perfect couples exist

carmelblood  asked:

how does one acquire a gaster husband

Just come on down to Stealthy’s Gaster Emporium! Tell mama Stealth whatchu want and I’ll hook ya up with a little slice of void nerd. ;)

Ouran: what’s a second season? And why would we make this perfect couple actually exist?
Hetalia: Gay hell.
Durarara: Mega overlapping storylines? And ARE YOU PLAYING CHESS OR CARDS!?!
Deadman wonderland: WHAT THE ACTUAL FUuuCK!?!
Fairytail: Magical dork! Wait? When did this get dark?
AoT: Death. Why? Because fight titans. Why? Death. Shit.
Another: HhhOOOllLLyyY. Fuck. Everyone DIES!