow” and why his ult is named the way it is, because it’s like a very well controlled Lightning Strike. This may also be why Hanzo’s ult can travel through walls, but I don’t fully know the science behind that.
(But surely with Overwatch being decades in the future, and one of the fighters in game is literally a climatologist, I’m sure that’s plausible.)

Genji’s Dragonblade, on the other hand (in game, at least) manifests with the energy appearing holographically as his Dragon first, and then that energy not only travels through his Odachi, but possibly through his body as well.

Hence, Genji’s glowing green eyes when he uses his ult, not only increasing the deadliness of Genji’s sword, but possibly enhancing his strength and reflexes, which works, even prior to when Hanzo practically murdered him.
Also, interestingly enough, this could even make Genji’s Agility (double jumping, ridiculous ability to selectively deflect enemy fire, quick dash) make sense with his Young skins. He could have been able to tap into that electrical energy in his tattoo in order to consciously do feats like these.

This may also explain why, technically speaking, when Sombra hacks or EMPs Hanzo and Genji, why they can’t use their ultimate abilities- because their abilities are actually technologically based rather than just being “magic mythical dragons”

And, on another note, this also works with Hanzo’s Wolf skins as well, because pretty much all he would need to do is change the “holograms” from dragons to wolves, and he has tattoos with that skin as well.

Suddenly, “Let the dragon consume you” and “the dragon becomes me” actually make even more sense

Anyways, that’s my speculation on the Shimada’s dragons. What do y’all think?

Every Fandoms OTP (Valentines Day)

In most fandoms, everyone ships and most of their OTPs are two characters that has chemistry together. Two characters that shown many hints that they love each other. An example of this is…

1. Best friends 

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2. A cute moment that two characters only do for each other

3. Totally opposite from each other 

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and yet, their perfect 

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4. They know you damn well than any other 

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5. Acting goofy towards each other 

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5. Childhood crush 

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6. Go through conflicts with each other 

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7. Perfect team 

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8. Development 

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and lastly #9

The sign that they’re made for each other 

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So yeah, that what makes people (including myself) ship two characters that have history with each other. 

Latest Opm webcomic thoughts:

Oh my god, so many feels for the latest ONE updates… Each set of pages just keeps building the anticipation for what comes next (he’s so damn good at that, the same tension stuff he does in Mob too). The brilliance is in how ONE weaves heavier content and humor, subverting common expectations and yet delivering satisfying results in surprising ways (even when he plays tropes straight). So I have faith in him. :’3

My biggest concern is just how will Genos respond to Saitama’s words. I anticipated he would not want to hit Saitama (lol using the excuse to not get Saitama’s clothes dirty, heh pls XD), as Genos really wants to talk to him, and not really fight. The LAST time Genos heard from Saitama was during the Garou battle, when Saitama was verbally and physically beating down on Garou’s core issue. An issue that similarly shook Genos: he KNOWS he cannot get stronger relying on parts alone. That is, again, the similarly ‘half-assed’ way towards the goal. That mentally, set Genos at an impasse - concerning his progress, his choice to become a cyborg, how much he’s limited himself two-fold by going down that path, and just how strong can he still improve himself? He’s probably seeking confirmation and/or assurance from Saitama, for him to say what Genos already suspects, and if he’s made any progress at all. 

Saitama…oh man I’M GLAD he notices Genos feels down, and TRIES to lighten him up (lol). Addressing his ‘teacher role’ is what I wanted to see from him, but even still, this kind of thing is hard for Saitama to do, so he typically bullshits his way thru by stating the obvious (that Genos is ‘dazzling,’ which omg comes across quite gay :’3). Which, is a comment on Genos’ appearance and parts, and not his skills, which I suspect is not what Genos wants to hear. Even if it’s one of the nicest compliments Saitama’s said to him (and figuratively, may have honesty and merit in how Saitama views him), I doubt Genos will be satisfied by this answer. 

Hence his silence. The same kind of silence where he sucks up Saitama’s bullshit without saying anything (like for the mouse sushi t-shirt), but NOW is the perfect opportunity for Genos to call him out for it. I WANT Genos to reveal his frustrations. If Saitama can’t come up with anything substantial, then Genos has to give him food for thought on what’s really bothering him.

Saitama too, is not without problems. The last question Tatsumaki gave him, about whether he has any real friends (outside the H.A.), gave him pause. Saitama’s since put that thought aside, but NOW is a good time for him to finally address just what Genos is to him. If his ‘teacher game’ is not adequate for their relationship, then I want Saitama to realize what is better for them. This is the perfect chance for a heart-to-heart between them.

I see thoughts from people worried that Genos might leave, or that this is all building up to be a gag. But honestly? Either one feels like a pretty cheap cop-out. ONE knows when things are important (hello latest Mob arc) even if he happens to swing in humor (Mob’s monkey t-shirt). And Genos has already established in the previous pages how he wants to stay with Saitama (their smaller apartment issue). If Genos leaves, that will be taking a step backwards, instead of progressing forwards. So I only see positive development from this. Genos’ issue is a mental one, that he continues to improve by living with Saitama and getting more in touch with his humanity. His will, his determination – all of this is more important than superficial parts (the ‘half-assed’ traits). The answer to his strength is from the inside. Together, I think they can figure it out, by continuing to help each other (even if they’re oblivious and not quite aware of exactly how yet, they’ll get there eventually). Again, I have faith in ONE. :)  


“Tell her,” Frederick urges with a slow nod.
Connor doesn’t balk, not once. He slowly but surely rotates to face me. Calmly, he says, “Five seconds. I tried leaving sooner, but I did see you half-dressed.” He pauses. “I didn’t see you giving head, if that’s what you’re asking.”
“That’s what I always thought, and I really, really appreciate it. What you did…”
“Don’t.” Connor’s deep blue eyes never dart away from mine. “Don’t appreciate me, Daisy. Because it wasn’t for you. I manipulated a man and used your evidence to further a ploy that benefited me and my family.”
He can paint the selfish portrait, but that picture is only half-complete.
“Maybe your intentions were never to help me, but you did. And it’s not the only thing you did.” It’s more than just interrupting Julian and me during Princesses of Philly. “How many photographs have you bought? The ones that photographers took of me backstage when I modeled?” I’m not sure if there’s more than just the one from Paris, but I remember that one like a deep, visceral scar in my body. Photographers captured pictures of me naked backstage at a Paris fashion show.
I never knew what happened to them.
They never leaked online. In time, I realized that Connor Cobalt is the only one who had the resources to buy them. To stop them.
To help me.
I believe he did it because he loves Rose, and Rose loves me. What power their love truly has.
Connor observes me for a second, his features harder to interpret. Then he turns to our therapist. “You see, I’m not as self-serving as you believe me to be.”
“As you believe yourself to be,” Frederick corrects.