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  • me: i love australia because it has a really diverse population, strict gun control, near-perfect separation of church and state, a relative absence of political extremism, great memes, and beautiful natural wonders
  • also me: i hate australia because the government refuses to legalise gay marriage, our political system is highly unstable and every time we replace our leader it causes mass confusion, a coal mine is currently being planned practically on top of the great barrier reef, and any refugees who attempt to come here by boat are locked up indefinitely in offshore concentration camps with a total media blackout in place so no-one knows the extent of the human rights violations that are happening there

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Well yes victuri is canon now but to literally sit and think about them and how they are REALLY IN LOVE with each other is just amazing. They really adore each other. They care for each other. When Victor sees Yuri he must be thinking “he’s the one” “he’s mine”. How Yuri’s heart would start pounding whenever Victor does something. And they know that the other loves them too ITS JUST SO SO AMAZING I mean we’ve never witnessed such things. We didn’t know what was going to happen unlike ‘a specified shounen ai or yaoi anime’. This is so mesmerizing that two men really fell in love with each other right in front of our eyes
Just look at this scene aka the most beautiful scene in the history of anime. I don’t even need their dicks in each other. They can just stare each other this affectionately and I’ll never complain. I’m so happy for them so so so so so much I can’t describe how much important and amazing this is. We all can feel this. Its just fucking great I LOVE YURI!!! ON ICE

Me: I mean obviously I’m Larry af but like…I’m not gonna be rude Briana or AN ACTUAL LITERAL CHILD. That’s fucked up.

Louis: I’m naming it “Conchobar”.


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