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Favorite Movie Rom-coms <3

I thought about it for a while and I wanted to share my favorite Korean movies. First edition - romantic comedies. When you are at home and you are feeling moody something light and sweet is a great choice <3

Most of them you can watch on ^^

  • Chilling Romance / Spell bound 

  • How to use guys with secret tips 

  • My P.S. Partner

  • Cyrano dating agency

  • Antique bakery

  • Speedy Scandal 

  • She’s on duty 

  • Romantic Island

  • Petty romance

  • Baby and I

  • Temptation of wolves

  • Seducing Mr Perfect 

  • Love on air

  • Too Beautiful to lie

How to get a Pitch Perfect Fangirl to love you

-Watch the movie
-Know each song by heart
-Know each characters name
-Never feel sorry for Jesse and his weird thing with Beca
-Sink the Jeca Ship
-Write a lengthy, smutty, and Heart-Wrenching BeChloe Fanfiction especially for her