perfect damon

It’s amazing what you can do when your band members aren’t real people. These characters are a conduit for everything we want to say but if we got up and said it, it wouldn’t have the same impact. Humanz is not a political statement about Trump — it’s about a world in which he could get elected. Where are we as a race? Why haven’t we grown out of this? Putting the Z on the end is not a hip-hop statement, it’s more like an android Z. Are we human beings or just humanz? What the fuck is wrong with us?
—  Damon Albarn in Q Magazine (June 2017)
All I want to do is meet new people, learn about them, and maybe do new shit because of that. I don’t want to threaten people’s way of life at all. There’s just so much to be learned from being sensitive to other people, you know? There are so many flavours…
—  Damon Albarn, The Guardian, 30/04/2017