perfect couples exist
Seth Meyers remembers his wedding to Stefon on 'Late Night'
It’s already been a whole year since Seth Meyers and Stefon ran away together on Bill Hader’s final episode of Saturday Night Live — but Meyers remembers the wedding like it was y…

IMPORTANT: Today is Stefon and Seth Meyers’ wedding anniversary !

On this weeks’ episode of, “Alana Copes with Once Upon a Time,” Emma Swan is really f*cking angry because her life isn’t a goddamn fairy tale and anyone who thinks otherwise is a naive garbage dumpster. Also, congratulations on the engagement you guys, seriously. btw, swears abound. @abbadons-little-witch @the-reason-to-sail-home xo

+ Here’s the thing about Emma Swan’s mental state in the moments following a confession she should have heard two days ago: she’s angry. And sure, she’s angry at Killian, because, yes, of course, you tell the woman you plan to marry the finer points of the darkish past before the proposal, but he’s not the only fuck-up between the two of them. The first emotion she feels is anger, because, quite honestly, it’s easier than being sad. Turning around and walking away is easier than being sad. 

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I’m not the type of person to get all pissy because a ship is canon or not.


If eremin doesn’t become canon I may get a little pissy.

Like I don’t wanna be that person that is all like “look at my ship it’s so perfect!”


Look at eremin they are so perfect. okay not perfect (because I don’t really think the whole “perfect person/couple exist) but like really really great for each other. They go together like [insert that blabbering from that one song at the end of Grease].

But really though if they don’t become canon how is Isayama gonna explain why they always look so in love with each other?

After an untold amount of time apart, Elita’s team finally makes rendezvous with Optimus’ current base. 

Autobot 1: *Seeing Optimus Prime and Elita One reuniting, embracing each other after Primus knows how long* Look at that… And they say perfect couples don’t exist!

Autobot 2: *Smiling as they see Optimus pull Elita even closer* Can you imagine what they must be like together though? Hell, I can’t think those two ever actually sleep together. 

Autbot 1: Eh, I don’t want to think about that. 


Optimus: *tensing* *whispers* ‘Lita… for the love of Primus, do not move. 

Elita: *feels Optimus pull her closer* What? Whats the matter?

Elita: *moves torso just the slightest bit closer to Optimus’ hips

Elita: Optimus Orion Pax Prime… Are you serious. 

Optimus: Primus, ‘Lita, you know I can’t help it! It just… don’t move


Autbot 2: On second thought, I don’t think they’re gonna let go!

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I didn't used to think perfect couples exist, but there u guys are and honestly wtf

She’s my best friend and has been such a great person to just live life with. We’re going to get married and all that gay shit.