perfect cosplayer is perfect


Back by literally no demand whatsoever other than that of the sentient split ends i now bear and the beast under my bed (the one that keeps beating me at twister not the one i have tea with on Sunday or the one that likes to eat children), Cecil Gershwin Palmer everyone!


some pics of really cool cosplayers i saw at Sakura Con! i wish i would’ve remembered to take more pictures! everyone was so friendly and it was such a great experience

if you see yourself please let me know and i’ll tag you in this post!!

Chuuya and Dazai: @imverynotfunny and @osamuu-san !

Davesprite: @supremenoser


I just realized I never posted any pictures from the AWA Undertale photoshoot! I got a ton of good ones, but I’m going to post them sporadically so I don’t spam you guys. Here’s three group shots.
@ifellunderthecovers is the Red with the amazing glowing eye, and I’m the Sans trying to make her love me in the kustard group pic. We knocked our masks together when we went for a hug. xD


no read more we overcome self conscious instincts like men

It’s so annoying that there are generic looking skinny white people who are able to pull off a perfect cosplay of almost any female character.  And I think that speaks volumes about how we treat female characters in our society.