perfect day material


This so warms my heart! Eric is truly a perfect husband material!
the guy who’s attentive to such small details that make women’s hearts flutter, even men. He’s really so thoughtful and caring gentleman! 
How he, with such simple stuff, beautifully & romantically sets the dining table and how he was so caring & gentleman with the neighborhood halmoni. And how he gives credits to Seojin for baking the bread. Soo sweet! ♥♥


“When you walk in a room
you bring in joy and dispel gloom
Your sunny side
makes my smile a mile wide
Your charisma is profound
True love follows you around
and lays its head upon your shoulder”

- Notes and Rhymes by The Proclaimers


OnePunch-Man Week // Day 3: Bonds
Favorite Relationship: Teacher and Disciple

“Our only limits are the ones we place on ourselves.”

30 Day Fire Emblem Awakening Drawing Challenge

Day 4: The most recent character you’ve used (top left of your unit selection)


i say now that this is peak link but i’m sure somewhere down the road he’ll do something even linkier.


I finally did it after years of searching I finally found the Doctor all my dreams are fulfilled! :D Peter Capaldi is so nice he came straight over and said hello and it was amazing!