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sidroq replied to your post: Real Gardening

It’s that bizarre idea of “oh, this improvised technique is WAY SMARTER than [technique humanity has used after hundreds, if not thousands, of years of experimentation and innovation]!”

Same with composting TBH. 

People make it way too complicated. Green! Brown! Turn it! Feed it! Add worms! Buy this special bin you crank 3 times a day for 3 easy payments of $99.99!

You know what works? Pile shit up. (not literally, tho if you can get some cow or horse manure then sure.) Twigs, weeds, grass clippings, veggie scraps and peels, whatever. Throw a few shovels of dirt on top to make sure all the rot-causing bacteria and critters are present. 

Then wait. Worms’ll show up on their own. It’ll rot on its own. Throw more organic junk on it to rot as you please. If you get the impulse to fiddle with it or turn it, ask yourself this; were dinosaurs turning leaves in the forests 100 million years ago? Of fucking course not. And those leaves turned into compost just the same. Then go play Mario kart or whatever instead. 

Wait about a year, pull aside whatever half-rotten junk is still on top, and bam. Look at that. Perfect black gold compost. Use that pile, start another one next to it for next year. Repeat ad infinitum. 

Seriously composting is the easiest fucking part of gardening, and gardening books always dedicate like 20 pages to it and overcomplicate the hell out of things. Ridiculous. 

hayleysideallife  asked:

We've just moved to Manhattan from England. Where can i get the BEST Mac n Cheese?

Best Mac&Cheese: The Smith

Favorite Fried Pickles: Bareburger

Favorite French Fries: Pommes Frites

Favorite Falafel: Taim

Favorite Upscale Vegetarian: Dirt Candy

Favorite Cheap Vegetarian: Champs 

Favorite Brunch: Talde

Honorable Mention Favorite Brunch: Cornerstone

Favorite Nachos (and Fried Chicken AND RETRO COCKTAILS): The Commodore

Favorite Splurge: Perilla

Favorite SUPER Splurge: Carbone

Favorite Burger: Shake Shack or Dumont

Favorite Italian: Rubirosa

Favorite Pizza: Williamsburg Pizza

Worth the hype: Difara’s, Spumoni Gardens, and Momofuku Noodle Bar

Favorite Burrito: B’klyn Burro (pop-up)

Perfect Meal #1: the nachos at the commodore with extra cheese sauce and radishes + no cilantro, a bite of my boyfriend’s burger, 7 million sloe gin fizzes, and a walk next door to Momofuku Milk bar for a compost cookie.

Perfect Meal #2: The brussel sprout pizza from Motorino, the vodka pasta at Carbone, and the green salad with pickles and cheddar from the commodore. Plus 8 million Dirty martinis. This one would be harder to construct, geographically.